Best Gaming Projector 2021

Have you ever felt like diving into the world of your favorite games? Getting the true feeling of driving or combatting through on a life-sized screen without monitor or TV bezels getting in your way?

If that is the case, then the best gaming projector could be your ultimate choice at achieving it all; and that too, on a budget.

So today, we're about to review some of the top projectors out there that possess every capability to become your ultimate gaming gear.

Keep an eye out on our comprehensive buying guide as well which might surely make your purchase journey a whole lot smoother.

List Of Top Gaming Projector

 List Of Top Gaming Projector
List Of Top Gaming Projector


2.GooDee BL98

3.APEMAN Mini LC350

4.GooDee Upgrade HD

5.Wi-Fi Mini By BOMAKER

6.QKK Mini


8.WiMiUS Newest P28

9.YABER Portable Projector

10.VIVIMAGE Explore 2 Mini

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Gaming Projectors

VANKYOLEISURE 3 Mini 3600 Lumens 1920 x 1080P 170 inches
GooDee BL98 6800 Lumens 1920 x 1080P 300 inches
APEMANMini LC350 3800 Lumens 800 x 480P;Maximum080P 180 inches
GooDeeUpgrade HD 300 Lumens 1280 x 768P 230 inches
Wi-Fi Mini ByBOMAKER 5000 Lumens 1920 x 1080P 250 inches
QKK Mini 4500 Lumens 1920 x 1080P 170 inches
YABER 7000 Lumens 1920 x 1080P 300 inches
WiMiUSNewest P28 7000 Lumens 1920 x 1080P 300 inches
YABER PortableProjector 5500 Lumens 1080 x 720P 200 inches
VIVIMAGEExplore 2 Mini 4500 Lumens 1280 x 720P 200 inches

Best Gaming Projectors Reviews

1.VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini | Best Budget Gaming Projector

For the ultimate Full HD gaming experience, this model features a 1920 x 1080P FHD resolution to provide a sensational grade of visuals.It can effortlessly project on screens up to 170 inches wide. Hence, for the most superb and immersive gaming, it could easily become your perfect gear of choice.

The VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini comes with an incredible brightness capacity of 3600 lumens for the most spectacularly bright game visuals. Its high 2000:1 contrast ratio can further upgrade the quality with impeccable sharpness and clarity.

And with its super-efficient cooling technology, it will operate seamlessly for hours without overheating. Thus, this model will ensure a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. It will also lower the noise production significantly for an undisturbed experience.

With its variable range of ports such as VGA, Micro SD, USB, AV, etc. you'll be able to connect to a broad array of your gadgets. Options include gaming consoles, tablets, PCs, DVD players, Chromecast, laptops, etc. The device will support smartphones too once equipped with separate compatible adapters of HDMI.

It is easy to regulate and control thanks to its keystone and focus controls and can be easily installed within 4.9 -16.4 feet. The device's light mass of just 2.1 pounds and compact layout also makes this gadget incredibly portable.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable investment due to its high lamp-life capacity of 40,000 hours
  • Easy to control and adjust image via keystone and focus wheel control
  • Lightweight and portable and thus easy to install and carry around
  • FHD resolution with impressive brightness capacity

2.GooDee BL98 | Best Projector For Video Games

This spectacular model comes with an impressive 1920 x 1080P resolution for full HD visualsto facilitate gorgeous game visuals. It features a phenomenal 6800 lumens of brightness to provide you the most breathtaking vividness even in the brightest or darkest environments.

It comes with a stellar contrast ratio of 5000:1 to further elevate the image quality by a few more notches. Gaming could not get any more captivating with the provision of the most impeccably detailed, sharp, and crisp visuals!

It can thus effortlessly make its way into your wishlist for gaming or outdoor/indoor entertainment.

The device can immerse you into the game for a more realistic experience as it can support up to 300 inches wide projections. Along with all these stellar aspects, this model is also incredibly durable thanks to its light source of TFT LCD technology. This will extend its lamp-life of up to an amazing 50,000 hours.

