Ceedo for DaaS and VDI Vendors

Deliver zero-install application pools, user persistent layers, and more

Deliver applications to virtual desktops on-the-fly, facilitate secure remote connections, and more.

One Stop Shop for Management and Security

Deploy a single image-based array and flavor with modular application layers

Allow customers to customize their environment without affecting yours

Provide secure remote access software in a secure plug-n-play package

Application Delivery with Ceedo

Desktop Layers Gray BG

  • Deliver shared and modular layers complete with applications that converge with desktops upon user logon, for both physical and virtual desktops.
  • Deploy centrally-stored modular layers that can serve multiple users of different types on different architectures.
  • Create entire layers for all common users, and switch them on and off for granular flavoring.
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Works on physical and virtual desktops, any hypervisor, streaming OS solutions, shared PCs, and more.

Allows for User Persistence

​Users can add their own add-ons, plug-ins, save preferences, and even include their entire user profile.

Includes Application Masking

Deny access to specific applications by completely hiding them at the system level.

Allows continuous updated to desktop

​Application layers are completely modular with respect to the OS, allowing underlying desktops to be independently updated without affecting applications and vice versa.

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Remote Access Protection solution


Provide users with a plug-n-play, secure, and private environment to connect to your organization, with host compliance tests, process enforcement, and encrypted containers for offline data storage.

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