How Does A Soundbar Work

You have heard of it many times, and probably seen various models too, soundbars have become increasingly popular as flatscreen TVs took up the market.

Of course, when you have a super-thin TV, the option of thick speakers goes out the window, and you have to get speakers which match the aesthetic – soundbars.

But not everyone is familiar with soundbars, or how they exactly work and are to be used. If you are one of them, then this article has been made for you. If you are curious and want the answer to the question of how does a soundbar work, then don’t stop here, and continue reading!

You will surely come to know about a lot of things, including how these sound systems work, as well as some other common queries you might have.

How Does A Soundbar Work

How Does A Soundbar Work
How Does A Soundbar Work

Soundbars typically contain multiple speakers, where the number differs for different models. These individual speakers are fitted inside a bar. They are positioned in a manner that allows the users to experience surround sound.

Together, they create psycho-acoustic effects, which essentially means that the sounds rebound off of walls to create a theater-like sound experience.

Soundbars have 5 channels, front right, front left, center, rear right and rear left. Theysend aunique beam for each channel. This makes the sound bounce off of walls, which creates surround sound effects. What you eventually get is five differentchannels instead of one virtual effect.

With soundbars, you will feel as if the music is coming through in various directionssurrounding you. The quality is no less than traditional larger stereo sound systems.

This is not something you can understand by taking a look at the slim box in which it comes, but the effect it creates it truly astounding, and that is what makes these so good at their job.

Who Should Get A Soundbar?

Soundbars are the perfect solution for people who live in smaller apartments, or people who tend to move a lot. Since this is smaller in size and does not weigh as much either, they are easy to move around. They also don’t take up much space given their slim nature.

They are also great for people who do not like wires hanging around, and who have flat-screen TVs, since this can also be hung on the wall alongside the TV.

What To Know About Soundbars Before Buying One?

Before you jump into the soundbar bandwagon, learn a little more about it. Without knowing all the different types, it has and how each of the functions, you will not be able to enjoy the device you get.

Its Location

Where you aim to place your soundbar is important to know before you buy one, because the location will determine the kind you should buy. If you want a lot of versatility, then you should look at soundbars, ones which you can install on the wall with your TV or on its own.

On the other hand, if you want one that can sit below your TV, then you need a sound base. These are heavier and hence are not the best for wall mounts.

Its Size

Soundbars come in many different sizes, just like TVs do. And since soundbars are to go with TVs, it is good if they are the same width as your TV.

Active Versus Passive Sound Bars

Active soundbars come with amplifiers built-in. They also have channel processors which are there to separate center, left, and right speakers in the bar. All over, it has fewer wires and is considered an all-inclusive device since you don’t need an extra receiver.

Passive soundbars on the other hand need an amplifier and receiver since they are not built-in. But the catch is that this one has better speakers and better-quality sound. Since you need to buy the receiver and amplifier, it is more expensive, but the sound quality is better.

Soundbar Channels

You have heard of soundbars having channels, which can be confusing for first-time buyers, so let us break it down. Channels are basically individual speakers that are equally distributed.

  • 2-channel soundbars have 2 speakers, one on the right, other on the left.
  • 3-channel ones have one in the center, the other two on the right and left
  • 5-channel soundbars have one in the center, two on each side, and two rear speakers.
  • 7-channel ones are like the 5-channel soundbar, except here the surround and rear channels are in 4.
  • Dolby Atmos is when you have upward-firing speakers on top of the regular channels.

What Connections Do Soundbars Need?

A part of how your soundbar works also depend on its connections. There are many kinds out there today thanks to all the different options we have. Choose and pick according to the connections your TV already has and can pair with.


One way to connect your soundbar to the TV is using the Audio Return Channel (ARC) input along with the HDMI cable. For multi-channel soundbars, HDMI is recommended.

2. Wireless

Of course, wireless is also an option and the more popular one too at that. For wireless, you have a few ways in which you can connect.


If you have a wireless soundbar with Wi-Fi, you can connect it to your home’s network and have it work with just about anything.


If your soundbar has Bluetooth built-in then you can use it to connect the device to your TV, laptop, tablet, or mobile, as long as they have Bluetooth as well.

3. Optical Port

For a total solid connection, use the optical port. It is one of the easiest and simplest, but it cannot carry signals over 5.1 as it does not the bandwidth for it.

How to Control A Soundbar

Having a new device means having a new way of controlling it. The basic is that you get a remote to control it like most devices like this.

 But since we all dislike the idea of having a hundred remotes lying around, there are ways in which you can connect the soundbar to your TV, so you can just use one remote.

Some soundbars also come with their own mobile apps, which is even better for today since we are more used to controlling devices using our phones or tablets.


To conclude, soundbars are amazing! They are sleek and stylish and get the job done with amazing sound quality despite their dimensions. You have got a plethora of options to choose from as well, and now that you know how they function, it will be much easier for you to score a good one too!

If you ever get confused about any part or about the entire mechanism in general, as to how does a soundbar work, just come back, take a quick look, and it will all start coming back to you, guaranteed!

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