About Ceedo

Container-based solutions for Endpoint protection

Ceedo in a nutshell

  • Privately held company founded and managed by virtualization veterans
  • Provides next generation Endpoint Security solutions based on proprietary virtualization technologies
  • Holds partnerships with leading IT market forces

Ceedo Technologies

Ceedo develops next generation endpoint security solutions for consumers, SMBs, and Enterprise markets, providing virtual containers aimed at protecting the endpoint environment from all types of Malware.

Ceedo’s products have been shipped to over 4,000,000 users worldwide, and have earned Ceedo partnerships with leading integrators and IT market forces.

Our Solutions and Technology

The core technology of Ceedo’s Containment Platform is a set of drivers sandwiched at different locations between application requests and the kernel, acting together as a powerful filter driver.

By manipulating read/write requests, the filter driver can create an isolated space which becomes the “Container” that can be utilized for security purposes.

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Ceedo’s MalwareLocker provides web browsers, Outlook, and other applications with a virtual container that completely contains all read, write, and execution transactions, keeping your system protected.

The unique mix of cutting-edge technologies used by Ceedo ensures that your endpoints are protected from zero-day attacks and data leaks using a sealed environment that is protected by multiple security mechanisms.