Best Tablet For Reading Newspapers 2023

Whether as a hobby or for professional purposes, reading the news, books, etc. is definitely a food for the mind. It also provides an insight into what are the latest trends and what's going on in the current world.

And in an era of technological revolutions, reading is no longer limited to paper-copies of books, newspapers, or watching the news. And hence, reading tablets could easily be the ideal digital alternative that can accompany you anywhere and everywhere. Hence, you'll never miss out on what's new.

But it's a wrong idea to assume that any traditional tablet would suffice as a reading gadget. This is because using those devices with harsh glare for long hours of reading will put too much strain on your eyes. And the last thing you would want is a discomforting experience when the whole point of reading is to relax.

Hence, for you active readers out there, today we are about to aid you in purchasing the best tablet for reading newspapers to meet all your needs.

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Tablets For Reading Newspaper

IMAGE PRODUCT Display size
Resolution Battery Life
2020 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Sky Blue (4th Generation)
Apple iPad Air
4/64 GB (4th gen)
10.9 2360×1640 10
VANKYO MatrixPad S30
3/32 GB (2019)
10.1 1920 x 1200 12
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, 10.1
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab
4/64 GB (2020)
10.1 1920×1200 14
New Microsoft Surface Go 2 - 10.5
Microsoft Surface Go 2
4/64 GB (2020)
10.5 1920 x 1280 8
VANKYO MatrixPad S21
2/32 GB (2020)
10.1 1280 x 800 10
Kindle Paperwhite - Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage - Ad-Supported
Kindle Paperwhite 6 167 ppi -
Fire HD 8 tablet, 8
Amazon Fire HD 8
2/64 GB (2020)
8 1280 x 800 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4
Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite
4/128 GB (2020)
10.4 2000 x 1200 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 Wi-Fi 64GB Gray (SM-T500NZAEXAR)
Samsung Galaxy A7
3/64 GB (2020)
10.4 2000 x 1200 13
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus, 10.3
Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus Gen 2
4/64 GB (2020)
10.3 1920 x 1200 12
Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet
2/64 GB (2019)
10.1 1920×1200 10

Best Tablet For Reading Newspaper Reviews

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab A | Best Tablet For Reading Magazines

This model with a 10.1-inch display comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200P to provide you the ultimate reading experience. Its corner-to-corner screen with minimum bezels will provide you maximized room for visuals for comfortable viewing.

It comes with an incredible battery capacity that can last up to 13 hours to provide you non-stop performance. Hence, you'd never miss out on the latest news the entire day. With its sleek and slim design and lightweight mass of only 1.03 pounds, the Galaxy Tab A can be ready to go wherever you go effortlessly.

It comes with Dolby Atmos Surround audio to provide you with an immersive multimedia experience. So, whether for watching live news telecast or for entertainment, you'll receive a premium performance every time. It is also equipped with 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras.

The device is run by Octa-Core 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz processors and possesses an Android 9 Pie OS. With a 2GB RAM, it is more than capable of ensuring you a seamless andlag-free news-reading even while multitasking.

A 64GB storage will provide ample room for everything you want to store, and you can always expand it up to a massive 512GB via an SD card if desired.

SAMSUNG SM-T510NZDFXAR Galaxy Tab A 10.1 64 GB Wi-Fi Tablet, Silver, 2019
SAMSUNG SM-T510NZDFXAR Galaxy Tab A 10.1 64 GB Wi-Fi Tablet, Silver, 2019

Highlighted Features

  • Narrow bezels and corner-to-corner screen for wide-screen visuals in FHD
  • Sleek and lightweight for portability
  • Dolby Atmos Surround audio
  • Superb battery life of up to 13 hours

2.Apple iPad Air (Latest Model) | best tablet for magazine subscriptions

This model from Apple comes with a superb Retina Display of 10.5 inches with an anti-reflective sheet coating. It possesses a phenomenal resolution of up to 2224 x 1668P and a True Tone technology to ensure you the most perfect reading visuals.

For those of you unaware of what the True Tone technology does- it can basically detect the amount of lighting in your environment wherever you are. This facilitates it to automatically adjust and control the screen's brightness intensity.

Hence, it doesn't matter where you are; outdoors or indoors, dark or bright environments. It will provide you optimized brightness for comfortable and natural news reading. This intelligent piece of gadget will also keep regularly upgrading your experience thanks to its synchronized Machine-Learning.

