How To Mount Soundbar To Wall

In Architectural magazines and Pinterest posts, you will see beautifully placed Televisions at the center of the wall, surrounded by wonderful and sleek soundbars that complement the TV to create a full set up.

In reality, however, that is quite rare. These setups are not as fine, and often sizes, dimensions, and placements are completely out of order.

How does it look? Scattered is one word for it. If you have a flatscreen TV, the only sound system that can complement it while providing the right sound quality are soundbars.

However, you have to know how to mount soundbar to wall for them to be able to do that. If you are interested in that, check out this full piece below for detailed instructions.

External Factors To Keep In Mind When Mounting Soundbar To Wall

External Factors To Keep In Mind When Mounting Soundbar To Wall
External Factors To Keep In Mind When Mounting Soundbar To Wall

Mounting the soundbar is simply the act of putting it on the wall and securing it. But knowing where to place and how to secure it, how it compares to other objects in the room, and how that affects its sound quality, are the real things to keep in mind before you can get to the actual mounting.

The Soundbar Positioning

First comes the TV, since you position the soundbar according to where you put the TV. Make sure to place the TV directly across the sofa or whatever your seating arrangement is.

After centering, you must ensure the height is correct so that the center of the TV is where your eyes hit when you look without moving your neck.

Now comes the soundbar. The soundbar must also be centered and its center should match the TV’s center for proper alignment. Not to mention, this also helps to provide proper audio. Do make sure to do your calculations before going in to install, depending on the dimensions of your TV and the soundbar.

For example, a sleek soundbar would require around 2 1/8 inches of space below the TV, whereas one with spacers will require more space, around 5 1/8 inches.

Where To Install The Soundbar

This goes without saying that soundbars are best when installed on walls. But where exactly? The answer is that always follow what you do with the TV itself for the soundbar. For the mounting, if you are using a tilt bracket or a flat bracket, then you can mount it directly below the TV on the wall.

But, if you are using an articulating arm, in that case, attach it to the arm. This way the sound will follow an angle from the TV, making it sound more natural.

If you are also wondering about whether it should be placed below or above the TV, the key is making sure it is 42.5 inches off the ground from your seated position. If you cannot maintain the exact measurements, try to get as close to it as possible. This will almost always position it below the TV.

How To Attach Soundbar To Wall

Once you have all these details down, it is time to get down to business and get that soundbar on your walls.

1. Get A Universal Soundbar-To-TV Bracket

These are very common and you can get them almost everywhere. Some of them are also adjustable according to different models, which you could also get if you would like.

2. Remove Existing TV From Wall

If you already have your TV mounted, it is best to remove it so that the TV and soundbar can fall into place together for a better watching and listening experience. This is a little bit of extra work, but it is completely worth it!

But, if you don’t have the TV up yet, good news, you can simply skip this part and move on to the next and have the brackets set up.

3. Fix The Bracket Placement

Here’s the thing, the soundbar will be using the same holes for mounting, like the TV. This means they have to stay together.

To do this, test out the wall mount first to see if it has the correct holes for your TV mount. Then place your TV flat with the TV wall mount on it. On top of this, you place the soundbar bracket and visually estimate the soundbar bracket holes you have to use.

With so many holes and brackets, you should have some kind of paint or marker on hand to mark the holes you will be using.

4. Attach Soundbar And Wall Mount To TV

Once you have all the holes and mounts fixed, attaching them will not be any issue at all! Use your hardware and brackets to secure the mount according to the holes which you have marked.

One key point to note here is to use long screws. If the ones that came with your purchase are not long, it is recommended that you go and get longer ones, since these are the only things holding up your TV and soundbar.

Skimping here can cause damages later on, which will be much more costly (read the price of your TV and soundbar).

5. Check Fittings

Now you must check that the soundbar actually fits into this mount. If it fits properly, go ahead with the TV first, since it is the heavier device. Attach the TV, and then proceed with the soundbar. Be sure to see that there is enough space for you to operate the soundbar after mounting.

For example, if the soundbar has buttons on top, there needs to be enough space for you to control that, hence leave space between the TV and the soundbar accordingly.

6. Test Soundbar

Once you have attached both the TV and the soundbar, it is time to test it. connect the TV with your soundbar using Bluetooth, RCA, HDMI, Optical, or whichever mode is provided for you.

Mounting Soundbar With Or Without The TV

When you are mounting the soundbar, you can choose to mount it with the TV, or without it on its own. Which one do you do and why?

Mounting Soundbar Directly To The Wall

Mounting the soundbar separately or directly to the wall means that it is not physically connected to the TV. This is completely fine if your TV is fixed, in which case the soundbar is also fixed. It is a good solution for smaller rooms.

However, if you have a larger room, where the TV is not fixed, and one that can move, having the soundbar attached to the wall is not a good idea. Because now, the sound will not move with the TV.

Mounting Soundbar To The TV

Mounting it to the TV is a better idea since the sound will now travel with the TV visuals, making it better for a home theater system. It will be more realistic and the experience will be a better one for the viewers.

Another pro of this method is that the vertical mounting accounts for better quality sound, as opposed to having the soundbar stay flat against the wall.


You see, sound systems are more than just devices for your TV. They are a unique piece of their own, and a lot of times, the TV complements the sound system instead of the other way around.

When you invest a ton of money into these soundbars, spend a little more time making sure they are placed right too. It is only fair!

A complete guide on how to install soundbar on wall has been provided here. Take a good look and save the article for future reference if you wish to mount your soundbars accordingly. It will surely be of a lot of help!

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