Best Tablet For Autistic Child 2021

In a technologically advanced world, there is a solution for almost everything, right in the palms of your hands. Whether it's for cooking, cleaning, entertainment, official tasks, or even learning; it's all a way lot easier than it was even a decade ago for both adults, seniors, and even kids.

Since there's something for everyone, children with special needs are not left out as well. And this is where the best tablet for autistic child comes into the picture. Today, we are about to review some amazing models specially designed to be handled by these special children and how they might be beneficial.

If you have any special children under your care and have intended to get them an appropriate gadget, you have come to the right place. Whether you're confused about how to acquire the perfect tablet or just researching some top models, this article is just for you.

Top Tablet for Autistic Child 2021 by Editors
Top Tablet for Autistic Child 2021 by Editors

Comparison Table For Top tablets for autistic child

IMAGE Product Display Size
Resolution Battery life
All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1
All-New Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet 10.1 1920 × 1200 12
Introducing Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet, 8
Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet 8 1280 × 800 12
Fire HD 8 Kids tablet, 8
Fire HD 8 Kids tablet 8 1280 × 800 12
Dragon Touch Y88X Pro 7 inch Kids Tablets, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM, Android 9.0 Tablet, Kidoz Pre Installed with Disney Contents (More Than $80 Value), Pink
Dragon Touch Y88X Pro
2/16 GB
7 1024 × 600 3
Kids Tablet 7 Android Kids Tablet Toddler Tablet Kids Edition Tablet with WiFi Dual Camera Childrens Tablet 1GB + 32GB Parental Control, Google Play Store (Green)
TOPELOTEK KIDS09G 7 1024 × 600 8
VAN KYO MatrixPad Z1 Kids Tablet 7 inch, Android 10 Go, 32GB ROM, COPPA Certified KIDOZ& Google Play Pre-Installed with Kid-Proof Case, Wi-Fi, Eye Health Mode, Pink
Vankyo MatrixPad Z1
1/32 GB
7 1024 × 600 8
SANNUO Kids Tablet 10.1 inch, GMS-Certified Android 9.0,Kids -Mode,2GB RAM,2.0+5.0MP Dual Camera,IPS1280x800 Screen,3G,GPS,Google Play with Learning App for Children
SANNUO Kids Tablet
2/16 GB
10.1 1280 × 800 5
Tablet for Kids, Tagital T10K Kids Tablet 10.1 inch Display with WiFi, Bluetooth and Games, Kids Mode Pre-Installed, Quad Core Processor, WiFi Android Tablet (2019 Version)
Tagital T10K
2/16 GB
10 1280 × 800 5
Kids Tablet 7 inch Android 9.0 Kids Tablets Toddler Tablet Kids Educational Tablet with WiFi Childrens Tablet 1GB + 8GB Parental Control, Google Play Store-Blue
B.B.PAW Elite Kids Tablet
1/8 GB
7 1024 × 600 3
Contixo Kids Tablet
2/16 GB
10 1280 × 800 10
Fire 7 Kids Tablet, 7
Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition
1/16 GB
7 1024 × 600 7

Best Tablets For Autistic Child Reviews

1. All-New Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet | Best Tablet For Special Education

This Amazon Fire device comes with a display of 10.1 inches with a sensational FHD 1920 x 1200P resolution. It comes with 2MP front and 5MP rear cameras and is powered by a powerful Octa-core 2.0 GHz processor. This model also possesses and an unbelievable battery life of around 12 hours to last you for days.

This model comes with a year's subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which will provide your little gems access to over 20,000 audiobooks, books, games, apps, movies, TV shows, etc. All the offered content is specially set to be suitable for children around 3-12 years old.

Spanish content is available too to facilitate fun learning of a new language. The device possesses convenient parental controls which will allow you to limit age-appropriate content and also how much time they can use the device.

You will also be able to set up individual profiles for your kids along with educational targets as well. It will make sure that the kids don't have access to any social media and Alexa. Accidental in-app purchases can be prevented as well since it will ask for a parent's permission.

It comes with a great RAM capacity of 3GB and 32/64GB storage memory which can be expanded up to 1TB. With all these facilities combined, this model can effortlessly make your child's entertainment and learning more hassle-free, controlled, and fun!

