Desktop & Application Delivery

Pooled Applications Delivery

  • Deliver unlimited desktop flavors without installation
  • Create shared-application pools that automatically converge on logon with any machine


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Do More with CeedoWorkspace Containers


Deliver Full User Environments

Containerize organizational, departmental, and user software

Supports profiles, desktop configurations, 95% of applications, drivers, services, and more


On-the-Fly Desktop Composition

Seamless container-to-desktop convergence

Containers converge with the underlying OS at runtime at the instant the user logs on.


Single Container – Multiple Users

Deploy a single read-only container, with each user getting a private child container

Containers populated with delivered items serve an entire user base to which each user can add their own transparent “layer” of personalization


Application Masking

Deny access to specific applications and folders by “hiding” them

Completely hide entire application binaries and other filesystem objects at the system level

No Packaging and no Limitations

Ceedo’s Container-based application delivery system does not rely on traditional packaging or application virtualization technologies. Simply install the applications into containers and assign to users, with the ability to turn applications on and off for granular management. Ceedo’s Container-based application delivery supports ~95% of Windows desktop applications, including drivers and interconnected desktop configurations, without any need for tedious manual preparations – just install and deploy.



Main Benefits

  • Single image management: flavor single image-based desktops per user on-the-fly
  • Application masking: turn applications on and off, even if installed to the host
  • Shared applications: deploy a single application layer to all common users
  • For VDI: Turn stateless to stateful: allow users to install their own applications and save local profiles

Common Implementations

Enterprise IT

  • Deliver applications without installing them, and with no packaging overhead
  • Separate user profiles and installed applications from underlying OS
  • Ease desktop management for single image-based PC arrays
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Virtual Desktop Intrastate

  • Cost effective stateful: deliver full persistent user experience on top of stateless VDI
  • Infrastructure-Agnostic: works on any hypervisor or streaming OS solution.
  • Log on-triggered delivery: have VMs up and running, waiting for random user log-on
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