The device has a battery life of up to 10 hours to serve your purposes day long relentlessly. Hence, whether on the move, at home or work, you can stay updated on the current happenings whenever you need.

And with access to endless applications from the App Store, you can personalize this gadget to your heart's content. It also possesses an amazing 64GB storage to back up all the things you love and need.

Apple iPad Air (10.5-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray (3rd Generation)
Apple iPad Air (10.5-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray (3rd Generation)

Highlighted Features

  • High resolution and anti-reflective Retina Display for incredible visuals
  • True Tone technology automatically adjusts brightness intensities
  • Regular upgrade for enhanced experience thanks to Machine Learning
  • Equally I deal for indoors and outdoors

3.Microsoft Surface Pro 6 | best device to read newspaper online

Featuring the PixelSense display of 12.3 inches, this device is designed to ensure comfort and protection for your eyes. Hence, your eyes will not feel strain even upon usage for long hours. Along with its spectacular 2736 x 1824P resolution, you can thus perform hours of news-reading harmlessly and comfortably.

The Surface Pro 6 possesses a Windows 10 Home OS and is run by the mighty latest 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8350U processor. You can thus enjoy a powerful performance with a comfortable and familiar operation.

This versatile gadget can be used not only like a tablet but also in a laptop or studio mode. For further convenience, you can always add more accessories with it such as a Surface Arc Mouse, Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, Surface Pen, or Surface Dial. It even possesses a built-in smart assistant- the Cortana.

Whether it's for reading newspapers, entertainment, or for office tasks, this beast can do it all with its insane 8GB RAM for a desktop-grade performance. Its 128GB internal storage can safely make room for everything you love and need while having room for more.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)

Highlighted Features

  • Large, high-resolution display
  • Built-in Cortana smart assistant
  • Can be used in multiple modes- tablet, studio and laptop
  • Desktop-grade performance with ultra-high 8GB RAM

4. Apple iPad (Latest Model) | best ipad for reading newspapers

Another creation from one of the fan-favorite brands most people love. This 32GB Apple iPad comes with a spectacular 2160 x 1620P resolution on a Retina Display of 10.2 inches. The powerful iPad OS 13 will allow you to multitask seamlessly while you get updated on the latest news.

It's an amazingly versatile device that can be used by anyone with ease with its capacity to meet hearing, vision, learning, and mobility requirements. You can use it via voice-control to search your desired news content. Its Magnifier will facilitate easier and more comfortable reading of small-text news content.

The iPad possesses an impressive battery capacity to last up to 10 hours to support you day long. It comprises an HD 1.2MP front and an 8MP rear camera too. You can also feel free to accessorize it with the highly precise Apple Pencil for whether you need or want to make notes, write, or draw.

The device is also marvelously sleek and lightweight weighing only 1.1 pounds for enhanced portability. So wherever you go, it can accompany you effortlessly without being a burden. This device will also allow you to multitask like a pro with its extraordinary features such as the split-screen facility.

Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Silver (Previous Model)
Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Silver (Previous Model)

Highlighted Features

  • Split-screen feature for multitasking
  • Magnifier for easier and more comfortable reading of small-text content
  • Effortlessly portable anywhere with a sleek and lightweight design
  • Impeccable visuals due to super high resolution

5. Fire HD 10 | best ereader for newspapers

This incredible creation by Amazon comes with an FHD resolution 1920 x 1200P for providing the most stunning visuals as you go through the news or magazines. Its display size measures of 10.1 inches which will allow you to comfortably read and navigate through.

With its amazing 12 hours of battery longevity, you will be able to read away day long relentlessly without being let down by a dead battery. This model possesses a Fire OS and is run by stunning Octa-Core processors of up to 2 GHz. The device also comes with 2MP rear & front cameras.

The integrated Amazon Alexa will ensure you a hands-free usage for when you're hands are too busy or tired to scroll through and look for content to read. You can thus command Alexa via voice-control to search for the latest or the hottest news. Alexa can even read them out while you get done with your chores.

The device possesses a Dual-band Wi-Fi to ensure non-stop connectivity for enabling you to access break-free news whenever you need. It comes with an internal of 32GB which is more than sufficient for your news reading purpose; along with a 2GB RAM as well.

Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1
Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1

Highlighted Features

  • Fast-charging facility via Type-C USB port
  • Amazon Alexa for the luxury of a hands-free usage
  • 2MP rear & front cameras
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi for reliable connectivity

6. Kindle Paperwhite- Best Tablet For Reading Newspapers Online

The Kindle Paperwhite is a great choice for those who like to read newspapers on their tablet. The ad-supported version provides twice the storage of the basic model for half the price. This cost-effective option is definitely worth it for those who do not have a problem with advertisements on their tablet.

Another great benefit of the Kindle Paperwhite is that you can quickly download a newspaper to your tablet via the Amazon News App. Simply click on "Push to Kindle" and select your preferred publication. It will appear instantly on your screen and now you can read it whenever you want, wherever you want.

If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for a train, you can even download several newspapers at once to have something to read when you have down time.

Another key feature of the Kindle Paperwhite is that it has a battery life that will last up to six weeks, which saves readers from having to frequently charge their device when they are reading newspapers.

Kindle Paperwhite also has a 300 ppi glare-free display that enhances the overall experience of reading newspapers on your tablet. Although Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet are slightly better in terms of resolution, in terms of newspaper reading, you will not notice much difference between them and the Kindle Paperwhite thanks to its adjustable front light settings.

With the Kindle Paperwhite's new waterproofing technology, you can easily wipe it off with a dry cloth after coffee spills.

Kindle Paperwhite - Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage - Ad-Supported
Kindle Paperwhite - Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage - Ad-Supported

Highlighted Features

  • Water resistant.
  • Adjustable front light.
  • 6 weeks battery life.
  • 300 ppi glare-free display.

Tablet For Reading Newspaper Buying Guide


For the ultimate reading experience, you would want a screen that you are comfortable with for hours on end. You may opt for any size you prefer. But larger displays would make it easier to read without a doubt as the texts would appear more magnified. You also won't have to scroll or zoom as much.

But if you're someone who's mostly on the move and needs to remain updated on current affairs at all times, you may require a more compact display. This is because it will enhance its portability to accompany you full-time.

The larger the display you choose, keep in mind that the higher the resolution you would need. This is mainly because as or else, low resolutions on large screens will end up in pixilated or grainy visuals. And reading for hours on such a distorted screen is something one wouldn't wish even for their worst enemies!

Hence, for the most comfortable reading with visuals soothing to your eyes, opt for the high-resolution models within your budget for the finest output.


Opt for a lightweight model if you're going be heavy-reader or are frequently mobile. This is because it will greatly affect its portability during travel. And since reading is an activity that lasts for prolonged durations, you wouldn't want your hands cramping up from a heavy-weight device.

Special Specs

Also, consider what special features your desired model comes with to enhance your reading experience. And the best newspaper reading tablet should come with as many as possible.

The first genre of special specs you should consider is the display features. There are models with IPS displays, Eye-Comfort modes, Blue-light filters, etc. These will aid in reducing harmful glares and blue-light to protect your eyes from harm. Hence, you can read away for hours without damaging or stressing your eyes.

There are also models that can automatically adjust brightness intensities depending on the lighting of your environment. It will thus be comforting your eyes and will eliminate the hassle of manually adjusting brightness levels. Such a feature will also provide an optimum reading experience both indoors & outdoors.

Voice-control facilities will allow you to search and listen to news content while you are busy doing official work or home chores. Hence, you'll be able to stay updated without falling behind on your tasks and chores.

Some screens come with anti-reflective coatings as well for perfect visuals. You can also opt for models that can be folded to be used in any mode and angles such as laptop, studio, or tent mode.


The size of the tablet is one of the most important considerations when thinking about the best tablet for reading newspapers.

The larger the display, and in particular a widescreen format, typically makes for a great reading experience. For reading newspapers, you don't need a huge display, but it certainly helps if it is at least 7 inches in size.


A tablet with a good screen resolution that is easy to read from different angles and bright enough to provide good contrast levels makes for an ideal reading experience. 1920×1080 pixels is the minimum resolution, but 1920×1200 is even better.

Screen Brightness Adjustments

The ability to make adjustments to screen brightness is very useful. There will be times when the display might need a little boost depending on where you are located in the house for example.

This can also be handy from a battery conservation perspective as well if you have been away from a power source for a while and need to conserve your battery level.

Eye Protection

Good tablets use AR technology to protect your eyes while you read. Eye strain is a common problem for people who read on tablets for long periods of time. Some wear glasses, but these can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Alternatively, some use computer software to make the text appear larger on the page, but this can cause eye strain as well.

