How To Clean A Projector Lens

Projectors are great for people who want to take the next step and amplify their movie experience right at home. And with all the various home projector models and setups, it is super easy and affordable now for most people as well.

While all of that is great, like every device out there, a projector too needs maintenance and taking care of. One of the very first of which is the projector lens. If you are not paying attention, then you will probably start to see blurring images with time, and this is due to the increased dust that is gathering on the lens.

Of course, you can clean it. And not just that, you can also take care of it so that you face this trouble less in the future since it is unavoidable. If you wish to know how to clean a projector lens, then follow up with the rest of the article for all the details.

Steps To Clean Your Projector Lens

How To Clean Your Projector Lens
How To Clean Your Projector Lens

Well, the actual cleaning part is not that hard. It is fairly simple and involves only but a few steps. However, we suggest you don’t stop your reading here, because there are a lot of dos and don’ts that you must also know about, which will follow up right after these steps.

  • Turn your projector off, if it was on. And if it was on, you should allow it to rest for a while until the device cools down. If the device is already off and cooled, move on to the next step.
  • Since you are using a projector, best to get your hands on a lens brush, which has been made with this purpose in mind. These are delicate and can clean the lens without causing any damage to it. Use them in a circular motion which will reduce chances of damage and effectively clean the lens.
  • Or, you can opt for manual lens blowers, which are often used to blow away the dust that is collected on the lens.

This is done so that there is no need for you to physically touch the lens, which can damage it if you are not careful. You should blow the air in short bursts only instead of one long burst to prevent damage.

  • Other options include using a single-use lens wipe. These are also made to be used with lens, so you do not risk harming the sensitive glass. Discard it after one use.
  • Liquid lens cleaners are another option, which can be sprayed onto the lens. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down after spraying, but do be very gentle with it. This can also be done as a follow-up after you have blown away or brushed the lens, incase it very dusty and needs a good clean.

Projector Lens Cleaning To-Dos and Not To-Dos

Now you have to remember, that this is a projector lens that you are cleaning. It is not some random piece of glass, but something that is very sensitive, and one of the main parts of the projector itself. Damaging it means your projections get distorted, and that comes with a heavy replacement cost.

Below are just some dos and don’ts that you should read just in case. Since these are common mistakes, take a look so you don’t end up making them.

What To Do When Cleaning Projectors’ Lens

  • Wiping the lens must always be done in a circular motion. Going side to side means you may overlap the same area multiple times, dragging dust across the screen and spreading it.
  • Only use products and cleaners that have been made specifically for projector lens or similar lens in general. Since this is a sensitive piece of glass, not every cleaner or material is suitable for it. Look for lens cleaners that have low abrasiveness to further protect your lens for the long run.
  • Stow away your cleaning materials, such as yourcleaning brushes and cloths in a clean place. Having them extra nice and clean is required, since you are cleaning glass, and even the smallest piece of debris will show up otherwise.
  • If you ever use an air canister, don’t get overwhelmed and keep blowing, but do so in small bursts only. You may or may not use a lot of pressure, depending on your palms, so blowing in small bursts ensuresthat the air is not too pressured.

What Not To Do When Cleaning Projectors Lens

  • Do not resort to using soft cloths or even old T-shirts which you might think are safe because they are not. They will leave scratches.
  • Do not resort to household cleaners for cleaning your lens. Those are very powerful and could possibly cause irreversible damage, and you will need to replace them.
  • Do not touch the lens. It is very hard to avoid, so do be careful here. Because once you do, you will find that your fingerprint will by far be the toughest stain to remove from the lens.
  • Do not go touching your lens cleaners such as the brushes or microfiber cloths. You may leave oils from your fingertips on it, and even that micro amount can leave marks on the lens.
  • Whatever you do, don’t ever use alcohol to clean the lens. This is a big mistake a lot of people make since alcohol is used as a cleaner for most other things. But, alcohol on a projector lens can lead to a fire after you turn it on.
  • Your projector’s lens is not a pair of spectacles, please do not breathe on it to wipe it down. In fact, because this lens is so sensitive, you breathing on it can potentially destroy the outer coating of this lens.

How To Prevent Dusty Projector Lens

Precautions are always the best solution. So if you wish to properly maintain your projector lens, take good care of it, which will ensure that the lens stays well and clear for longer. This way you will have to clean it less often as well!

Use An Air Purifier

Using an air purifier is good for the projector because it will ensure that the air surrounding the lens is clean, and hence there will be less buildup of dust on the screen.

Not just that, an air purifier also ensures that less dirt can enter the projector, which is an added bonus here. Because the fan inside the projector also attracts dust and eventually clogs up the insides, some of which result on the screen.

With this method, you are practically killing two birds with one stone. You have a clean projector and a clean lens!

Cover Your Lens

This is something super simple, yet so many people forget about it. These lenses come with a cap to be placed on after usage, but most people tend to leave it open. Start placing the cap on the lens and you will see that there is less dust accumulation on the lens as well.


Cleaning the projector lens is really not that hard. You just learn to take care of it with time, and if you are new to using projectors, don’t beat yourself up regarding a dusty lens. Take the right precautions, do the routine cleanings that are required, and don’t forget to put on that lens cap whenever you are not using it.

And if you ever come across someone who also wants to know how to clean a projector lens, now you can teach them all the ways!

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