Ceedo for Citrix Receiver

Allow users to securely access Citrix XenApp™ and Citrix XenDesktop™ using USB strong authentication tokens from any Windows PC without requiring any installation, configuration or administrative rights.

Citrix Ready

Instant, Effortless Remote Work from any PC

Organizations that use Citrix XenApp or Citrix XenDesktop often need to provide their employees with the ability to access their Citrix applications from home. However, instructing users to install all the client components (Citrix Receiver, web plug-ins, PKI middleware, certificates, etc) themselves can be highly problematic – not suited for untrained end-users that work on unmanaged home PC’s or laptops.

In fact, many IT departments have found that directing end-users to install even just the web client receiver can cause far too many problems for the helpdesk, and may make it difficult to provide productivity, all the while exposing the organization to the numerous security risks that can result from user error, tampering, or data leakage.

Citrix and Ceedo

Using Ceedo Enterprise, enterprises can now use a two-factor authentication token with onboard flash memory to carry a virtual Workspace that encapsulates both the token middleware and the Citrix Receiver client.

Completely pre-configured, this Workspace can be used as soon as the device is plugged into any host PC – without requiring any additional effort from the user – to provide all the functionality and security needed for remote work. The web browser included in the Workspace launches automatically, pointing to the application portal for authentication, while integration with the device middleware ensures a seamless and secure sign-on.

Secure and Flexible Disaster Recovery

In most organizations, during normal operation, only a limited number of people may need to work from home. However, in the event of emergency, many more users will require remote access. Yet during a natural disaster, epidemic, or other unforeseen event, authentication to critical business data must be as secure as internal access – even though it may be unclear which terminal the employee might be using.


Ceedo Enterprise allows the IT department to provide strictly secure, plug-'n'-play remote access that just works. This means that the organization can now manage its remote work costs more flexibly – delivering devices within minutes to whoever needs them – and is able to respond more effectively to any unexpected scenario without compromising on critical security requirements.

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  • Zero installation, zero footprint. Runs entirely from the USB with nothing installed on the PC – just plug and play!

  • Plug-and-play strong authentication. Integrates seamlessly with encrypted drives and hardware-based 2-factor authentication using smart-card (PKI) devices

  • Read-only mode for powerful data security. Applications can run from a read-only partition, preventing tampering and data leakage

  • No trace left behind. Data and applications remain on the device. When unplugged, everything shuts down automatically

  • Fully manageable. Complete suite for remote provisioning and updating the read-only images on the USB sticks

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