All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1
All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, 10.1

Highlighted Features

  • You can create 4 separate profiles
  • Educational targets and deadlines can be set to promote learning
  • Strong Type-C USB for rapid charging
  • Access to Alexa, in-app purchases and social media are restricted

2.Samsung Galaxy Tab A | Best Tablet For Kids With Autism

Powered by Quad-Core (2.0GHz), Qualcomm SDM 429, this device comes with a 1280 x 800P resolution. It has been appropriately designed for your special child's comfortable handling with a size of 8 inches. The device also comes with a long-lasting bumper case to protect it when dropped or bumped.

This device is as energetic as your little gems, with a battery life of an incredible 13 hours. This will enable them to play, learn, watch educational videos, or their favorite shows with ease without them needing to recharge.

They will be able to choose from among 10,000 hours+ of age-appropriate content so that they never get bored and always keep coming from more. And the best part is, reliable parental controls will enable you to monitor and control their usage and access to content.

You would be easily able to control their screen time to ensure a healthy usage. It will also enable you to monitor and control age-appropriate content for your kids. The device comes with a 32GB storage capacity which can be expanded via SD card to up to 512GB. A 2GB RAM should be more than ample to keep up smoothly.

SAMSUNG SM-T290NZSKXAR, Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition 8
SAMSUNG SM-T290NZSKXAR, Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition 8

Highlighted Features

  • Compact size designed specially to be handled by your child's small hands
  • Incredible battery life of up to 13 hours
  • Long-lasting bumper case to protect device when dropped or bumped
  • Parental controls to monitor and control screen time and content access

3. Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet, 8″ HD Display, Ages 3-7, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case | Best Tablet For Autism

Fire HD 8 has a special kid-proof case that keeps unruly hands from smashing it. The screen can be read in low light, and the battery lasts for hours. It has no Internet browser so it can't leak private data or be hacked by malicious software like JavaScript or malware that's on the Web.

This isn't just a toy, but an educational device with features like Dolch word list building exercises and thousands of coloring pages to teach reading comprehension and art history.

The Fire HD 8 has a fast processor for browsing the Web, watching videos and playing games. There are also kid-friendly apps like Cloud Baby Monitor and Cloud Digits that let parents remotely monitor children's computer use.

The Fire HD 8 is a good choice for children who want to start using their own tablets soon but need some help. It's also helpful for kids with limited skills who can't navigate the Web or distinguish between advertisements and legitimate content.

Fire HD 8 Kids tablet, 8
Fire HD 8 Kids tablet, 8

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality HD display
  • Built-in parental controls
  • Kid-friendly apps from Amazon FreeTime Unlimited library
  • The battery lasts for hours
  • Kid-Proof Case that keeps tablet safe from siblings and pets.

4.PROGRACE Tablets | Best Tablet For Autistic Toddler

This model comes with a 7 inch IPS display which can be perfect for kids to handle and with a 1024 x 600P resolution. It possesses the later Android 9.0 OS and is powered by Quad-core 1.33GHZ for smooth and quick operation. The device also comes with an adjustable bracket/stand at the back for convenient use on tables.

The model includes a protective cover so that it doesn't get damaged when dropped, bumped or shaken. It is made of silicon which is tender to your child's little hands and ensures a non-slip grip so that it doesn't get dropped as easily. The material is food grade so it is harmless even if put they put it in their mouths.

This gadget for kids is equipped with state-of-the-art parental controls which will enable you to control and monitor their duration of usage, apps and content browsed, etc. You will even be able to create individual profiles for multiple children and customize them with their favorite content and websites.

With a storage space of 16GB, you can expand its memory further via an SD card up to an amazing 256GB. It possesses a 2GB RAM that can easily meet your child's need for a smooth, hassle-free operation. A battery life of up to 5 hours can be adequate for double usage per day effortlessly.

PROGRACE Kids Tablets Android 9.0, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM, 7 inch IPS HD Display, Parental Control, Dual Camera, Pre-Installed Kids Educational APP, Kid-Proof Case, Red
PROGRACE Kids Tablets Android 9.0, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM, 7 inch IPS HD Display, Parental Control, Dual Camera, Pre-Installed Kids Educational APP, Kid-Proof Case, Red

Highlighted Features

  • A stand at the back for convenient use on tables
  • Anti-shake and food-grade silicone material cover
  • Built-in encyclopedia for children via iWawa app
  • Parental control will also enable to customize each profile

5.SANNUO Tablet | Best Tablet For Special Needs Child

With a 10.1 inch IPS display of 1280 x 800P resolution, this device is not only more comfortable to view, but can also be less harsh on your children's eyes. It is powered by a high-speed Quad Core 1.30 GHz processor and possesses an Android 9.0 OS.

