Best IPhone Photo Printer 2021

When it comes to phone photography, the excellence of iPhone is unsurpassed. Only a few Android models can compete with the sophistication of iPhone's image quality.

But are you one of those people who do not like the photos to be mere prisoners of their phone gallery? Would you like the printed versions more? If so, you should treat yourself to a specialized iPhone printer.

But how do you find the best iPhone photo printer? Well, a lot of companies may claim their models to be the one. But you know the reality. Most of the times, such proclamations are not true.

Therefore, in this article, we have listed down some of the top instant printers. We also have a dedicated buying guide to enlighten you about the crucial factors you need to keep in mind before making your purchase.

List Of Top IPhone Photo Printer

 List Of Top IPhone Photo Printer
List Of Top IPhone Photo Printer

1. Zink Kodak Dock

2. Zink Polaroid ZIP

3. Canon IVY

4. Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2

5. Canon SELPHY CP1300

6. HP Sprocket (2nd Edition)

7. KiiPix Portable Photo Printer

8. Zink Polaroid Mint- White

9. Zink KODAK Smile

10. HP Sprocket (2nd Edition)

Comparison Chart For Top 10 IPhone Printers

Zink Kodak Dock 1 ppm 4″ X 6″ 3.2 pounds
Zink Polaroid ZIP 1 ppm 2" x 3ʺ 25 photos
Canon IVY 50 sec/photo 314 x 400 dpi 2" x 3"
Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 10 sec/photo 320 dpi 2.4" x 1.8"
Canon SELPHY CP1300 1 ppm 256 level per color 4" x 6"
HP Sprocket (2nd Edition) 0.38 lb 314 x 400 dpi 2" x 3ʺ
KiiPix Portable Photo Printer 13 ounces 1 ppm 4" x 2. 1"
Zink Polaroid Mint- White 1 ppm 50 pictures 2" x 3ʺ
Zink KODAK Smile 1 ppm 40 pictures 2" x 3ʺ
HP Sprocket (2nd Edition) 15.2 ounces 314 x 400 dpi 2" x 3ʺ

Best IPhone Photo Printer Reviews

1. Zink Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6" Instant Photo Printer

Our first entry in this section is Zink Kodak Dock. Unlike most other portable printers, it has photo cartridges. That is why weighing 3.2 pounds, it is comparatively bulkier. Yet, it would be unfair to categorize it as heavy.

Kodack Dock employs 'one-touch technology'. Therefore, almost anyone can print effortlessly with it. Besides, thanks to the 'Easy print technology', now you can print without an SD card or computer.

This printer has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB options like any other typical printer. But to print directly from your iPhone, you need to establish a connection through a USB adapter. As a thoughtful gesture, the iOS adapter is included in the package.

Besides, it features AirPrint. So, if you like to print wirelessly, go ahead. Also, you must keep in mind that you can only print JPEG files with this printer.

The device uses thermal transfer technology to generate maximum 4" x 6" photos. Consequently, you will be getting ravishing outcomes. Additionally, they are secured with laminated layers to avoid bleeding or smudging.

This printer will not make you wait forever. It takes less than a minute to print out your photo. They come out being instantly dry. So, you will not have to hold back your excitement to indulge in them.

Now let's divulge its most unique feature. This gem of a machine can charge two smart gadgets simultaneously. So, if you take it to a remote place, it can act as an elixir for your smartphones.

If you like to play around with your photos, you will love its companion app. Navigate through its world of card templates, filters, collage maker, stickers and explore your quirky side.

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Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an iOS adapter.
  • Lets you print 4" x 6" photos.
  • Prints gorgeously intricate photos.
  • Prints your photos within a minute.
  • Capable of docking two smart devices at the same time.

2. Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer- Best IPhone 5 Photo Printer

Looking for an economical printer to pair up with your iPhone? Get yourself Polaroid ZIP Mini Printer. This tiny printer can be carried anywhere to keep you in a good company.

You can connect this machine to your iPhone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It also has NFC facility. Besides, it is NFC enabled. If you are a social media devotee, you will be delighted to know that it allows you to print directly from those websites.

This printer also comes with an adjunct app that lets you customize your photos. So, if you want to make your pictures flawless, just edit them with this app.

Moreover, you can assemble different photos and make collages out of them. To give an eccentric touch to your photos, add some stickers or jocular filters. If you want to go back to your school days, just doodle on your photos.

