Message for Ceedo Personal Users

Important Announcement

Ceedo Personal – End of Life

In the months following the release of Windows 10 beta, Ceedo has invested extensive research and development in an attempt to make Ceedo Enterprise and Personal (AKA CeedoClient) compatible with Windows 10.

Unfortunately, due to fundamental system changes made by Microsoft, we have hit a brick wall and had no choice but to end the development, marketing and sales of Ceedo Personal.

For non-Windows 10-related support

Support: +1-937-459-5592


Replacement for Ceedo Personal and Ceedo Enterprise


In the past 4 years, Ceedo has developed a new line of products based on a new and powerful type of virtualization, used mainly for security and privacy scenarios. If you want to learn more, please click here.


Ceedo Personal vs CeedoWorkspace comparison

Ceedo Personal CeedoWorkspace
Windows 10 support No Yes
Windows XP support Yes No
Can run from USB Yes Yes
VeraCrypt integration No Yes
Complete data hiding No Yes
Security level Medium-Low High
Privacy level Low High
Portability between PCs Maximum Medium heart
Application support Medium Maximumheart
Zero-install Yes No heart
Technology Driverless – user mode Driver-based – kernel mode