Ceedo for ISV/SaaS Providers

Deliver applications to virtual desktops on-the-fly, facilitate secure remote connections, and more

One Stop Shop for Management and Security

Deliver secure and piracy-safe plug-n-play application packages

Manage applications and permissions from a central location

Provide secure remote access software in a secure plug-n-play package

Workspace and App Delivery with Ceedo


  • Deliver entire workspaces inside or outside a domain on any Windows machine
  • Deploy shared layers complete with applications that converge with desktops upon user logon
  • Create entire layers for all common users, and switch them on and off for granular flavoring
  • Get remote management, remote wipe, user permissions control, and store entire environments in lockeddown containers
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Deploy Plug-n-Play Secure Applications

Deploy one or more applications in a secure, encrypted, and centrally-managed package

Central Management

Limit usage, revoke users, remote wipe and update

Prevent Piracy

Lock deployed applications to a specific machine and user and run from hidden volumes

Deliver Entire Desktop Environments

If needed, deploy an entire desktop along with its applications without relying on virtual machines

Remote Access Protection


Provide users with a plug-n-play, secure, and private environment to connect to your organization, with host compliance tests, process enforcement and encrypted containers for offline data storage.

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