Best Tablet With Sim Card 2021

Tablets are fine devices that are quickly replacing laptops for a lot of people today. They let you get your work done while you’re traveling or on commute. For times like this, most tablets need a Wi-Fi hotspot to be able to connect to the Internet.

But these tablets which work with a Sim card make use of a cellular network such as 4G LTE or other similar ones that are used in cell phones. They let you stay connected to the Internet at all times and in all areas even if there is no Wi-Fi.

However, to buy the best tablet with sim card you also need to look at other features like the operating system, the internal storage and RAM, and many other factors that help to make it a perfect device from every front.

Top Tablet With Sim Card 2021 by Editors

Top Tablet With Sim Card 2021 by Editors
Top Tablet With Sim Card 2021 by Editors

List Of Top Tablet With Sim Card

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab A

2.Apple iPad

3.Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

4.Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 SM-T865

5.Huawei MediaPad M5

6.Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S5e

7.Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0




Comparison Chart For Top 10 Tablets With Sim Card

IMAGE Name Display Size RAM Storage price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Inches 2019 T295 LTE (32GB) Factory Unlocked Tablet
Galaxy Tab A
8 Inches 2GB 32GB
Apple iPad with WiFi + Cellular, 32GB, Space Gray (2017 Model) (Renewed)
Apple iPad 9.7 2GB 32GB
Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10.1
M5 Lite
10.1 3GB 32GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 SM-T865 LTE Factory Unlocked 10.5
Galaxy Tab S6
10.5 6GB 128 GB
Huawei MediaPad M5 Tablet with 8.4
MediaPad M5
8.4 4GB 64GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e- 10.5
Galaxy Tab S5e
10.5 4GB 64GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
Galaxy Tab A 8.0
8 2G 32GB
Tablet 10 inch Android 8.1 Go, Quad-Core, 3G Unlocked Phablet with Dual SIM Card Slots and Cameras, IPS HD Display, Phone Tablet PC with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 6000mAH Battery, Silver
Victbing 10 1GB 32 GB
Tablet 10.1 Inch Android 9.0 3G Phone Tablets with 2GB RAM+32GB ROM Dual Sim Card 2MP+ 5MP Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Quad Core, HD Touchscreen, Support 3G Phone Call (Black)
YIERA 10 inch Android 8.1 Tablet Unlocked Pad with Dual SIM Card Slot 10.1
YIERA 10.1 4GB 64GB

Best Tablets With Sim Card Reviews

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab A | best cellular tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a tablet that accepts Sim cards and is compatible with every GSM carrier which makes it a very versatile tablet to have on hand.  Termed as a tablet that ‘excels at the basics’, this gets all your everyday work done and comes in a slim and compact size which makes it easy to work with as well as carry.

The tablet has an 8-inch screen which is perfect for minimal work like reading PDFs streaming videos or even working on Microsoft Word.

Furthermore, with the 2GBRAM you know that the tablet is going to be fast and will operate smoothly without any lags. If you want to use this for some light hand gaming you can do that too without facing any sort of slowdown.

Then you have a 32GB storage which provides plenty of space for your files. And if you think you still need more space then feel free to add a microSD card to expand the storage up to 512 GB.

On the bottom, you have the speakers, which are placed here to keep them out of sight for that slim outlook. These perform very well to provide you with high-quality sounds when you do not want to use your headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Inches 2019 T295 LTE (32GB) Factory Unlocked Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Inches 2019 T295 LTE (32GB) Factory Unlocked Tablet

Highlighted Features

  • Is completely compatible with every GSM carrier
  • 8-inch screen makes this optimal for reading and minimal work
  • The 2GB ensure a speedy and fast tablet
  • Storage can be expanded up to 512GB using a microSD
  • Includes an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera

2.Apple iPad | best cheap tablet with sim card slot

This iPad can be used with both Wi-Fi and a Sim card, depending on what you need at the time. So if you happen to get disconnected from the Wi-Fi, switch to the cellular data, and switch back when you don’t need it anymore.

The iPad also happens to be one of the most compatible tablets out there since it supports cellular networks from Verizon, T-Mobile, sprint as well as AT&T.

