Secure Remote Access

Plug-n-Play Secure Remote Access

  • Deliver a self-contained secure remote access platform that protects your data on unmanaged PCs


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Free Your Users and Contain Your Data


Deliver to users an entire remote access ecosystem embedded with your 2FA solution, VPN client, Citrix Receiver, hardened browser, and whatever other applications you might need, inside a self-contained plug-n-play sandboxed environment that protects your data from unmanaged machines.

  • Mitigate data leaks and credential theft risks on unmanaged PCs
  • Protect your data in Kernel Mode while enforcing restrictions in User Mode
  • Deliver applications in zero-install mode to unmanaged PCs
  • Secure your data and enforce strict user rights
  • Ensure connected endpoints withstand minimum standards
  • Encrypt your entire remote access solution and any data it might generate
  • Deploy entire ecosystems along with all the utilities and add-ons required for your remote access solution, including, but not limited to:
    • Strongly coupled 2FA and VPN clients
    • Hardened browsers with SSL Certificates
    • Remote Access software, such as Citrix Receiver, VNC, Teamviewer, and more…

Privatize Unmanaged PCs and Control your Data

Today, when employees, contractors, or customers use an unmanaged PC to connect to your web application, web service, VPN, or remote desktop, the open flow of data between the host machine and the organizational resource is a data leak waiting to happen.
Locally stored files such as SSL certificates, cookies, saved passwords, biometric data, as well as actual documents, are at the mercy of users’ intentions and how exposed their own machines are. In addition, burdening the security concerns even further is the the extremely limited ability to control the host PC, its health, the applications that are on it, and of course, the operations users are allowed to perform.

With CeedoWorkspace, organizations can deliver plug-n-play self-contained computing environments, along with the applications needed to connect to the organization, such as 2FA, Remote Connection Clients, add-ons, certificates, and more, all embedded in a highly controlled isolated runtime, stored inside an encrypted secure container.

With a push of a button, CeedoWorkspace can install 3rd party software, such as HIPS and VPN clients if they are needed, make sure the host has an up-to-date and running antivirus and firewall, check update history, and lock the entire CeedoWorkspace Container so only the intended user can open it on the machine it was set up on.

The workspace can control various user actions, it can hide data from the host processes, run the applications under a separate demoted user account, and be wiped out remotely using Ceedo’s Management Console.


Main Features

  • Contain all deployed and generated data inside a zero-footprint hidden container stored inside an encrypted volume
  • Strong process enforcement that can close any unauthorized process by name, MD5, and Digital Certificate
  • Store containers on any medium including:
    • UNC paths accessible after VPN connection only
    • Removable storage on a 2FA, or regular USB drive
    • Locally on a machine and locked to it specifically
    • And more…
  • Run complete health check of the user system, including system security and update status
  • Enforce strict usage rights by shutting down applications if a specific window is launched
  • Remotely wipe and update CeedoWorkspace Containers and revoke user rights
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