It comes with a silicon case and stand which not only makes the device durable and safe from drops or bumps but also facilitates a hands-free usage for your kids. This will allow them to play and learn simultaneously. It is also comfortable to touch and hold for the special angels' fragile hands.

The preinstalled iWawa systems will give kids access to better learning via stories, music, math, learning entertainment, and drawing applications, etc. Smart parent control modes will enable you to limit their playtime and the contents browsed.

It possesses a pretty standard battery life of 4-5 hours to serve efficiently enough. The device also comes with a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM which you can expand up to 128GB should you require to. Hence, you can download and save all the content and app for your children to your heart's desire.

SANNUO Kids Tablet 10.1 inch, GMS-Certified Android 9.0,Kids -Mode,2GB RAM,2.0+5.0MP Dual Camera,IPS1280x800 Screen,3G,GPS,Google Play with Learning App for Children.
SANNUO Kids Tablet 10.1 inch, GMS-Certified Android 9.0,Kids -Mode,2GB RAM,2.0+5.0MP Dual Camera,IPS1280x800 Screen,3G,GPS,Google Play with Learning App for Children.

Highlighted Features

  • IPS display is less harsh on the eyes
  • Hands-free usage with included stand
  • Can access Google Play Store to download apps

6.Dragon Touch Y88X Pro 7 | Best Tablet For Disabled Child

With a 7 inch 1024 × 600P resolution display, this device comes all geared up to protect itself from impacts. Its durable and environment-friendly silicon casing extends even up to the display along with the back and its stand to provide all-around protection.

The device comes preinstalled with 6 Audiobooks and 18 E-Books which are authorized by Disney, and are worth over $80. The KIDOZ will also offer your children access to over thousands of age-appropriate content including filtered websites, videos, apps, games, etc.

You will not only be able to apply age filters to ensure age-appropriate content, but will also be able to download endless educational apps from Google Play Store. This is all thanks to the device being a fully functional android gadget with Wi-Fi compatibility.

It has a sufficient battery life of around 3 hours and possesses a 2GB RAM with 16GB which you can expand up to an amazing 128GB. So while you are busy with work or chores or preparing your little nugget's snacks, this gadget could effortlessly become your child's effective and safe learning partner.

Dragon Touch Y88X Pro 7 inch Kids Tablets, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM, Android 9.0 Tablet, Kidoz Pre Installed with Disney Contents (More Than $80 Value), Pink
Dragon Touch Y88X Pro 7 inch Kids Tablets, 2GB RAM 16GB ROM, Android 9.0 Tablet, Kidoz Pre Installed with Disney Contents (More Than $80 Value), Pink

Highlighted Features

  • Silicon casing extends up to the display to provide all-around protection
  • Includes reinstalled 6 Audiobooks and 18 E-Books from Disney
  • Access to Google Play Store
  • PaintBox app can enable a mess-free drawing experience

7. SEYMAC stock iPad 8th/7th Generation Case | Best iPad Case For Autistic Child

SEYMAC stock iPad 8th/7th Generation Case won the 2018 Red Dot Award for its high standard in design. It is just the case you need.

It offers full protection and peace of mind as it is made of materials that are strong, sturdy, and durable. With the 360 Rotate Hand Strap, your child will be able to affix this case to the back of their devices with ease.

With multiple slots and pockets for all kinds of accessories like earphones, adapters, pens, pencils, keys and more, you can always expect a healthy mix of convenience and convenience in the SEYMAC stock iPad 8th/7th Generation Case for your child.

The top-of-the-line design of this case enables it to resists shock and impact. With the added screen protector, your kid's iPad will always be shielded from scratches. It is precision cut for a perfect fit, giving you top protection for your iPad or iPad mini.

