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Technology moves pretty fast these days.

And we, here at “Ceedo”, love to keep up with that pace!

From smartphones to ultra-fast wireless routers, everyday latest gadgets with the coolest technology EVER (their words, not ours!) keep popping up on our newsfeed.

Before you whip out your credit and order those products online, we humbly request you to wait.

Take a moment.

And keep an eye on our “Ceedo.com” website to get an honest review that comes with ZERO filter to help you decide if the purchase is worth it!

Who Is Ceedo?

We are a team of reviewers who strive to make this page more than just a tech review site.

With all the tech constantly entering into the market, we know it’s a hard job to keep a track on ALL of them. And of course, don’t forget about all the small(!) upgrades that add in as a bonus!

That’s when Ceedo decides to step in.

We love to do all the hard work for you!

From setting up your new office with the right tools to getting an update about the new smartwatch that came out last week, Ceedo tries to help you increase your productivity in every way possible.

Strategies That Set “Ceedo” Apart

No battle is won without a good strategy. And that’s why Ceedo likes to practice some good ethics when it comes to publishing content to its website!

We have a tech-savvy team that loves to play with the newest toys and gadgets. They work hard to bring you the original user experience people go through when they purchase a particular item, analyze them and give a verdict at the end.

The market is, as always, swarmed with dodgy techs and malfunctioning updates.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for those flaws. Even if we find the slightest troubleshoots of a particular product, either we mention that on our review or leave that product altogether from our recommended list.

Ceedo Xclusive!

Visit Ceedo and get ready for some sweet treats!

Reviewing products is our main responsibility. But that doesn’t stop us from going out of the way to help our dear readers as well!

Our gadget-enthusiasts are constantly updating the page with how-to buying guides to solve tech problems and help make a decision that satisfies you for years to come!

Apart from providing you with unbiased and comprehensive information on electronic devices, Ceedo actually tells you what features to look for before making a purchase.

Want To Save Time? Stay With Ceedo!

By now, you may have realized “Ceedo” is a brand we are trying to establish that earns everyone’s love and respect.

From the geeky student who is saving his pocket money to buy that dream laptop to the multimillionaire who is looking for the best webcam to run his business, we value our EVERY valuable reader.

We do earn a small commission once you purchase a gadget following our link. However, that doesn’t cost you any extra or affect our verdict in any way. We have always been transparent and will always be in the future hopefully!

The tech is moving too fast. And you have no time to know, let alone, use all those products for yourself to know which one is the best!

That’s what “Ceedo” is there for!

It saves your time by letting you know all the latest updates and trending gadgets simply with one click!

Stay with Ceedo, help us reach more readers and we will surprise you with more exclusive posts to make your gadget shopping more comfortable in the upcoming days!

Ceedo In A Nutshell (Previous Responsibilities)

  • Privately held company founded and managed by virtualization veterans.
  • Provides next generation Endpoint Security solutions based on proprietary virtualization technologies.
  • Holds partnerships with leading IT market forces.

Ceedo Technologies

Ceedo develops next generation endpoint security solutions for consumers, SMBs, and Enterprise markets, providing virtual containers aimed at protecting the endpoint environment from all types of Malware.

Ceedo’s products have been shipped to over 4,000,000 users worldwide, and have earned Ceedo partnerships with leading integrators and IT market forces.

Our Solutions and Technology

The core technology of Ceedo’s Containment Platform is a set of drivers sandwiched at different locations between application requests and the kernel, acting together as a powerful filter driver.

By manipulating read/write requests, the filter driver can create an isolated space which becomes the “Container” that can be utilized for security purposes.


Ceedo’s MalwareLocker provides web browsers, Outlook, and other applications with a virtual container that completely contains all read, write, and execution transactions, keeping your system protected.

The unique mix of cutting-edge technologies used by Ceedo ensures that your endpoints are protected from zero-day attacks and data leaks using a sealed environment that is protected by multiple security mechanisms.

Ceedo In A Nutshell (Current Responsibilities)

  • Reviewing gadgets and tech products is our main responsibility
  • Cover How-to buying guides to solve tech problems.
  • Providing unbiased and comprehensive information on electronic devices.
  • Educating on what features to look for before making a purchase.

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