Ceedo Enterprise

Mount Plug-'n'-Play Corporate Environments on Portable Devices and Manage Applications on Unmanaged Machines

Ceedo Enterprise allows organizations to deliver corporate-managed applications sandboxed in a pre-configured Workspaces that can be mounted on any portable device.

Portable devices equipped with Ceedo Enterprise can be plugged into any PC and launch a zero-install plug-'n'-play environment which can be centrally managed for content updates and granular user-rights policies.

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Zero-Install Plug-’n'-Play Workspace Mounted on Any Portable Storage Device

Ceedo Enterprise provides applications with a virtual runtime environment that provides the applications running within it with all the resources usually provided by the OS, along with a straight forward launch panel which allows users to launch applications, add new applications from Ceedo's online application repository, as-well-as install their own applications.

Ceedo Enterprise's virtual runtime environment is completely OS agnostic and works exactly the same on any Windows version (XP, Vista, Windows 7). It does not require any form of installation on the part of the user, and can run on locked-down machines with no need for admin privileges.


Sandboxed Zero-Footprint Environment With Granular User-Rights Policy Management

Ceedo Enterprise's virtual runtime environment is equipped with an Internal encryption mechanism and is completely sandboxed from the host OS, and when it is unplugged from the host, Ceedo Enterprise leaves no trace behind. Additionally, Ceedo Enterprise allows the IT administrator to enforce intricate user-rights for data and resource access, such as access to local drives, printers, etc.


Granular Central Cloud Management for Remote Updates and Policies

Ceedo Enterprise is bundled with overarching management capabilities through a variety of management consoles. Ceedo's management consoles allow IT administrators to create pre-configured Wworkspaces on-the-fly, naturally add applications by simply installing them into the environment, and remotely update their contents and policies based on user and group affiliations.


Exact Same Functionality of Installed Applications with a User-Friendly Interface

Ceedo Enterprise is a plug-'n'-play Workspace which does not require the user to install any sort of driver or agent in order to run. It can run both on and offline, and the applications within the environment retain the exact same functionality as regularly installed applications. Applications are launched using a simple, straight forward user interface and allows the user to install his own applications if permitted to do so by the It administrator.

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