Ceedo in a nutshell

Founded in 2005, Ceedo has been pioneering secure application containerization solutions to enable productivity and security in the workplace. Ceedo technology uses application containerization to intelligently control access between code-and-data running in the container and its host. Ceedo’s protection-based approach has proven effective against both known and unknown threats, including zero-day attacks, and acts as an important security layer that complements endpoint detection-based tools.

Ceedo offers solutions to protect endpoints and data from compromise and irreparable damage, so when well-meaning users inadvertently do bad things that the detection tools miss, Ceedo acts as the last line of defense that will contain the event and prevent the malicious code from breaking out of its isolated container to compromise the host and sensitive data.

Ceedo utilizes containerization technology and context-based access controls to isolate Web-facing applications and ensure that all untrusted content is completely separated from the host, so if it contains malicious code, then its execution will be privilege-restricted and confined only to the isolated container created by Ceedo.

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