Staples Laminator 17466 How to Use

If you've ever wondered how to use a standard laminator, this post is for you. Whether it's for school or work, there are many reasons why people might need to laminate something. This article will provide an overview of the process and what you'll need in order to do so at home.

Staples is one of the most trusted office supply stores in North America. They carry a wide selection of products like printers, paper, and laptop computers. Staples also has an online store with over 500,000 items to choose from at staples. This blog post will focus on how to use their laminating machine 17466!

  1. What is a laminator and why do you need one
  2.  How to use the Staples® laminator 17466
  3. Tips for using your new Staples® laminator 17466
  4. Frequently asked questions about the Staples® laminator 17466
  5.  Troubleshooting tips for your new Staples® laminator 17466
  6. The benefits of owning a Staples® Laminator174 66
  7. What are some alternatives to buying a Laminating machine by staples that are just as good or better than this one.
  8. Why should I buy the staples laminate machine over other brands like DYMO.


How do you use a laminator step by step?

A laminator is a machine that heats up an adhesive and applies it to the paper or plastic you are using. This process makes the material thicker, more durable, and waterproof. This post will go over how to use a laminator step by step.

Before getting started with your project, make sure to clean out any debris left over from previous projects inside the machine. With this done, plug in your device and remove any film covering on top of the rollers before starting up again.

A laminator is a machine that creates a protective layer of plastic for anything you want to preserve. It can be used in schools, libraries, and offices to create a long-lasting document or piece of artwork. From personal experience I know how frustrating it can be when you put your time and energy into something only to have it ruined by water damage or the dog spilling his food on it. In this blog post I'm going to show you step by step how to use a laminator so that any project will last!

What is the snowflake button on laminator?

Laminating materials is a great way to protect your documents from wear and tear. Laminator machines are typically found in office supply stores. The snowflake button on laminators is an easy way to make sure you're using the right machine for the task at hand. Find out more by reading this blog post!

The snowflake button is a feature on some laminators that allows for faster and easier lamination of your document. This type of control panel will allow you to choose the thickness of laminate, meaning you don't need to do it manually by adjusting the temperature knob. The snowflake button on a laminator is the function that will seal your materials for their durability. This makes it perfect for any document you might want to keep safe and sound.

A lot of people don't know what the snowflake button is on a laminator. The snowflake button allows you to laminate one document at a time and it will stop automatically when it reaches the end of your document. It's great if you're only trying to laminate one page or if you need to do something else while waiting for your documents to be done. So, next time you see that little white button with six blue dots on your laminator, give it a press!

If you've ever tried to laminate paper, you know it can be frustrating. The machine jams up and everything gets stuck together. You might even have ripped the laminator apart just trying to get rid of that stubborn piece of paper! Well, now there's a new button on your laminator called the "Snowflake" button which will help prevent these problems. This blog post explains what this button does and how it works so that everyone who uses a laminator can benefit from it.

How do you use a laminator sheet?

Ever used a laminator sheet before? Do you know how to use them? Maybe you are wondering what they are for. They are simple plastic sheets that go in between paper so it can be laminated. This is great for preserving things, but also if you want something to be more durable or waterproof. So the next time your friend asks "Hey where did I put my homework?" You can tell them "I have it here!" And hand over their completed assignment with the help of a laminator sheet.

  1. Laminator sheets are used to protect documents from wear and tear
  2. To use a laminator sheet, place the document face down on the laminating surface of the machine
  3. Place a laminator sheet over your document
  4. Insert coins into the machine or insert credit card information into an automatic feeder slot
  5. Press "Start" for 10-12 seconds to seal in your document's contents with heat and pressure!
  6. Remove your completed project by peeling off both sides of laminate to reveal a clean, shiny finished product.

It's pretty simple. Just cut out your lamination sheets and insert them in the machine. Then, turn it on and let it heat up for a little bit until you can start feeding documents through it.


The Staples laminator 17466 is an excellent product for those wanting to laminate a document. To use this machine, you must first insert your paper into the top slot and close it shut with the handle on the right side of the machine. Next, press down firmly on both handles until they lock in place. Finally, select which heating option you would like by pressing one of three buttons located at the bottom left-hand corner of each button corresponding to "low" (red), "medium" (blue) or "high" (green). Pressing these will cause a light bulb inside the machine next to that particular temperature setting to turn off or become lit up depending on what was chosen.

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