As for picture quality, your pictures are going to be lifelike and meticulous. It prints maximum 2" x 3ʺ photos that are 'lifeproof'. So, they are resistant to external damages.

Additionally, the pictures have adhesive backs. So, now you do not have to hunt down glues or scotch tapes to stick them wherever you want.

This printer is user as well as ecofriendly for it eliminates the usage of ink or toner cartridges. It capitalizes on ZERO INK technology and so the ZINK papers are all you need to print a vividly impeccable photo.

You can have your photo ready within 1 minute of your instruction. You need to give it 1.5 hours to be fully charged. With a single recharge, it can generate 25 pictures.

On buying this printer, you will get a rechargeable battery, 10 sheets of premium ZINK photo paper, a micro USB cable, manual, quick start guide in the box.

Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer (White) Compatible w/ iOS & Android, NFC & Bluetooth Devices
Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer (White) Compatible w/ iOS & Android, NFC & Bluetooth Devices

Highlighted Features

  • Has diverse connectivity options.
  • Prints 2" x 3ʺ photos with sticky backs.
  • The photos are going to last forever.
  • Can print 25 photos when fully recharged.
  • Comes with a simple but fun app.

3. Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer

Before we start reviewing Canon IVY Mini Printer, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty it is. This compact rose gold printer is easy to handle.

However, it does not have any independent control panel. You always need to keep it connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth. The Canon mini print app is also essential to run this machine.

This printer is apt for those who like to print on the go. It weighs only 5.6 ounces with 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches dimensions. So, let it slip through your purse or pocket.

You can print 2" x 3" photos with this machine. They have peel-off backs. So, you can instantly stick them wherever you please.

Now let's talk about print quality. It offers a print resolution of 314 x 400 dpi. Hence, obviously, your photos are not going to lack precision or vivacity. Moreover, you can get enduring photos that are tear-proof, smear-proof and water-resistant.

The printer takes only 50 seconds to print a photo. It can print 20 pictures before being exhausted. To fully charge this machine, you need to give it 90 minutes.

Moving on, we must elaborate on the Canon Print app. It lets you add funky frames, stickers, emojis, text and the drawing tool in your pictures. It also has a set of filters that can alter the tone of your photos.

The app can also provide you with tile prints and collages. Other than that, you will love its AR live filters.

Furthermore, it can access your social media handles and print directly from them. You can retouch the pictures before printing to make them more beautiful.

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer for Smartphones (Rose Gold) - Sticky-back prints, Pocket-size
Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer for Smartphones (Rose Gold) - Sticky-back prints, Pocket-size

Highlighted Features

  • The compact size makes it easy to carry around.
  • Prints vivid photos with 314 x 400 dpi.
  • Can print 20 pictures when fully charged.
  • Comes with sticky backs.
  • Does not have an independent control panel.

4. Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer (Gold)

If you are looking for a printer with unwavering speed and decent resolution, Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 could be a good option for you. It is a wonder how you can get such a wonderful machine at such an inexpensive rate!

You can connect it to your iPhone via Wi-Fi or USB type-B. But regardless of anything, you must download the INSTAX SHARE app. It can navigate through your gallery or social media accounts and print the picture of your choice.

With this printer, you can print maximum 2.4" x 1.8" photos. Their resolution will be 320 dpi. So, you can flaunt intricate and lustrous pictures before the world.

This machine has a laudable speed. It prints a picture in merely 10 seconds! It has a reprint button; in case you need several copies of the same picture. Hence, you can save more time here.

It does not make much noise while printing. So, you can print in tranquility.

If you want to personalize your photos to exude an eccentric vibe, you can rely on its app. It has 'seasonal templates' to match with the mood of every special occasion- be it an international day or your birthday.

Additionally, the "Fujifilm Intelligence Filter" can upgrade the pictures which are in low quality. Besides, its "Real-Time Template" can overlay the date, weather, place, temperature, and even humidity on the photos.

It also features SNS Template. It will show the number of likes along with the specific social media layout when you print using this template.

Ever want to split a photo into two? Well, that is trending in social media currently. This app comes with such a split template. You can also make a collage out of maximum 4 pictures.