SEYMAC stock iPad 8th/7th Generation Case, [Full-body] [Drop-Proof] Protection Case with [360 Rotate Stand] Hand Strap [Screen Protector] [Pencil Holder] for iPad 8th/7th Gen 2020/2019 (Skyblue+Black)
SEYMAC stock iPad 8th/7th Generation Case, [Full-body] [Drop-Proof] Protection Case with [360 Rotate Stand] Hand Strap [Screen Protector] [Pencil Holder] for iPad 8th/7th Gen 2020/2019 (Skyblue+Black)

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality design
  • Shockproof and drop-resistant (drop tested)
  • Scratch resistant and impact resistant (drop tested)
  • Cloth cover to protect from scratches, dents, dirt and marks

Buying Guide For Tablets For Autistic Child


To ensure comfortable handling, you need to opt for models that come with a size that is not too big or uncomfortable to handle. While larger screens are understandably more comfortable to view, but the special children need to be able to hold the device with ease to ensure that the device doesn't slip or drop.

You could also try to opt for models with special displays such as IPS displays that exert reduced stress on the eyes. This will enable a more comfortable and less harmful usage.


It is natural for any child to frequently drop, shake, or break things. While that's the beauty of childhood, you need to also ensure that your desired model is equipped with safety features to withstand the rough handling of children with autism.

Most kid-friendly ones would come with durable cases, and some may come with a few more advanced safety features such as thick bumpers, extended cover over displays and stand, etc.

So choose a model accordingly within your budget. But ensure that the material used is safe as children tend to put anything in their mouths

Parental Controls

This is a must for all children's gadgets because you want to ensure that they use them for healthy durations. Monitoring and controlling the content which kids can access is another crucial aspect because it is essential that they don't end up getting access to anything inappropriate.

If you are searching for the best tablet for autism, ensure that it comes with every possible parental controls for the safety of your precious child. You can even opt for models which enable you to create and customize separate profiles for each kid.

How Can You Support Autistic Kids With Technology?

1. Motivation

The greatest motivation for a child with autism is to see that they are able to master the skill and feel proud of themselves.

2. Appropriate Apps

There are many helpful apps that can work for an autistic child, such as creating schedules for them, a digital journal, or even just something like a game which allows them to practice social skills like making eye contact.

3. Do Not Force It

It is important that your child must learn how to use technology on their own terms. By not forcing them to do something, they will be more likely to practice on their own.

4. Give Options

If you do want to use a device in front of an autistic child, try to find a number of apps which could work with the device and then give them options. For example, your child may be interested in drawing with the iPad, but they may not be able to read the text on the screen. By giving the option of either drawing with a stylus, or making something on the screen with touch, you can give them options to play with it themselves.

5. Talk To Your Child

Continue to encourage your child to learn about your technology. For example, teaching them about how hotkeys work or how to connect different devices together can help them realize that tech is not scary and they can be part of it instead of being afraid of it.

6. Have Fun With It

Sometimes you can make an autistic child's life better by making it fun. For example, your child might enjoy playing a game, but you can make it more fun by asking them to draw something or offer them a challenge like crossword puzzles to solve.

What Tablets Do and Don't Do

Children with autism are much more likely to have severe symptoms in the areas of communication and social skills. A tablet is a great way to provide them with a fun but educational experience while they work on their skills at school or at home.

ASD Tablets might be helpful for autistic children because they are very visual and children with autism tend to have problems with nonverbal communication. They might be able to do better in school or in their social life if they use a tablet to learn how to communicate, read, and write.

Plus, tablets are a great way for them to have fun and parents can feel more confident that their child is getting the help they need.

However, it doesn't solve every problem. Some tablets have a lot of functionality that can be really appealing to someone who's autistic, but the design and colors are often not as appealing. There are other tablets on the market that are much more brightly colored or have easier input devices, such as a touch interface, that might help them learn how to use the tablet more easily.

It is also important to understand what tablets don't do. Many people think a tablet will solve all their problems for an autistic child, but in many cases it can't.

A tablet is great for teaching a child how to be more social or to practice how to communicate in ways that others can understand. However, it will not necessarily solve the problem forever.

You might find that your child can learn a lot of skills with the help of a tablet, but later on they'll still need help in other areas of their life. Also, a tablet cannot replace human help with autism or how slow or fast autistic children grow.

Best Tablet Apps For Kids With Autism

If your child is interested in a tablet, but you don't want to buy them an iPad or another expensive version of the tablet, there are still many apps you can download onto your phone or other devices that will help.

Some of them might even have related educational games that they can use to practice their skills and make learning fun. Many of these are free, although some require a lower level subscription to play with extra features.

