Endpoint Protection & DLP

Resource-Efficient Safe Browsing and Secure Computing

  • Containerize web activities in volatile isolated environments
  • Run all web-related processes, and any process they try to launch, inside a secure and isolated container to overcome detection failure


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Prevent infection, data leaks, and data loss without hindering user experience

Ceedo’s Containerized Workspace runs any designated process, and all of its child processes inside an isolated region running on the endpoint itself.
Use Ceedo Containers for:

  • Prevention: Capture any attempt to write to, or change data on, the host computer
  • Access Control: Run under its own private user account for adding Access Control to local data
  • Volatility: Remove any data captured at the end of each session, making sure that any potential threats do not persist
  • Accountability: Retain all the data generated in each session in “delta disks,” allowing for comparison before and after a suspected attack or potential user abuse


Efficient threat-isolation with minimal impact on productivity and no upfront investment


Locally executed runtime container-based isolation as a cost effective preventive strategy and last line of defense after all other security measures fail.

  • User Experience: Ceedo’s Containerized Workspaces run on the local machine, using the local operating system, applications, and memory, thus providing the user with the exact same experience he is used to
  • Minimal Upfront Investment: Ceedo’s threat isolation solution does not require spinning extra VMs, rendering browsing sessions on remote servers, or sanitizing files in complicated sandboxes
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