The device comes equipped with dual USB and HDMI interfaces, TF, AV, VGA, and headphone ports. It can thus be connected effortlessly to your Xbox, Game Station, Laptops, PCs, Tablets, SD Card, VCD/DVD players, Media Players, USB Flash Drive, etc.

This model also comes with multiple installation modes according to your convenience and possesses a personalized touchscreen control panel. Its built-in Hi-Fi stereo sound speakers will provide you with spectacular audio outputs. The device also operates with low noise production for annoyance-free gaming.

Projector, GooDee HD Video Projector Native 1920x1080P, Outdoor Movie Projector 7500L 300'' Touch Keys Home Theater Projector with 50000 Hrs Lamp Life, Support Fire TV Stick/PS4/HDMI/iOS /Android
Projector, GooDee HD Video Projector Native 1920x1080P, Outdoor Movie Projector 7500L 300'' Touch Keys Home Theater Projector with 50000 Hrs Lamp Life, Support Fire TV Stick/PS4/HDMI/iOS /Android

Highlighted Features

  • Spectacular brightness and contrast
  • Personalized touchscreen control panel
  • Multiple installation modes and widescreen projection up to 300 inches
  • Light source of TFT LCD technology for durability of 50,000 hours' lamp-life

3.APEMAN Mini LC350 | Best Projector For Xbox One

This model comes with a decent 800 x 480P resolution and can support up to an amazing resolutionof 1080P. Hence, you'll be provided with graphics of beautiful quality for an amazing gaming experience. It possesses a high 2000:1 contrast ratio which will further enhance the clarity and sharpness of the visuals.

With its incredible brightness of 3800 lumens, you will be able to enjoy equally premium quality vividness in your room perfectly with or without the lights on. It possesses the capacity of projecting images of up to 180 inches wide. Thus, gaming will be far more immersive than it was ever before!

It is equipped with an efficient and advanced dual-fan cooling mechanism which will prevent the device from overheating even when you're playing away for hours. This cooling technology further ensures a reduced noise-production to prevent distractions while you play.

The device comes equipped with USB, HDMI, Micro SD, VGA, AV, and RCA interfaces. You will thus be able to connect to a versatile array of compatible devices including laptops, PCs, tablets, USB drives, gaming consoles such as Xbox One, etc. Smartphones are compliant too with separate respective adapters.

The model also comes with a pre-installed dual-speaker audio system that is well-tuned to provide the clearest and smoothest in-game audio outputs. The image frame angle and clarity can be effortlessly adjusted into their perfect levels with its keystone and focus wheel.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable device with up to 45,000 hours of lamp-life
  • Can be perfect for dark/dimly-lit environments
  • Integrated dual-speaker audio system

4.GooDee Upgrade HD | Best Video Game Projector

This model comes with a 1280 x 768P resolution and a 300 ANSI lumen brightness for optimum-quality visuals and vividness for comfortable gaming. It possesses an incredible 3000:1 contrast ratio for super-crisp and sharp visuals; thus making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

This model can support a screen size of up to an astounding 230 inches for the ultimate immersive widescreen gaming. It possesses an impressive array of connectivity options which include AV, VGA, and dual USB and HDMI interfaces.

Hence, you'll be able to connect conveniently and effortlessly to your PS3/4; Xbox, Fire Stick TV, PC, TV Box, laptop, tablet, Chromecast, external speakers, USB stick, DVD player, media players, iPad, smartphones, etc.

The device comes with built-in HI-FI Stereo along with SRS audio system for producing spectacularly clear and smooth audio outputs. Hence, you'd be able to bid farewell to the hassle of external speakers and messy cables. Its enhanced cooling mechanism can distribute heat swiftly; thus preventing overheating.

The upgraded fans will also ensure noise-free operation even in a quiet environment. Its LED Light Source will extend the durability of this device by providing a lamp-life of up to 30,000 hours.