The screen size is 9.7 inches which is suitable for gaming, reading, catching up on your favorite shows as well as getting work done on Photoshop, MS Excel, or creating presentations.

Since you cannot expand the storage on this, it comes with a high storage of 32GB initially to give you enough space for all your files. And if you find that this storage is not enough, you can use iCloud to back up the data or transfer them to a laptop.

Apple iPad with WiFi + Cellular, 32GB, Space Gray (2017 Model) (Renewed)
Apple iPad with WiFi + Cellular, 32GB, Space Gray (2017 Model) (Renewed)

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T cellular networks
  • 32GB of storage space allows you to keep multiple files
  • The 9.7-inch screen is suited for streaming videos
  • Comes with an 8MP photo sensor resolution

3.Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite | best tablet with wifi and sim

The M5 lite from Huawei is a fine choice for professionals who want a decent display and a good storage space along with a Sim card and their tablets.

With a sleek curved edge and a 10.1-inch screen, this provides a lot of space for you to work on using the M-Pen Lite Stylus. This allows you to take notes or jot down points quickly when you are on a rush, since this feels just like a regular pen on paper thanks to the 2048-layer pressure sensitivity.

Charging only takes 2.9 hours due to the high battery capacity of 7500 mAh. And lasts a full 12 hours of HD video streaming afterward.

The tablet also features a quad-speaker system that delivers sounds resembling concert hall audios, including a higher bass and lower distortion. These features make it suitable for watching movies that come with a lot of sound effects since you get to experience them all.

We also love that this comes with an enhanced eye-comfort mode in case you hand it to your children for use. Since children have more sensitive eyes, this factor specifically gives them more eye comfort by reducing the harmful blue light.

Moreover, it includes smart reminders which let you know if the device has been taken too close to the children’s face which can be a threat to their eyes in the long run.

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10.1
Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10.1

Highlighted Features

  • Quad stereo speakers provide clear and loud audios
  • 1-inch screen is well suited for editing work
  • 1080P resolution gives crisp and clear details on screen
  • Charging takes less than 3 hours to complete
  • 3GB RAM makes this fast for professional work

4.Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 SM-T865 | Sim Card Compatible Tablets

Galaxy Tab S6 from Samsung is a Sim card compatible tablet and is a popular choice for professionals who have to carry these devices to work.

This is a two in one tablet which can be transformed into a desktop if you connect the keyboard with this. They also include the new S Pen which makes taking notes and signing documents much easier.

Plus, the pen is magnetic so it can be kept with the tablet, enabling you to jot down ideas whenever you want.  And the moment you attach this to the tablet the Pen will start to charge automatically, leaving you with a fully charged Pen for next time you want to use it.

Even though this is a compact and slim tablet you get a very high RAM of 6GB that allows you to work with advanced software without having the tablet slowing down. This feature specifically makes this a perfect choice for professionals who need to work with heavy files and sophisticated software.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 SM-T865 LTE Factory Unlocked 10.5
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 SM-T865 LTE Factory Unlocked 10.5

Highlighted Features

  • 5-inch screen is perfect for professional editing
  • 6GB RAM provides high speed to work with advanced software
  • Can be transformed into a laptop with extra keyboard
  • Includes the S Pen for a more immersive work experience
  • Quad speakers can give a loud and clear audio

5.Huawei MediaPad M5 | best tablets with cellular service

If you liked the last media pad from Huawei, and want something similar in a smaller size and yet uses cellular data, this is the one to go for.

It comes with an 8.4-inch screen that gives you a decent space for everyday work as well as entertainment when you need it.

Now, this might be smaller in size, but it still packs a lot of storage space with the 64GB. So you have more than enough space to keep all your files and have them with you all the time.

The device comes with dual stereo speakers that give you a paramount audio experience besides the brilliant videos you already get. If you want to watch action or musical movies, not many will be a better choice than this one.

