Endpoint Security, Privacy and Desktop Management

Endpoint Protection

Safe Browsing /Secure Computing

Containerize entire runtimes and isolate all read/write operations inside an isolated sandbox on top of your OS without hindering user experience.

Protect organization end-points from unknown malware ≫

Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

Deploy Containers with internally stored and isolated SaaS/DaaS apps with process enforcement, machine health check, and deep integration with VPN clients.

Protect the organization from private user endpoints ≫

Desktop Delivery

Application Deployment

Deliver fully functional, any-flavor desktops that are overlaid on the OS to any Windows machine including: PCs, VDI, streaming OS systems.

Help administrators manage both org. and private endpoints ≫


Endpoint Protection and Safe Browsing

Protect your endpoints from user actions and zero day exploits

  • Ceedo’s containers isolate all read/write and execute functions, capturing and isolating any threat in a volatile container with post-mortem and “time-machine” capabilities


Secure Remote Access and Data Protection

Protect your data, applications, and resources from private employees’ and contractors’ endpoints.

  • Deliver fully isolated remote-access environments along with connection agents, pre-configured browsers, VPN and 2FA clients, etc., inside inaccessible, encrypted containers bundled with end-point health check and process enforcement


Organizational Desktop Environments on Unmanaged Endpoint

Turn any unmanaged PC into a fully managed organizational PC with full Access Control, application delivery, encryption, and more.

  • Appropriate unmanaged endpoints by flavoring them with organizational containers, settings, and user access for contractors, offshore and outsourced employees, and BYOC programs


Windows interoperability made simple

Easy, scalable application delivery with zero install

Deploy to many users, on any machine: PCs, VMs, streamed OS

Extend IT reach – manage unmanaged user host machines

Keep your environment safe from malware

Isolate potential threats

Enable safe browsing

Protect session privacy

Propositions per Industry

Enterprise IT and Security

  • Container-based Isolation for endpoint protection
  • Protect data and resources with remotely managed containers
  • Deliver pooled application containers to your Windows desktops

DaaS and SaaS Providers

  • Deliver full persistent user experience on top of stateless VDI
  • Allow users to connect to your environments with plug-n-play secure containers
  • Remotely manage, update, and wipe containers

Software Vendors

  • Secure your binaries inside isolated, inaccessible containers with internal credentials
  • Lock down applications to machine and user ID
  • Remotely manage, update, and wipe containerized applications