Staples Laminator 17466 How to Use

The staples 17466 laminator has been around for a long time, but can still be confusing to use. This blog post will show you the best way to use it so that you don't have any problems in your office. You'll learn how to load a document onto the platen and then close the top of the machine before turning it on.

Once turned on, just wait for about 3 minutes before opening up again and removing your laminated document! I am going to be speaking about the staples 17466 laminator and how it can be used. I will talk about what a laminator does and how you need to use caution when using one, as well as how much different types of laminate cost.

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  3. Explain how to use a laminator
  4. Provide tips on how to take care of your laminator
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Staples Laminator 17466 How to Use
Staples Laminator 17466 How to Use

How do you use laminating sleeves?

You may be wondering what a laminating sleeve is and how it can help you. Laminating sleeves are designed to protect documents from being damaged by moisture, dirt, or other materials that could ruin them over time. They work by creating a sealant around the document so that anything on the outside of the sealed area cannot get in and cause damage.

These sleeves come in a variety of sizes for different uses such as school projects, resumes, certificates, diplomas or pictures. With this blog post I will discuss some tips on using these handy little things!

  1. Laminating sleeves are perfect for protecting your documents against spills, tears, and other accidents
  2. You can find laminating sleeves at any office supply store
  3. To use a laminating sleeve, place the document you want to protect inside the clear plastic sleeve
  4. Put it in the laminator machine with your protective cover sheet (optional)
  5. The machine will seal both sides of the laminate together around all four edges of the document
  6. Remove from machine when finished and remove protective cover sheet if used

What is the snowflake button on laminator?

The snowflake button on a laminator is the button that activates the hot knife blade. This blade cuts through documents to seal them in place. The snowflake button should be pressed before any other buttons, including power and mode options. It's important not to press it while a document is being loaded or after pressing another button because these actions could cause damage to your machine.

  1. A snowflake button is a type of lamination that creates an image with sparkles
  2. Snowflake buttons are often used to protect documents, photos, or other items from getting wet or dirty
  3. You can create your own snowflakes by using paint and laminating it on top of the document you want protected
  4. The snowflake button will look like a small dot in the corner of your photo or document when it's time to remove the laminate
  5. Snowflake buttons are available at most office supply stores for about $7 per pack
  6. This method is not recommended for use on high-quality photos because the dots may be noticeable after lamination

How does a laminator machine work?

A laminator machine is a device that seals your documents to make them more durable. This process makes it so the document will not get destroyed if it gets wet or spilled on, for example. It also helps protect against identity theft because documents are sealed together and cannot be easily opened without cutting through the seal. There are two types of laminating machines: hot melt and cold glue.

The difference between these two types of laminators is in how they heat up their adhesive sheets, depending on what type you have, but both types use pressure to adhere the sheet to your document while it's being fed through the machine at high speeds.

  1. A laminator machine is a device that uses heat and pressure to create a seal between two sheets of material
  2. The first step is to place the paper or other material you want to laminate into the feeder tray
  3. Then, place your document face down on top of this sheet so it's sandwiched in-between them
  4.  Next, you'll need to determine which type of film you want - glossy or matte - as well as how many pouches are needed for the job at hand
  5. Select one from each category before placing it in the pouch slot, then press start
  6. When finished, remove your newly laminated documents by pulling them out through the exit slot

What should I look for when buying a laminator?

A laminator can be a great tool for any office. When you are looking to buy one, there are many things to consider. First, decide whether you want an electric or manual machine. If you need something portable, then the electric is best because it plugs into the wall and does not require batteries like manual ones do. Next, think about how often you will use your laminator and what material needs to be laminated most of the time. Then compare prices between all of them so that buying one becomes easier!

If you're looking to buy a laminator, then this is the blog post for you! I will be going over what features are important when buying a laminator and answering some frequently asked questions about them.


How can I use a laminator? Staples 17466 is an easy-to-use and affordable machine for home, office or school. This article will help you get started! The first thing to do when using your new laminator is to make sure the paper size dial on top of the machine matches the material you are going to laminate. Next, insert one sheet at a time into the feed tray opening until it clicks inside. Make sure that there's enough space in between each page so they don't overlap (this could cause damage). Once all sheets have been inserted, turn on power switch and allow two seconds for warm up before pressing "start" button located on front left side of unit's control.

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