Remote Access Protection

Let users plug-n-play anywhere, securely

Connect external users within an insulated workspace

Isolate Remote Connections


Ceedo’s technology allows organizations to create an integrated secure workspace solution for deploying remote access solutions. Isolate environments, insulate connections – Ceedo’s solution can isolate whatever application is used to access the remote resource and insulate its data behind a protective shield. Isolated applications can include browsers and RDP clients as well as VPN, AV clients, and more, and insulate and hide any data they generate.

Encryption and Data-Lock

Both deployed applications and user data are stored in secure virtual hard disk files, locked away inside encrypted containers that cannot be opened on any other machine other than the intended host, or by any other user.


Host Compliance

Run a comprehensive machine compliance test to ensure the host machine withstands minimum requirements.

Machine Preparation

Install anti-malware and intrusion prevention applications on remote machines if required by regulations.

Access Control and Policy Enforcement

Built-in comprehensive NTFS permissions engine, process/signature enforcement engine, and an application monitor able to close specific windows.

Non-VM-Based Approach

Run isolated secure environments on top of a running desktop session without booting a full OS or using a virtual machine.

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