Cheap ID Card Printer

Professional ID cards are arguably the most reliable way to improve your organization's security and integrity. They are also a perfect authorization tool. To minimize the expenses of outsourcing PVC ID cards, you will need to invest in a cheap ID card printer.

If you liked playing with Lego during your childhood, then you will appreciate the thrilling effect of building empires from scratch. With a good ID card printer, you can enjoy the convenience of printing unique identification cards for anyone visiting or working in your startup.

Today, we take a look at some of the best plastic identification card printers. Keep it here for the most valuable information this year.

Editor's Recommendation: Top Cheap ID Card Printer

Cheap ID Card Printer
Cheap ID Card Printer

List Of Top Cheap ID Card Printer

1. Fargo HDP5600

2. Evolis Badgy100

3. Datacard Group SD260

4. Bodno IDP Smart 31

5. Fargo DTC1250e

6. Fargo DTC1250e

7 . Evolis Badgy200

8 . Datacard Group SD160

9 . Magicard Pronto

Comparison Table For Top 9 Cheap ID Card Printers

Fargo HDP5600 600 dpi 30 mils 150 cards/hr.
Evolis Badgy100 300 dpi 30 mils 45 secs/card
Datacard Group SD260 300 dpi 37 mils 18 secs/card
Bodno IDP Smart 31 300 dpi 30 mils 23 secs/card
Fargo DTC1250e 300 dpi 40 mils 16 secs/card
Fargo DTC1250e 300 dpi 30 mils 24 secs/card
Evolis Badgy200 300 dpi 30 mils 38 sec/card
Datacard Group SD160 300 dpi 37 mils 150 cards/hr
Magicard Pronto 300 dpi 30 mils 35 secs/card

Top 5 Best Cheap ID Printers Reviews

1. Fargo HDP5600 Dual Sided 600 DPI ID Card Printer- Cheap ID Printer Machine

Are you looking for an ID card printer that is ideal for both small and large volume ID card printing applications? Does your enterprise require ID printing with an array of complex features? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then the Fargo HDP5600 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer is the right tool for you.

It is comparatively cheaper than most models. Yet, the 600 dpi printer machine is arguably the most dynamic and versatile tool you will find in the market today.

It is a dependable workhorse designed to handle a dynamic range of applications. Besides printing high-quality ID cards, the device competitively handles professional-grade gift cards, membership cards, credit cards, security cards, and access cards.

The Fargo HDP5600 guarantees application diversity, longevity, reliability, and unbeatable photo image quality. It is a tool that every entrepreneur desires to own.

Fargo HDP5600 Dual Sided 600 DPI ID Card Printer & Supplies Bundle with Card Imaging Software 93640
Fargo HDP5600 Dual Sided 600 DPI ID Card Printer & Supplies Bundle with Card Imaging Software 93640

2. Evolis Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer- Cheap PVC ID Card Printer

The Evolis Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer surprises both beginners and seasoned users alike with awesome thoughtfulness and unbeatable creativity.

You see, one of the most vital elements of an identification card is the presence of an authentic photo of the bearer. The photo not only proves the identity of the bearer but also gives the card the desired uniqueness and the first line of security.

The Evolis Badgy100 doesn't fall short when it comes to the inclusion of the ID bearer's photo, thanks to the C270 Logitech HD webcam. More essentially, the camera is pretty easy to set up and use.

The all in one color printer accepts 30 mils cards which means that you can print on standard PVC. It also comes with software that gives you access to a range of free ID templates for easy design and limitless creativity.

Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer
Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer

3. Datacard Group SD260 Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer Printer

Datacard Group is a famous company renowned for the manufacturing of high-quality ID printing machines. They do so with a lot of simplicity and in an economical way. That's what the aim to achieve with the Datacard Group SD260 Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer and they achieve it with unbeatable efficiency.

The Datacard SD260 is a high-speed printer with the ability to print a monochrome card in barely 4.4 seconds. It does remarkably well with color prints with a convenient speed of just 18 seconds per card. The feature means that you end up saving time and increase production.

The device is perfectly easy to use with dynamic compatibility to both standard and thin plastic cards. Featuring an anti-jam technology, the device picks cards independently without any adjustments.

Moreover, the device features an incredible range of connections consisting of both USB and Ethernet. This enables compatibility with many media devices.