The best tablet apps for autistic children are those that are used as a teaching tool. Of course, you know what it's like to be taught something; many kids with autism are not as good at learning because they have other learning disabilities or delays in speech. If you're going to buy an iPad or other tablet, there is no better way to help your child than with an app that teaches them how to read and communicate in many different ways.

1. Autism iHelp-Sounds

This app helps children with autism with their nonverbal communication skills, and it teaches them how to sound words out slowly so they can understand what they're saying. It also has more advanced features like games and progress tracking.

2. Autistic Chat

This app is a very helpful tool for autistic children who are in a group at school or daycare and need help choosing the right words to communicate. It also helps them sound out words slowly so they can understand what they're saying.

3. Flashcards-Kindle

This app is a great tool for older children who are reading and writing, and it's useful to help them learn how to spell words that are more advanced or difficult. It can also be helpful when learning lists or trying to read something that is on a chalkboard at school.

4. Color Therapy

It's great for younger children who are pre-verbal and can't read or understand written words. It teaches them how to associate certain colors with different sounds, and it can also be helpful when your child is trying to learn how to count or match colors.

5. The Bingo Game

Bingo has so many uses for kids who are on the autism spectrum that it should be a staple in every home that has a tablet and small children. First, it teaches your child how to count and match numbers, which is a very useful skill in school or when playing board games. Secondly, it's a great way to help your child understand the concept of bingo and hopefully make new friends when they go to classes at school.

6. Autism Read & Write Pro

This app has many features that make it more useful than Bingo, especially if your child is older and has trouble reading or writing. It gives visual cues and sounds for different letters, and it teaches them how to read the words they see instead of needing to sound out everything.

7. Reading & Play

This game helps kids with autism learn how to read or write by having them read the same sentence with their fingers or a stylus on an iPad.

8. Word Dictionary

This app is excellent for helping to learn new words that will be used in school or for daily activities. It also has many different levels of difficulty, and it's great for kids who are non-verbal and can't speak.

9. Autism Pose Master

This app is a great tool to help your child with autism draw body poses and learn how to use them in various situations.

10. Autism Tracker Pro

This app is a great way to help your child learn how to use the different skills they are learning, especially if you are working with them one on one. It also helps them keep track of their progress and shows parents what your child is learning.

11. Autism Decodable Picture Book

This app makes learning new words fun by acting like a digital version of a children's picture book. It also helps with matching colors and it can be used as an early reader as well.

12. I'm on It

This app is more of a game than a tool, but it's still one of the finest tools for teaching your child how to communicate better. It gives them positive feedback and good incentives for improving their skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does An Ipad Help A Child With Autism?

Children with autism see the world in pictures instead of in words. So communicating using pictures is more effective with such children, which is made easy by an iPad. iPads allow these children to create stories and sentences using pictures and images and makes sure that the process is smooth as well.

This way the children can effectively communicate with everyone without feeling left out. And as this is a mobile and compact device, carrying it is not an issue either.

What Are The Best Apps For Autism?

Children with autism suffer from a wide array of problems, be it health-related or social. One way that people are tackling this issue today is through technology. There are multiple apps that

Proloquo2Go for example is a good pick if they need to develop their speeches, whereas Language Therapy for Kids - MITA is good for developing cognitive abilities. The Endless Reader app helps in teaching kids important words for communication.

Other popular apps include Otsimo-Special Education AAC, CommBoards Lite - AAC Speech Assistant, and ABC Autismo.

What Are The Best Apps For Speech Therapy?

The overall best app for speech therapy is considered Articulation Station since it has been very comprehensively designed. From pronouncing different sounds to practicing sentences, words, and speech, this provides numerous ways of practice.

LAMP Words for Life is a good pick for people with autism. This app provides motor patterns for words so that the user can develop better communication.

Splingo is good for toddlers since it involves learning using interactive games, whereas Speech Tutor is better for elementary school kids as it uses 2D animations to show how to pronounce words.


Autism induces difficulty in a child's ability to learn and socialize. And this is where the best tablet for autistic child can aid in making things easier for both the children and their parents.

If you were previously clueless on how to choose the one, hopefully now, you have a clearer picture of what to look for.

With all the buying tips and reviews combined, you will finally be able to get your little gem his/her new friend.

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