AR technology allows your eyes to focus on a single point while still enjoying a full page of newspaper imagery. This keeps you comfortable and protects your eyes from fatigue with no discomfort or inconvenience.

Battery life

When you read newspapers on a tablet, you are likely to spend several hours at a time in front of the screen.

This can use up a lot of battery power, especially if the tablet uses old fashioned LCD screen technology. AR technology is much more efficient, using much less energy to keep the system running and images refreshed.

Availability Of Content

Newspapers are moving towards digital publishing models, but many still produce and distribute print copies.

You may find it difficult to read these on your tablet because their format is different from what you normally see online. Many publishers request that you sign up for a digital subscription before allowing access to online content.

However, this is not the case with AR technology. When you subscribe to the newspaper, all of the content is automatically transferred to your tablet, and you can begin reading immediately.

FAQs for Reading Newspaper Tablet Users

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can You Read Newspapers On A Kindle?

Yes, it is possible to read newspapers on your Kindle. You'll find four categories to choose from on the home screen of the Kindle Store. Along with Books, Blogs, and Magazines, you are to find a category for Newspapers too.

Just subscribe to your preferred newspaper and get reading in no time! Automatic download of the publication on your Kindle device will provide you instant access.

2. What Is The Best Tablet For Reading Magazines?

You first need to decide whether you want a device just for reading, or one that does it all. Once that is decided, you can go ahead accordingly.

The best tablet for reading magazines should be lightweight for comfortable reading for hours. The display should be large enough with HD or Full HD resolution for clarity.

Since reading is a long duration of eye-activity, try choosing models with anti-glare screens and adjustable brightness for maximum convenience. reading tablets should also possess at least 8GB of storage memory or more for a smooth and seamless performance.

Since you'd might want to read anywhere at any time throughout the day, opt for models with day-long battery capacities upon a single full charge. Consider all these factors and make a pick from the most fitting options within your budget.

3. Which Is Better For Reading Kindle Or Tablet?

For strictly reading purposes, Kindle is the better option unless you want a versatile device that does more than one job.

This is because Kindle is lighter, and has an anti-glare screen, thus making it a comfortable and safe gadget to read away for hours. They are also far more affordable than tablets and possess super-long battery capacities for day-long reading sprees.

4. Can I Read The New Yorker On My Kindle?

You can easily access the editions of The New Yorker on your Kindle device. Virtual issues can be downloaded and read upon subscription via Kindle Newsstand.

5. Can I Read The Economist On Kindle?

Upon subscription, you will get access only to the newspaper. But subscription on Kindle does not grant access to the website, apps, and Espresso. But you do get access to the news.

6. Which Tablet Is Easiest On The Eyes?

If you're looking for a new tablet to read newspapers, then the answer is simple: buy a kindle.

A tablet's display size is a huge factor in how easy it is to read articles. Tablets with bigger screens are better for reading than ones with smaller screens. And while tablets like the iPad Air and Nexus 9 might be slightly easier on the eyes, they're more expensive models that don't have digital newspapers built-in.

That's why we recommend Kindle for newspaper readers - it has the best of both worlds: a big screen you can read from anywhere in your house, as well as access to an extensive catalog of newspapers and magazines through Kindle Owners' Lending Library. The low-resolution screen on Kindle isn't good for much besides reading eBooks.

7. Can You Use A Tablet As An E-Reader?

Yes, but it's not ideal. Most tablets have resolutions of 1024 by 768 pixels. We've all gotten used to reading books at a high resolution, like 1,024 by 768 pixels. That's the exact size of the display on most of the new Kindles as well as on iPads with Retina displays.

But the smaller screen resolution of most tablets means that you can only enlarge images to a certain point before they get pixelated (no pun intended).

Plus, since tabloid-sized newspapers aren't available in their purest digital form, tablet readers can't zoom in on articles or photos very much without losing detail and clarity in text or images.

8. Can I Turn My Tablet Into A Kindle?

That's up to you. Although Amazon has released a big update on the Kindle App for android platform, you might not like the results. We recommend a Kindle Paperwhite. It has more resolution than an iPad mini, making it easier on the eyes when you're reading from a distance.

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Conclusion on Best Reading Newspaper Tablets

When it comes to choosing the best tablet for reading newspapers, the possibilities are endless. It can also sometimes seem overwhelming.

But after reading through our guide and reviews of some of the finest models, along with a clear idea of your requirements, you'd be able to lock in on your perfect model effortlessly.

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