Ceedo for Citrix

Mount Plug-'n'-Play Corporate Environments With Citrix Receiver, a Sandboxed Browser, and Security and Authentication Software on any USB or 2FA Portable Device

Ceedo for Citrix allows organizations to deliver a completely zero-install and pre-configured Workspace that include a built-in Citrix Receiver, sandboxed browsers, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) middleware and more, on any USB or 2FA portable devices.

Portable devices such as 2FA devices and USB thumb-drives installed with Ceedo for Citrix do not require the user to install or configure the PKI client and middleware, the Citrix Receiver, browser, VPN client, etc. Once plugged in, the 2FA or USB device automatically launches a sandboxed browser with an integrated Citrix Receiver and any other components required for safe remote-computing – all centrally managed by the IT administrator from the cloud.

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Zero-Install Plug-’n'-Play 2FA/USB Device with Integrated Citrix Receiver and Browser

Ceedo for Citrix allows any USB or 2FA portable device to become an independent computing Workspace, allowing the user to use his portable device on any PC without installing anything. Ceedo for Citrix can run on any Windows machine, and can be equipped with any pre-configured component needed for a Plug-'n-Play experience on any PC.


Sandboxed Zero-Footprint and Encrypted Environment with User-Rights Management

Ceedo for Citrix's virtual runtime environment is equipped with an internal encryption mechanism, and is completely sandboxed from the host OS. When the device is unplugged from the host, it leaves no trace behind. The integrated components of Ceedo for Citrix can be stored on a read-only partition on 2FA devices, or on encrypted drives, with additional cloud-based user-rights management.


Easy Pre-Configuration with Cloud Management for Remote Updates and Policies

Ceedo for Citrix is bundled with overarching management capabilities through a variety of management consoles. Ceedo's management consoles allow IT administrators to create pre-configured Workspaces on-the-fly, pre-install and configure the authentication software, Citrix Receiver, a sandboxes browser, and any other components required, by simply installing them into the environment and then replicating that same environment onto 2FA or USB devices (including encrypted devices), while providing for remote updates and user-rights policies based on user and group affiliations.


Plug-'n'-Play Comprehensive Environment With Browser, Receiver, 2FA and Any Other App Required 

Ceedo for Citrix allows users to use 2FA and USB devices as an integrated solution including their Citrix Receiver in a plug-'n'-play fashion without requiring them to install or configure anything, and with the ability to access additional resources using a simple straight forward launch panel if permitted by the It administrator.

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