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Grant users the freedom to surf

Ceedo’s “bulletproof” vest isolates threats from your environment

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Protect Against Known and Unknown Threats

Ceedo’s Safe Browsing solution will protect you from known and unknown threats, whether it’s a new unknown virus, a trojan hidden in a “safe” file, or a zero-day exploit, Ceedo makes sure everything stays confined and secure without relying on analysis or signatures. A Bulletproof vest for the Kernel Ceedo’s Safe Browsing solution provides browsers, and any application they try to launch, with a bulletproof vest, protecing your Windows Kernel, which isolates all read, write, and execute functions.


No VMs, no Servers, no User Mode Exploits


Ceedo’s solution does not require resource-hungry virtual machines, restrictive and expensive remote servers, and or cumbersome solutions. Simply install it let Ceedo deflect all threats.

Seamless User Experience

Designated applications can be isolated on the fly and retain interoperability with other software components without compromising the environment.

Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks

Ceedo’s Safe Browsing solution confines malware and exploits indefinably.

Process Enforcement

Prevent unauthorized software from running during virtualization.

Separate NTFS and Security Permissions

Each virtual process runs under a separate user account with its own permissions and security settings.

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