Projector, GooDee 2021 Upgrade HD Video Projector 6800L Outdoor Movie Projector, 1080P and 230
Projector, GooDee 2021 Upgrade HD Video Projector 6800L Outdoor Movie Projector, 1080P and 230

Highlighted Features

  • Can support projections as wide as up to 230 inches
  • Dual USB & HDMI interfaces for enhanced convenience
  • Built-in HI-FI Stereo along with SRS audio system for incredible sound
  • Enhanced cooling mechanism for swift heat distribution

5.Wi-Fi Mini By BOMAKER | Best Gaming Projector 1080p

This incredibly durable device comes a superb 50,000 hours of lamp-life. It possesses a 1280 x 720P resolution which can be more than ample for presenting superb visuals for flawless gaming. Its 2000:1 contrast ratio will also facilitate the generation of gorgeous sharpness and clarity.

This device can support projections of up to 250 inches to provide you with a fabulously captivating gaming environment. Its high-capacity brightness of 5000 lumens will aid in producing stellar vividness and stunning visuals in any lighting. And it will be effortless to project from your devices without separate adapters.

The device supports Miracast too for direct screen mirroring from your Android devices. It will enable you to mirror your device screens up to a massive 300 inches. This model will even provide you the convenience of wireless connectivity to your laptop, iPad, iPhone, Huawei, Mac, Android phones, etc. via Wi-Fi.

It is compatible with Airplay; and with its wireless connection facilitywith smartphones, separate adapters won't be necessary at all. Along with its native resolution, this device can support up to 1920 x 1080P FHD resolution too for the ultimate game visuals.

Highlighted Features

  • Can support up to 250 inches wide projections
  • Supports Airplay and Miracast for larger projections from smartphones
  • Wireless connectivity option available; hence, no adapters required
  • Can support FHD resolution

Gaming Projector Buying Guide

Projection Screen And Resolution

In order to achieve the ultimate and realistic gaming experience, opt for a device that can support the widest projections according to your room-size. Most models can support around 170-200 inches. But go for higher capacities of 250-300 inches only if you need to.

The resolution is one of the major features responsible for the quality of your game visuals. In order to achieve the most impeccable quality, opt for a model with the highest possible native resolution within your budget. If you're short of budget, try not to settle for anything less than an HD resolution at least.

Contrast Ratio

A high contrast ratio will provide you with impeccably clear and sharp images for an enhanced gaming convenience. Not only will you be able to grasp the in-game details for a flawless and perfect experience; but it will be comforting to your eyes as well. Hence, a higher contrast ratio is never bad news!

This is because, a ratio of 5000:1, for example, would be representing the fact that the bright parts of the projected visuals are 5000 times brighter that its darkest regions.


Measured in lumens, this feature determines the vividness of the image outputs you are provided which can further enhance your overall game visuals. Choose a brightness capacity based on the environment you are most likely to play away most frequently.

If you intend to play in darkened rooms or with the lights off, medium-level brightness of up to 3000-3500 lumens can be more than enough. But for gaming in more brightly-lit rooms, opt for models with higher brightness capacities for the most optimum visuals.

Make sure to keep in mind that a too high or too low lumens capacity would be uncomfortable/ stressful on your eyes to view.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The best projector for gaming should come with a range of connectivity options to facilitate connectivity to your desired gadgets. If you intend to project from gaming consoles, make sure that your desired model is compatible with that console.

Most devices come equipped with USB, Micro SD, HDMI, AV, VGA, RCA, etc. ports to offer you the most versatile convenience. They even support smartphones but chances are, you'd need to get separate adapters for that.

Some models come with wireless connectivity as well to eliminate the hassle of cables and separate adapters. Feel free to go for those as well if you're feeling fancy.


Whether for the ultimate immersive gaming experience; or if you're short on budget for purchasing premium gaming consoles, the best gaming projectors have got your back. Once chosen wisely, these wonder-gadgets wouldn't surely let you down. So gear up ASAP and get gaming!

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