How To Turn Your Phone Into A Projector?

Who doesn’t enjoy watching videos and TV shows on a big screen, right?

A projector offers a broader viewing angle along with a bigger screen to make your and your family’s video-watching experience much better.

That being said, conventional projectors are pretty costly and require a lot of space for setup.

But, don’t worry! You can turn your phone into a projector in a few simple steps. You can project any videos into a screen or wall from your mobile using this projector.

If you are wondering how to turn your phone into a projector, then you are in the right place. Stay with us till the end, and you will get to know the right way to do it.

How To Turn Your Phone Into A Projector?
How To Turn Your Phone Into A Projector?

Steps For Turning A Phone Into A Projector

Turning your phone into a projector doesn’t only mean that you will have to create a projector. You will also have to project it on a screen accurately. 

It is necessary to know the correct method of turning your phone into a projector so that your effort doesn’t go in vain. You will have to conduct the steps with utmost caution to have the most satisfactory home theatre experience with minimum cost.

Eager to know how to turn your phone into a video projector, look no further. Check out the steps you will need to follow while turning your mobile into a projector.

1. Get The Right Pieces Of Equipment

Before making a projector that works with your phone, you will have to get all the suitable materials to have the best possible outcome. Here are all the items that you will definitely need.

. Mobile Phone

If you already don’t have a top-notch smartphone, we suggest you get one because you won’t get a satisfactory result if you turn a regular phone into a projector.

A mobile phones’ display is the first and foremost factor that needs your attention. It is one of the most important factors due to the fact that the videos and images will be projected on a wall directly from the screen of the phone.

Mobile phones have several types of display; among them, a Super AMOLED and an OLED display are the finest. Nonetheless, you should at least go for mobile with an IPS-LCD display.

In addition to that, you should get a mobile with a reasonable battery capacity as you might use the phone projector to watch videos or TV shows. You should have a phone with a minimum of 3000 mAh to watch the videos with utmost convenience.

· Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is made of a lens that can enlarge an image. It comes in various qualities to detect everything from microscopic organisms to fingerprints.

Well, to make a projector using a phone, you won’t need a high-end unit. A regular magnifying glass bought from your local hardware store or online shop will get the job done.

  • Shoebox
  • Black tape
  • Paper clip
  • Anti-cutter or knife
  • Pen or marker

2. Trace A Hole

First of all, remove the handle from magnifying glass. Place it in one end of the box and trace around the outer edge of the magnifying glass using either a pen or a marker.

3. Cut Out Hole In Shoe Box

Now that you have drawn a circle using the diameter of the lens, you will have to cut a hole in one end of the box with the help of an anti-cutter or a knife.

If you make the hole larger than the magnifying glass, the light will come out through it, damaging the mechanism of the projector. So, while cutting out the hole, make sure you do it with utmost caution and precision.

4. Attach The Lens Into The Hole

Now, fit the magnifying glass either onto the inside or outside of the shoebox. Use tape or glue to attach it and ensure that it is held safely and there are no openings from which light can enter or leave the box.

5. Cover The Edges With Black Tape

You will need the highest amount of light reflecting out through the lens to have the finest watching experience. By using black tape on the edges and inside the box, you can prevent light from being absorbed by the interior of the shoebox.

In addition to covering the edges with black tape, you can also cover the surface of the box with black construction paper; it will absorb no light at all.

If you use glue to attach the magnifying glass, you should then cover the edges with black tape. The reason behind this is that some light might escape through the space between the edges of the hole and the lens, and the black tape can prevent any light from escaping the box.

6. Place The Phone On The Other End Of The Box

Finally, keep the phone on the opposite side of the magnifying glass using a mobile phone stand and adjust for focus.

You will have to ensure that the mobile screen is directly placed in the center of the lens. Move the phone back and forth to achieve the best focus point.

After perfectly lining up the mobile and magnifying glass, use a pen to mark the position. This is the place where you will put your phone inside the shoebox. It will give you a hassle-free experience since you won’t have to adjust the focus point each time you use it.

7. Project Image On A Wall

Now that you have made the projector for your phone, you must be wondering how to project an image on the wall from a phone. Well, it is very easy.

The magnifying glasses are made with a convex lens, and as we can recall from physics classes, the object gets flipped when it is focused at a point far away from the focal length of the lens.

As a result, you will have to flip the phone and turn off the auto-rotate function of your phone to project the image right side up.

While projecting the image on a wall, make sure the room is dark and also increase the brightness of the phone to get the best quality.

Final Words

By turning your phone into a projector, you can watch videos and TV shows in the comfort of your home. It can also provide you a home theatre-like feel without having to spend a fortune on them.

We hope after reading our article, you have understood how to turn your phone into a projector. It is not as complicated as it seemed at first, right? You can master the right method in a really short period of time.

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