How To Fix A Cracked Tablet Screen

Are you familiar with the heart-stopping moment when your precious tablet gets dropped or bumped? What's more of a horror story is when that scary impact results in the screen of your tablet cracking…and it's a tragedy no one wants to re-experience ever again!

Even though a cracked tablet screen is enough to break hearts, in most cases, the hazard is almost always salvageable. Whether at home by yourself, or by seeking professional help, it is possible to entirely fix your cracked tablet screen, making it as good as new in no time!

If you're wondering how to fix a cracked Tablet screen, let's find out all there is to do in handling the situation like a boss!

The Initial Response

The Initial Response
The Initial Response

Stay Calm

The first thing to do as soon as your tablet has faced the impact or as soon as you notice the crack is to stay calm and not lose your head. Don't panic or play the blame game as what's done is done and doing so won't fix the tablet or undo the impact.

Inspect And Assess

Next, inspect the degree of damage the impact did on the tablet and whether it's worth fixing up.

For small-scale cracks, you can get them fixed yourself right at home with a few basic tools. But for a more serious case, you might need to go to a professional or go pro yourself!

You also need to consider if the device is really worth repairing. If the damage is too expensive, replacing it with a new tablet might be most ideal instead of the excessive repair costs. The same goes for when it's too backdated a model.

Warranty Validity

If the warranty of your device is still valid, sending it to your manufacturer is the safest and reliable way to fix your cracked device. Otherwise, you can go to certified repair stores or get it fixed by yourself!

Fixing A Cracked Tablet Screen- The DIY Way!

Replacing The Protector

Replacing The Protector
Replacing The Protector

In most cases when the impact is relatively small, the part of the tablet screen that gets cracked is the glass protector, not the original screen itself. If that's the case, you are indeed the luckiest as it is effortless to replace.

In order to replace the protector, you can follow the simple steps described below right in the comfort of your home to get the job done.

  • Purchase a new protector for your specific tablet model
  • Separate the old cracked protector from your tablet by starting to pry it off from the corners or edges
  • Once you get enough room, carefully lift it off by providing pressure evenly or by using a credit card for careful separation without causing more cracks
  • Clean up the tablet screen with a microfiberlint-free clot or alcohol pad
  • Slowly peel off the film off the new protector covering the sticky side
  • Align it carefully over your tablet starting at one end of the device and gradually press it down up to the other end
  • Smoothen out any air bubbles with a credit card with short strokes from the center pushing the
  • bubbles away to the edges
  • Finally, take off the top cling film of the glass protector and enjoy!

Erasing Minor Scratches

In order to handle minor cracks or scratches on your device, you can easily use scratch erasers to make them go away. Even normal pencil erasers would work quite well!

Simply rub the eraser on your scratch firmly but not too strongly sideways for around a minute, and then in an up and down motion for another 60 seconds. Doing so will effectively remove the minor cracks almost instantly!

Car Scratch Creams

These creams are yet another impressive fix to effectively cover up minor cracks on your device screen in no time! Just use them as you would on your car and your tablet will look healthier than ever!

Toothpaste-Not Just A Dental Care!

This is probably the most hyped fix we all have seen all over social media when it comes to fixing cracked screens. Do keep in mind though that this is no permanent solution and doesn't work on too extensive cracks, but merely hide the minor ones.

Let's check out how to fix a cracked tablet screen with toothpaste and the things you'd need.

  • Items required- white toothpaste, towel, cotton swab, lint-free cloth
  • Place your tablet on top of the towel rested on a flat, hard surface
  • Clean the tablet surface for wiping away loose dirt or other particles
  • Take enough toothpaste on the cotton swab and apply on the cracks
  • Drag or rub across the cracks firmly but not too hard-just enough for the toothpaste to seep through
  • Pat around the cracks to get rid of excess toothpaste
  • Repeat until all cracks are taken care of
  • Clean off the excess paste to receive the final result

Fixing A Cracked Tablet Screen- The Game Of Pros!

For when the damage is too extreme, the primary fixes won't cut it as your screen itself is probably damaged significantly to the point that even the touchscreen doesn't work.

In such situations, the solution to go to the root of the problem by tearing the tablet down and making repairs and replacements accordingly.

This is a more sensitive method of fixing your cracked tablet screen and unless you have a successful experience, it is best to hand it over to the professionals.

Some of the basic tools necessary to perform the process include a pry tool, small tweezers for handling thefine interiorwires, a flat-head and a Torx screwdriver, along with a precision kit of screwdrivers.

For those of you who dare to perform this operation on your own, pay careful heed to the steps discussed below.

Commencing The Teardown

  • Take off the tablet's back cover and remove its battery
  • Loosen up and remove exposed cables as necessary. Tug the tape-style wires gently as they are often held in place with adhesives
  • Then move on the unscrewing the Torx screws responsible separate the parts containing the motherboard and the LCD
  • Carefully keep the screws aside in a container and make sure not to lose any
  • Take off the newly exposed wires gently and do keep in mind in some methodical way which wires attach at what point
  • Now take off the chassis that contains the LCD from the front tablet bezel via unscrewing another batch of screws. Store them separately
  • Gently remove all other parts getting in the way such as the tablet camera
  • Without touching the face of the LCD, wear gloves and using a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the adhesive holding the screen to the bezel
  • Gently pull the screen off and you're done with the teardown part. The gloves are for safety as this last step may involve the glass screen breaking more

Replacement And Reassembly

Now that the harder part of the job is done, you can go ahead and replace the screen of your tablet. Ensure that you use the right screen of the right size and type that fits your model.

The final steps of the fixing are as follows:

  • Attach in new double-sided tape to the parts of the bezel that have lost their adhesiveness in the process without overlapping the screen's visual areas
  • Without touching the glass interior reattach all seals and foam paddings
  • Sort out all the wires and mount the new glass screen carefully and press firmly into the bezel
  • Using canned air, eliminate the existence of any dust particles on the glass and LCD
  • Reattach all the parts in the order your removed them, including the screws, camera, frame, chassis, etc., and you're done!
  • For the screen to set perfectly, avoid using the tablet for a few hours for all the adhesives and screen to dry up and set

Do These Fixing Methods Actually Work?

Though some minor fixes are temporary, they certainly make your precious gadget look better. Whatever the magnitude of the damage, for a permanent solution, it is advised to get it fixed up from within.

Also, unless you're a professional, it is recommended to get your device screen repaired or replaced via trusted brands or certified repair shops

Conclusion on How To Fix A Cracked Tablet Screen

Having your tablet screen wrecked via impacts is a nightmare no one wants to re-live, and a cracked screen is nothing but a constant reminder.

But as we just saw, fixing up a cracked tablet screen is no jigsaw puzzle and you can take care of the minor issues even by yourself! Professional help is out there as well for extensive damages. Either way, a cracked screen is definitely not the end of the world!

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