Ceedo Launches an Application Virtualization Solution for the Enterprise

Ceedo Enterprise™ Gives IT Administrators the Ability to Virtualize Standard Windows Applications without Packaging - Making it Easy and Cost Effective to Create, Deploy and Remotely Manage Complete Application Workspace Environments

Rosh-Haayin, Israel, June 3, 2008 - Ceedo™, a leading provider of application virtualization solutions, today announced Ceedo Enterprise™, a complete virtualization product that allows IT administrators to easily create, deploy and remotely manage desktop workspace environments enabling a number of cost-effective scenarios including: application portability, remote management, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Ceedo's unique technology, already deployed on over four million devices worldwide, uses virtualization to generalize the installation process of standard Windows™ applications without requiring packaging, enabling them to be delivered in new cost-effective ways. In contrast to many other application virtualization solutions, Ceedo Enterprise includes a Setup Virtualization Engine which does away with the customary and complicated application packaging process. The Ceedo Setup Virtualization Engine uses the original standard setup files of an application to automatically perform the virtualization process. It lets administrators easily and quickly virtualize applications, allowing even untrained end users to add applications and plug‑ins to their workspace, if the IT policy allows for it.

Deploying Ceedo to enterprise notebooks and desktops enables IT administrators to manage enterprise applications instantaneously and remotely - even install new software and update user files. Installing Ceedo to a USB device enables installed applications to work together and become portable for use on any Windows PC. Ceedo can be deployed from a Web server enabling a complete working application workspace to be delivered to employees or contractors in field.

Alvecon, a leading insurance and financial broker in Germany, is one company already seeing the benefits of using Ceedo Enterprise. The company deployed Ceedo via an encrypted USB hard drive to all brokers in the field so they can have easy access to all of their professional and office applications - a process that was time consuming and expensive before.


  • No Packaging Required - installation of applications to a Ceedo workspace does not require any packaging. It allows administrators and even end users to quickly and easily virtualize applications.
  • Ability to Let Users Customize Workspace - IT policy permitting, users can customize their workspace by adding their own applications and plug-ins without requiring administrator involvement. All this while still keeping the workspace fully isolated from the machine.
  • Easy Deployment - Application workspaces can be created by the IT administrator, and then distributed to end-users.
  • Seamless migration - use the same Ceedo environment on Windows™ 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista.
  • Setup and Teardown - Workspaces can be easily set up and torn down. This is especially useful for setting up subcontractor and vendor environments and for reclaiming application licenses once the workspace is no longer needed.
  • Reduced Hardware Costs - Ceedo Enterprise allows users to work from a home PC, while providing central management of the workspace. For employees that travel, a small pool of loaner notebooks plus Ceedo solves the problem nicely by providing drastically reduced costs, a centrally managed environment and built - in disaster recovery should a notebook be dropped or damaged.

"Ceedo's unique approach to application virtualization allows IT administrators to cost-effectively streamline application workspace deployments, improve business continuity, make quick restorations of user environments during disasters, and maintain better application licensing control," said Opher Dubrovsky, VP Marketing and Business Development at Ceedo. "As a result, employees, vendors and subcontractors can easily be given access through the web, network or a USB device to a full workspace of enterprise applications. The IT administrator gets the flexibility to quickly deploy and later on remotely manage these workspaces - even if they are already deployed in the field."


Available today, Ceedo Enterprise Clients are $89 per seat perpetual license. Discounts are available for large volume purchases.


Ceedo Technologies Ltd. develops and markets application virtualization software based on several patent-pending technologies. Ceedo's unique technology virtualizes an entire user's application workspace, providing a fully self-contained working environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The environment can be launched from a PC, network or USB drive, and managed and updated remotely while in the field using the Ceedo Client Management System. Ceedo's line of virtualization products are used by leading software and hardware (OEM) vendors to enhance product mobility, versatility, and to provide end-users with cost-effective PC management solutions for home and office environments. For more information, visit the website at www.ceedo.com.

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