Layering Add-On

Deliver fully functional applications, without installation

DCreate single image-based application pools and customize “on-the-fly” when users log in

On-the-Fly Desktop Composition

When users log on, all the applications they were assigned with will seamlessly and silently converge with their desktops, along with their separate user-installed applications and profiles. Log on-triggered delivery When users log on, all the layers they were assigned with, along with their user-installed applications and profiles, silently converge with the random machine the logged onto.


No Packaging and no Limitations


Ceedo’s application delivery system does not rely on traditional packaging, or application virtualization technologies. Simply install the applications and assign to users with the ability to switch applications on and off for granular management.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Single image management: flavor single image-based desktops per user on-the-fly
  • Application masking: turn applications on and off, even if installed to the host
  • Shared applications: deploy a single application layer to all common users
  • Stateful or stateless: allow users to install their own applications and save local profiles




Works on both physical and virtual desktops, any hypervisor, streaming OS solutions, shared PCs and more.

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