Pooled Applications Delivery

Deliver unlimited desktop flavors without installation

Create shared-application pools that automatically converge on logon with any machine

On-the-Fly Desktop Composition

Separate the applications from the desktop and create any number of desktop flavors based on a single, plain vanilla desktop, layered with organizational, departmental and user software. Logon-triggered delivery When users log on, all the applications they were assigned with will seamlessly and silently converge with their desktops, behave exactly like installed applications, and leave no trace behind when they log off.


No Packaging and no Limitations


Ceedo’s application delivery system does not rely on traditional packaging or application virtualization technologies. Simply install the applications and assign to users, with the ability to switch applications on and off for granular management. Support 90% or more of apps Ceedo’s application delivery supports more than 90% of applications, including drivers and interconnected applications without any need for tedious manual configuration.

On the network, on-the-fly, on and off

  • Store a single shared layer with all the applications a set of users require, streamed over the network at block-level for local execution
  • Applications delivered at the instant of logon, including drivers, and interconnected utilities
  • Provides a single point of update for all common users with a click of button
  • Allows for both persistent and non-persistent modes, including user and application data, installed plug-ins and preferences


Includes Application Masking Deny access to specific applications by completely hiding them at the system level. Allows Continuous Updated to desktop Application layers are completely modular with respect to the OS, allowing underlying desktops to be independently updated without affecting applications and vice versa.

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