What Is The Difference Between A Tablet And An iPad?

In a world when we’re used to having everything in the grasp of our hands wherever we go and anytime we need, desktop computers, and sometimes even laptops, aren’t the most convenient when we’re always on the run.

Well, smartphones are compact, portable, and smart. But are they always enough to cut it? Unfortunately, not. That is why tablets are the front runners when it comes to catering to our advanced needs anywhere, anytime.

Now that you have decided on getting one, the first question that arises is what type of tablet to purchase within your allotted budget- a tablet, or an iPad.

Both types fall under the tablet category, true. But really, what is the difference between a tablet and an iPad? Which is better? Why choose one and not the other?

We come in today to save you from your troubles. Let’s dive into all you need to know before finalizing your choice!

Difference Between iPad And Tablet

Difference Between iPad And Tablet
Difference Between iPad And Tablet

Operating System

When it comes to the operating systems, iPads are run by iOS only. But when we’re talking about other tablets, most of them are run by different versions of Android. Other operating system options for tablets, though less popular than Android, include Amazon Fire, Windows OS, Chrome OS, Linux, etc.


If you have decided on settling foran iPad, you are limited to the Apple brand. This is because they are the only one who produces them and offers the unique iOS and other special features.

But, in the case of tablets in general, the options are limitless. Starting from Samsung, Acer, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Huawei, etc., you have the widest array of alternatives to choose from!


Unlike Android and other tablets, iPads are not capable of truly multitasking. Switching to a different app basically pauses the others, thus bringing your other tasks to a halt.

Hence, the difference between iPad and Samsung tablet or any other brand of tablet is that the latter enable you to reach the pinnacle of productivity/efficiency.


It is a software that allows you to watch videos online such as YouTube and other platforms. This handy piece of technology is responsible for other tasks as well and is unfortunately not available on iPads.

To our dismay, you cannot even install this software on your beloved iPad no matter how hard you try. The inclusion of Flash is thus one of the most alluring aspects of Android tablets that sets them apart from iPads.


When it comes to the versatility and number of apps available for your tablet device, iPads take the crown. The Apple Store has more apps for iPad than Google Play Store does that are compatible with tablets. So for those looking to perform the most versatile range of functions on your device, Apple is the way to go indeed!


The price is probably the first aspect considered by most buyers, and this is where iPads can be a total buzzkill. Just like most Apple products, iPads can be ridiculously expensive than tablets.

But the difference between iPad and Samsung tablet, for example, is that you get a more versatile range of devices to choose from.

Also, compared to the extensiveness of features and functions you receive; Androids are indeed a bargain! There are also relatively cheaper options available suitable for every buyer!


This is more of a personal preference. Many feel that iPads are more user-friendly and more sleek-looking. But tablets offer multitasking, offer greater speed and performance with options available for higher resolution cameras, etc., and more!


The memory capacity of a tablet device is a major concern for some, while others are okay with enough capacity for day-to-day functions.

For basic activities, the built-in memory is enough for regular use. But for those of you looking to load up your device with bulky videos, apps, etc., and more, the storage capacity is vital.

It is an even more concerning issue when the tablet is to be used for professional purposes such as drawing, designing, editing videos or pictures, etc. In such cases, iPads are not as effective as you cannot expand their memory via any external SD card- what you buy is what you are left to work with, and the options are limited.

Tablets on the other hand not only come with variable memory options, but you even get the flexibility to expand their memory capacity up to a jaw-dropping 1TB for some models!


iPads trump tablets when it comes to security as you get to only install apps from the Apple store and they are verified and secure. App installations from other sources are not allowed, thus making your device more protected against viruses or malware.

Transfer of data among other devices is not so direct and straightforward, further securing your device. The complete opposite is true when it comes to other tablets. Not only can you install apps from almost any source, but transfers are also a piece of cake.

While this opens the gate to enjoy more flexibility, versatility, and convenience, it also opens the gate for hackers and viruses to take advantage of your device and your information more easily.

Unlike Androids, since Apple refrains from sharing the source code to their developers of the apps, iPad users are unable to fiddle with the Operating System. This makes iPads less vulnerable to hackers.

Tablet Vs iPad: Which One Is Better?

Tablet devices are not only smarter, more robust in terms of performance and compliance than smartphones, but are also more lightweight, convenient, and portable than laptops.

But this debate regarding which is better is as eternal as the iOS vs. Android debate; and if I’m being honest, there are no definite winners.

As we just saw, both iPads and tablets are stellar tablet devices, each with its own unique perks and differences.

To summarize, we have iPads that are run by different versions of the iOS only, whereas other tablets can be of numerous Operating Systems. You also get to choose from different brands for tablets, but iPads are by Apple only.

iPads come with more app options, offer enhanced security, are stylish and sleek, and many claim that they are more intuitive and user-friendly. But that doesn’t mean the other tablets are any less!

Unlike iPads, you’d find that tablets are more affordable, which is a dealbreaker for those on a budget. This is because even though comparatively cheaper, tablets run by Android and other OS come with a whole lot more versatile and advanced features that iPads don’t in the same range.

They are also capable of truly multitasking, unlike iPads, without pausing other apps in the background when minimized. Tablets also come with the Flash software, which enables you to watch videos online and perform other tasks effortlessly.

So which one should you actually go for? Well, it’s all a matter of your budget, requirements, and preferences. Brand loyalty is a factor as well. If you intend to settle with the brand you are familiar with, that’s okay too.


What is the difference between a tablet and an iPad? When embarking on the journey to find the ideal tablet, thisis probably one of the first things to arise in your mind. It’s only natural, as we all want the topmost product within the most affordability.

Hopefully, after going through our detailed walkthrough about the key differences, making your choice will now be more informed and clearer than it was a while ago. After all, whether it’s the iPad or any other tablet, the key factor is knowing what you want and being happy with your purchase.

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