Secure Portable Computing

VDI Replacement

  • No more VMs: deliver and manage workspaces, automatically converged with physical machines


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Manage Unmanaged Desktops

Store an entire workspace consisting of a complete desktop environment and applications, and deploy inside encrypted locked down containers to be executed on any unmanaged machine. Logon-triggered delivery – When users log on, the entire desktop environment they were assigned, along with all the applications, settings and permissions will seamlessly and silently converge with their own desktops, leaving no trace behind when they log off.


Record a Desktop and Playback on any Machine


CeedoWorkspaces are prepared like golden images. Simply use a clean machine running Ceedo that will record everything you do, and install applications, configure desktop settings and user profile permissions, and then deliver a modular layer to be played back on any machine.

No-VMs and no Remote Desktop Connections

CeedoWorkspaces are delivered in a single chunk, stored inside modular VHDs that converge with any desktop on logon, providing the user with a separate user account, permissions and applications that bind themselves to the local OS and locally installed applications.


Protected from Piracy and Intrusion


CeedoWorkspaces are locked to the desktop they are first deployed on. The workspaces can include antivirus, VPN, and 2FA software to be bundled with the entire workspace, and if needed, can be wiped clean from a central management console.

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