This printer takes 90 minutes to be fully charged. After that, it can print about 100 pictures before being drained. It has an LED indicator to keep you updated about the film and battery level.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Mobile Printer (Gold)
Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Mobile Printer (Gold)

Highlighted Features

  • Prints evocative pictures with 320 dpi.
  • Takes 10 seconds to print a picture.
  • Has a remarkable companion app.
  • Can print 100 photos with a single recharge.
  • Produces maximum 2.4" x 1.8" photos.

5. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Finally, say hi to Canon SELPHY CP1300. With this sleek black mini printer, you can print comfortably from your iPhone- be it wired or wirelessly.

This machine has Wi-Fi facility. Besides, it supports AirPrint. Hence, you will not have to fret over a complex setup process. All you need is the Canon Print app and you are good to go. It also lets you print from social media directly.

Other OSs are also compatible with this machine. So, you can switch devices according to your convenience. Moreover, on the days you are out of network, you can make use of its SD card slot and USB port.

You can flexibly maneuver its 3.2 inches LCD screen which is tiltable. Moreover, if you want to edit your pictures, bring them on.

But if you are in the mood of some amusement, switch to the 'Party Shuffle Print' mode. Just take some photos of you living in the moment and SELPHY CP1300 will print them in a 'photo booth' style.

You can also avail this feature by connecting your printer to multiple phones. Now just choose some pictures and they will come out in a collage form within no time.

This machine does not differentiate between bordered or borderless pictures. It can produce them all up to 4" x 6". Due to the 256 level per color, your photos will be nicely pigmented and nuance-free.

This miniature of a machine also offers an output tray so that your printouts can remain safe. It can accommodate up to eighteen 4" x 6" sheets.

This printer rewards you with long-standing photos. Tear or water cannot damage or make their vibrancy fade away. Unless you place them in an extremely shabby place, they can make it up to a hundred years.

Your picture will not take more than a minute to be printed with this fast machine. Moreover, they come out with a dry surface. So, do not fear to smudge anything.

As a brownie point, they do not catch those streaky patches of fingertips. So, yes, the surface will remain good as new for a long time.

This machine comes with a battery pack. So, if you are taking it to a secluded place where there is a bare minimum power supply, you know what to count on.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer with AirPrint and Mopria Device Printing, Black (2234C001)
Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer with AirPrint and Mopria Device Printing, Black (2234C001)

Highlighted Features

  • Allows versatile connectivity options.
  • The photos have 256 levels per color.
  • You can print a picture in one minute.
  • The photos will not get streaky.
  • Has an 18 sheets output tray.

IPhone Photo Printer Buying Guide


Sometimes people make the mistake of buying a machine that may not cooperate with iOS. Thus, they just waste their money in vain.

You do not want to be one of those people. So, before you get swayed with the remarkability of a printer, find out if it supports iOS or not. Besides, some printers allow AirPrint or iOS activities if you install a specific software endorsed by them.

Other than that, would you like to use the same printer with other gadgets that have different OS? Then make sure the printer supports such versatility.

Of course, you want a printer that can replicate the essence of your pictures with utmost vivacity. But if you end up buying a machine that delivers dull photos, it would be such a disappointment.

So, always check out its resolution. Resolution is expressed with 'dpi' or 'dots per inch'. It is a numerical indicator of how meticulously a printer can replicate your photos.

The best photo printer for iPhone would never have low resolution. So, never settle for anything less. Low resolution cannot be compensated with any other fancy feature.

Companion App

Most instant printers have a companion app. They aid you in running the machine smoothly. Moreover, they have a plethora of queer filters, frames, stickers etc. which helps you in giving a funky vibe to your photos. Hence, make sure the app is worthy and easy to run.

Battery Life

Portable instant printers are mostly meant to use outdoors. That is why you should go for a printer with a decent battery life. So, find out how long it takes to be charged, how many pictures it can print before being exhausted. Also, check out if the printer comes with an additional battery pack. Trust me, it can save you from a lot of hassle.

Final Words

In this era of technological advancement, we have so many choices. But not all of the options are good enough.

To find out the best iPhone photo printer, you need to make overwhelming surfing through the net. In the end, if you still make the wrong choice, that would be regrettable.

Ergo, scrutinize the speed, resolution, battery life of the printers you come across. Also, check out the maximum media size it is compatible with. If you are satisfied with these categories, perhaps you have found the ultimate instant printer.

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