It also boasts the 4GB RAM that makes sure that the tablet runs at a high speed, no matter what you are using it for

Huawei MediaPad M5 Tablet with 8.4
Huawei MediaPad M5 Tablet with 8.4

Highlighted Features

  • 4-inch screen is optimal for minimal work and pdf reading
  • 4GB RAM makes the device fast and efficient
  • Comes with dual Harman Kardon-Tuned Speakers for loud audios
  • 2K High-resolution display ensure minute details can be seen
  • Takes less than 2 hours to reach full charge

Tablet With Sim Card Slot Buying Guide

Screen size

Screen size is considered a prominent factor when buying a tablet.  The smallest display you can find is a 7-inch screen, where is the largest can range up to almost 18 inches. The size to eventually settle for depends a lot on the kind of work you have to do on your tablet.

For light reading and casual browsing, you can opt for the smaller screens that range between 7 and 9 inches. These are going to be lighter, making them easier to carry to as well.

If you are buying this for entertainment purposes such as streaming videos or watching movies, opt for a medium-sized screen that ranges between 10 to 12 inches in size.

Larger screens that are above 12 inches are mostly used by professionals who have to work with heavy graphics, and photoshop, or other editing software which requires a lot of space to work on. These in turn are also more expensive and hence are chosen by professionals only.     


If you want the best tablet with Sim card slot, it means you’re looking for a tablet that is easy to carry. Although most tablets are made for ease of use, check out features that make carrying simpler.

This includes protective cases or bags or having a slim body that can easily fit into your carrier, all of which make these devices easier to have on the go.

Operating system

While there are a lot of different operating systems in the market, the three you will come across most include the iOS by Apple, Windows by Microsoft and Android by Google.

Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages and are preferred by different people. The easiest way to choose one is to go with what you were already familiar with.

For example, if all your devices are from Apple opt for an iPad. This way you can use the same apps, and connect the devices when you need to transfer data.  The same applies for Android and Windows users as well.


The RAM of your tablet will determine the speed and performance. The higher the RAM, the better your tablet will perform, but it will get costlier at the same time.

Tablet RAMs usually range from 1GB to 4GB. For light work like reading or browsing, 1GB is sufficient. You can opt for a 2GB if you think you will be using the tablet for other entertainment purposes as well.

4GB is best suited for professional work where speed determines the quality and efficiency with your work.

Network Compatibility

You have to ensure that the device you purchase is compatible with your current sim card, or you can get a new one if you like.

In the United States, the four most used carriers include T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. And then you have the MVNOs or the Mobile Virtual Network Operators.

A lot of carriers today have plans which lead you to combine all your devices into one plan that is shared. This also helps to reduce your cost by paying a lower monthly fee with your existing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Is The Best Tablet With SIM Card Slot?

Since you will be using a tablet with a sim card slot for your day-to-day tasks, battery life is the deciding factor. So, the best tablet with a SIM card slot comes with a minimum of 3000 mAh battery. It also supports 4G to ensure no call drop occurs and provide a fast and consistent network connection.

Can We Use SIM In Tablet?

Yes, that is possible. You will be able to use a regular SIM card in a tablet that comes with a SIM card slot and that supports the frequency bands of that particular SIM card provider. Using a SIM card on your tablet, you can enjoy the web and media on a bigger screen than on a smartphone.

Do Samsung Tablets Have SIM Cards?

Numerous Samsung tablets come with SIM card slots that even support a 4G LTE network.

Among the dozens of Samsung tablets with SIM card slots available in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is one of the finest. It is one of the most cost-effective units and offers an uninterrupted connection.

Can A Tablet Work Without A SIM Card?

Yes, a tablet will work just fine without a SIM card.

Tablets are basically of two types – a tablet with a SIM card slot and a WiFi-operated tablet. Then again, a tablet that supports SIM cards is also connectable to Wi-Fi. So a tablet doesn’t necessarily have to work with a SIM card to ensure a seamless user experience.


If you know that you will be using the tablet indoors at all times or at places where you have a Wi-Fi connection, then you probably don’t need a sim card. But for the times when you have to take it outdoors or you accidentally lose your Wi-Fi, having a Sim card can actually come in handy.

This is why you should look for the best tablet with Sim card that lets you have a full internet connection at all times. Not to mention it saves you from hunting down Wi-Fi connections everywhere you go, which can be a little embarrassing at times.

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