About Ceedo

Virtualization-based solutions for modern IT environments

Privately held R&D company with a vast and proven track record in virtualization-based solutions


In a nutshell

Established in 2005, with developers in Israel, India, Sweden and representatives in US.

Privately held, established and managed by virtualization veterans

Provides IT computing solutions based on proprietary virtualization technologies

Holds partnerships with leading IT market forces

Ceedo Technologies (2005) Ltd.

Ceedo develops tools for consumers, OEMs, and corporate IT markets, aimed at application and desktop management, portable computing, user environment delivery and various security solutions.

Ceedo’s products have been shipped to over 4,000,000 users worldwide, and has earned Ceedo partnerships with leading integrators and IT market forces.

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Our solutions and technology

Ceedo’s technologies are all based on the concept of adding an abstraction layer to the desktop stack. The abstraction layer can separate the user data and/or applications and/or entire desktop environment. Ceedo’s abstraction layer technology is based on our groundbreaking Kernel Firewall which employs a mix of advanced virtualization technologies. Including disk virtualization, file system virtualization, registry virtualization and kernel layering. Ceedo’s Kernel Firewall can be leveraged in two main solution branches: isolation and layering.


Isolate the application from the host and vice-versa, but let them “talk” to each other for securing remote access to, and browsing from the organization.


Deliver separately stored pooled applications and complete user environments that converge with the OS on the fly, for application delivery and desktop management.

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