Ceedo for Enterprise IT

Centrally deliver, secure, and manage applications to all users, in all flavors

Apply Ceedo’s isolation and layering technologies to provide applications on-the-fly, manage the unmanaged, and more…

One Stop Shop for Management and Security

Deliver applications via centrally stored shared modular layers

Deploy single image-based environments with multiple modular desktop flavors

Provide safe browsing via locally executed isolated environments

Allow for secure remote access to the organization from unmanaged PCs

Application Delivery with Ceedo


  • Deliver shared and modular layers filled with applications that converge with desktops upon user logon for both physical and virtual desktops
  • Deploy centrally-stored modular layers that can serve multiple users of different types on different architectures
  • Create entire layers for all common users and switch them on and off for granular flavoring
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Safe Browsing for Secure Computing

Ceedo’s Safe Browsing solution provides browsers, and any applications they try to launch, with a bulletproof vest, protecting your Windows Kernel, which isolates all read, write, and execute functions.

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Manage Unmanaged PCs


Store an entire workspace consisting of a complete desktop environment and applications, and deploy inside encrypted locked down containers to be executed on any unmanaged machine.

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Remote Access Protection


Provide users with a plug-n-play, secure and private environment to connect to your organization with host compliance tests, process enforcement, and encrypted containers for offline data storage.

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