Datacard Group SD260 Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer Printer - Color - Desktop - Card Print 535500-002
Datacard Group SD260 Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer Printer - Color - Desktop - Card Print 535500-002

4. IDP Smart 31 ID Card Printer- Cheap ID Printer

The IDP Smart 31 ID Card Printer is Bodno's upgrade that replaces the Smart 30 in the Bodno IDP Smart printer series. It is more affordable and efficient. The device is a special target to enterprises or entrepreneurs who aim to produce low or medium-volume of ID cards.

The IDP Smart 31 features both single and double-sided printing options. Therefore, you can customize the settings to meet your specific printing needs. More efficiency comes with the option to upgrade your device to effect rewritable printing.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the compact and portable device due to its convenience, thanks to the dual hopper characteristic. It features an input hopper that accommodates up to 80 cards and an output hopper with a 25-card capacity.

With its ability to create unique designs, make prints, and encode your cards, Bodno IDP Smart 31 is a performer beyond your average printer machine.

IDP Smart 31 ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Bronze Edition ID Software
IDP Smart 31 ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Bronze Edition ID Software

5. Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided USB Card Printer

The Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided USB Card Printer comes from the reputable line of Fargo ID printers. The perfect blend of compact size, amazing convenience, and the versatile customizable features are the top-selling points of this identification card printing tool.

It is characteristically easy to set up and use. All you need to do is to plug the device into a power source and switch on the software interface. It features preloaded software that enables seamless usability and customization. Moreover, you can add new templates if you have a little knowledge of graphic design.

With a comparatively small investment and a decent output, the Fargo DTC1250e guarantees tidy and flawless prints that are devoid of flecks and spots. It is a single-sided printer but any resourceful user will deliver amazing results with prints on both sides of the paper by simply flipping it over.

Fargo DTC1250e Single Sided USB Card Printer with Supplies Bundle (50605)
Fargo DTC1250e Single Sided USB Card Printer with Supplies Bundle (50605)

Buyer's Guide For Cheap ID Card Printer

While the thought of owning an ID card is a perfect idea, landing the ideal model is usually a matter of luck. It is even harder if you don't know the buying tips for an excellent ID printer. The following should help;


Irrespective of whether you are printing from a cheap machine or a high-end device, ID cards need to be of the best quality possible. And, this factor is dependent on the resolution of the printing machine. The higher the resolution, the more vivid the quality.

Any model with a resolution of 300 dpi is acceptable. That should provide guarantee vivid and long-lasting photos and texts that will appear on your ID cards. There are ID card printer models that have resolutions that are much higher than that.

Software And Security Features

Look, ID cards go beyond being mere identification tools. They are applicable in a variety of financial institutions and other organizations where the security aspect is more vital than the identification function of IDs. You can't achieve that if your printer of choice does not possess the necessary software and security features.

So, you need to know if the machine can reliably attend to the intended applications. If you expect to print credit cards, then stay on the lookout for the ideal security features. Finally, ensure that you can easily use all the software and related applications in the machine.


Modern ID cards have photos of the bearers alongside organization logos included on them. While it is always possible to add pictures and logos from external storage such as PC, mobile devices, USB sticks, or memory cards, the process is tedious and unreliable. Particularly if you don't have stored photos of some of the prospective ID bearers.

Why not buy a model that gives you the chance to take live camera photographs? Such a feature allows you to fast track production. You no longer have to wait or look for pictures. Instead, you use the camera to take and edit photos before you include them on ID cars.

Single-Sided And Dual-Sided Printing

Firstly, dual-sided printing is the ability of a printing tool to print both sides of a card in a single pass. On the other hand, single-sided options can only print on one side of the card at a time. So, you will have to flip the card over to print on the opposite side.

Most productive enterprises look out for this feature as it enhances convenience and productivity. Unlike their single-sided counterparts, dual-sided printers are faster and minimize the amount of work that you do as you no longer need to flip the card to print on the opposite side.

Final Word for Cheap ID Printer Buyers

Who told you that the other name for cheap is substandard? The naked truth is that you can acquire a cheap ID printer that delivers beyond your expectations. But first, you undoubtedly need to understand the qualities of what you are looking for.

The most vital shopping tips to consider include connection options, type of printer, expected print volume, speed, and media thickness range. Other factors include the number of images per ribbon, and the ability to print two sides. We hope you can find an ideal option from among the suggested models.

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