How to Use a Fellowes Laminator

Laminators are a great way to protect your documents from water and other spills. Fellowes offers a wide variety of laminating products to suit any need, but the most popular is their Laminator Plus with four roller system. This machine takes care of all the work for you, so you can start enjoying your project right away!

This blog post is for anyone that's looking to get more done in the office. I'm going to be talking about how a Fellowes laminator can help you out and save you time, without having to go through all of the hassle of using a regular laminator or dealing with tangled up paper.

Steps to Use a Fellowes Laminator

How to Use a Fellowes Laminator
How to Use a Fellowes Laminator
  1. The first step to using a fellowes laminator is to unpack the machine and remove all pieces
  2. Place your document in the center of the platen, with one side facing you
  3. Hold down any loose edges of paper so they don't get caught in the rollers or feeder
  4. Put your document on top of the blank sheet that came with it - this will help prevent wrinkles while feeding through
  5. Turn on your machine by pressing power button
  6. Wait for beep before removing finished product from platen

How long does a Fellowes laminator take to heat up?

A Fellowes laminator is a great investment for any office. It can be used to protect documents and save your company money. But how long does it take for a Fellowes laminator to heat up? That depends on the model and the condition of the machine. Older models should not take more than 10 minutes, but newer models may take as much as 20 minutes to reach full operating temperature.

  • A Fellowes laminator takes about 3 minutes to heat up
  • You can tell when the laminator is heated because it will be making a humming sound and the light on the front will turn from red to green
  • Once your laminator is heated, you'll need to unplug it before inserting your document into the slot at an angle
  • The document should not go in all the way - there should be a few inches of paper sticking out of one end for feeding through later
  • Slide your document in until it stops and then pull back slowly while holding onto both ends until you hear a click
  • It's important that you don't touch any part of the heating element or metal parts inside, as they may get hot!

How do you use Fellowes Saturn 3i laminator?

This blog post will show you the various ways to use the Fellowes Saturn 3i laminator. It is a great machine that can be used for many different purposes, so it's important that you know how to best utilize this tool. You'll find tips on what size of paper is best for each different type of application, as well as information about which materials are recommended and not recommended. There are plenty of helpful hints included in this article, so feel free to keep reading!

The Fellowes Saturn 3i laminator is a desktop machine that you can use to make dry erase boards, signs, and much more. It has a 7 inch feeder for one-handed loading and it has an adjustable temperature from 45°F to 155°F. The heat up time is just 10 minutes which means you can get your project done faster. This unit also features a cold setting so if the hot setting isn't appropriate for the material being laminated then it's no problem!

  1. The Saturn 3i is a manual laminator that heats up quickly, so it's perfect for last minute projects
  2. It has an easy to use design with two rollers on top and one on the bottom
  3. To use the Saturn 3i, first remove any paper from the roller on the bottom of the machine
  4. Load your document face-down onto one of the rollers at either end of your document make sure you start by placing it in front of the right side roller if you're using portrait orientation or behind it if you're using landscape orientation
  5. Place another piece of paper over your document and then pull both sheets through together until they're securely sealed
  6. Once everything is set up correctly, turn on your Saturn 3i and wait for it to heat up before starting to laminate!

How do I know when my laminator is ready?

It is important to know when your laminator is ready for use. The best way to do this is by looking at the lights on the unit. When you turn it on, it should be lit up with a green light that will switch to an orange or red one once heated up and ready for use. If there are no lights, then the machine has not been turned on yet and cannot be used.

If you're trying to figure out if it's time to replace your laminator or not, there are two main signs. The first sign is that the machine takes a long time to heat up and it doesn't seem as powerful as before. The second sign of needing a new laminator is when you notice more air bubbles in your laminated product than normal or when you start noticing scratches on the finished product.

  1. Check the temperature gauge to make sure it reads at least 190 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Make sure your laminator is plugged in and turned on
  3. Test a small piece of paper by placing it inside the laminator, making sure that it has enough time to feed through before removing
  4. If your test piece turns out well, you can start loading up your larger pieces of paper!
  5. Some laminate materials need more time than others - always read instructions carefully for best results!

We all have some type of laminator, whether it be at home or in the office. The upkeep on a laminator is minimal but there are still certain things that need to be done to prolong its life and effectiveness. This blog post will cover what you can do to maintain your laminator for many years of use.


The Fellowes laminator is a great tool for businesses to use when they need something with a longer shelf life. It's also good for people who want to protect their documents from the elements or would like to make them look nicer in general. If you know how, it can be used as an effective way of marketing your brand by putting stickers on everything that comes out of it! For more information about what we do and how we can help, contact us today.

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