Ceedo for Call Center

Mount all the applications that make up your call center environment on a centrally managed plug-'n'-play Workspace that can be installed on any USB device, and allow employees to work remotely

Ceedo for Call Center allows call center employees to work from home or on the road, while enjoying the complete call center computing environment in plug-and-play mode, from a portable USB device that can work on any Windows PC, while retaining central management and monitoring.

With Ceedo for Call Center, companies can remove the high capital and operational expenses of building and maintaining call centers. Eliminating costs ranging from real estate requirements, air conditioning and PC power consumption, purchase and maintenance costs, as well as employees' commuting to and from work, lunch expenses, etc.

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Zero-Install Plug-’n-Play Call Center Environment Including All the Apps and Security Your Employees Require to Work from Any Location

Ceedo for Call Center allows any USB portable device, including encrypted drives and Two-Factor Authentication tokens, to become an independent computing Workspace that preforms in a plug-and-play fashion with all the components pre-configured and installed in a ready-to-run mode, allowing users to use whatever PC is available, while running a completely managed corporate environment that allows for complete monitoring of usage, and granular management of user-rights, updates, patches, etc.


Sandboxed, Zero-Footprint, with Host Health Check, Process Whitelisting, and Optional Security Extensions

Ceedo for Call Center's virtual runtime environment is completely sandboxed from the host OS, and once it is unplugged from the host, it leaves no trace behind. The integrated components of Ceedo for Call Center can be stored on encrypted drives for extra protection, and be beefed-up with extra security applications such as VPN SSL, Two-Factor Authentication, and anti-malware scanners.


Easy Pre-Configuration with Cloud Management for Remote Updates and Policies

Ceedo for Call Center is bundled with overarching management capabilities through a variety of management consoles. Ceedo's management consoles allow IT administrators create pre-configured Workspaces on-the-fly, pre-install and configure all of the components required by simply installing them into the environment and replicating that same environment onto portable devices, while providing for remote updates and user-rights policies based on users and groups affiliation.


Plug-'n-Play Call Center Computing Environment with Zero-Install and an Intuitive Interface

Ceedo for Call Center allows users to use their devices in a plug-'n-play fashion, without requiring them to install or configure anything, and with the ability to access additional resources using a simple, straight forward launch panel, if permitted by the It administrator

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