How To Speed Up Tablet

We are sure that there have been multiple times when you have had to pause your game, stop scrolling on social media, or even a video call, because your tablet gets stuck. And it is not uncommon at all.

In fact, this is something most people suffer with, which makes it even easier of a problem to solve. So if you want to know how to speed up a tablet, you have come to the right place.

From common tablet problems to all the things you could do right at home to increase your tablet’s speed, you will find a wide range of solutions here. We say wide range because not everyone faces similar issues, but one glance at this article should take you to the right points fit for your problem!

How Can Low Tablet Speed Affect Your Performance?

How Can Low Tablet Speed Affect Your Performance?
How Can Low Tablet Speed Affect Your Performance?

Having a slow tablet can mean different things for different people. You need to be able to pinpoint what your issues are, and know how to make your android tablet make Faster.

Slow App Switching

One of the primary issues people face is when they cannot switch to other apps quickly. This can be a big problem if you use your tablet for work or school-related activities where you need to

quickly switch between screen and notes and so on.



Lagging is when things seem to load slowly in your tablet, and this goes for every sort of work. This can be caused by malware invasions, which often attack tablets that are not well protected.

Low Memory

If you have low memory, then you already have or will possibly have speed issues with your tablet. Either way, it is good to have it sped up early on.

How To Speed Up Tablet Speed- Different Ways

Now that you know what some common indicators are for a slow tablet, let us get right to the point. How do you fix it?

Can you take it to a professional? Surely! But is that a feasible solution every time or for everyone? It’s not.

This is why we will share some simple ways in which you can increase the speed without spending a dime! Below are 9 ways you can try to speed up your tablet right away!

Restart It

This is an old but gold method that still sticks no matter what anyone says. Just like any other device, restarting your tablet will give it a quick boost. This helps to clear cached data as well as closes all background apps that are running, which gives an instant increase in speed.

What this does is that it frees the RAM and processor resources, hence increasing speed.

Although this is temporary, and if you have deeper issues they will come back, this is great if you are in a bind and need a quick fix for the time being.

Clear Apps

With time you will notice that your tablet has become home to a multitude of apps, a lot of which you probably even forgot that you had downloaded in the first place. It is time to check through all your downloads and clear out the ones you don’t need or use anymore.

Go to settings, and then to Apps on your android tablet. Or if you are using an iPad, then go to General, then Storage and iCloud Usage, and then Manage Storage. This will give you a complete list of all the apps downloaded, so you can clearly see and uninstall accordingly.

If you have apps you need but are slowing down the tablet, consider getting an external memory card, and transfer it there.


Getting necessary updates are a regular process of keeping the tablet updated and up to speed. So if you have not updated your tablet in a while, go to your settings and go to software update. This will surely boost your tablet up, and not temporarily, but for a good while until it needs another update again.

Not to mention, updates also keep the tablet safe from malware attack and prevents viruses from attacking. After the update, the device will want to restart, and this simply cleans the device for a clean start.

Get Antivirus Protection

If you use the internet (which is what we all basically do), you need a good antivirus to keep the tablet safe. Because a big reason why devices like tablets slow down over time is virus attacks. And not just that, this also results in data leaks. To protect your tablet, and to speed it up, get a good antivirus installed.

Install SD Cards

So this is similar to what you do on phones. When you have a slow device, it likely lacks space. In this case, you can simply add in an SD card, which is a great way of increasing speed on Android tablets.

And if you already have an SD card, you can very well replace it with a new one to increase the speed yet again. Do remember to back up data from the first SD card though!

Don’t Use Anything Unofficial

This for everyone out there who is trying to jailbreak. When you download an app that is not made for your device, you are inviting malware and viruses that can harm your tablet and make it lag beyond compare. Only download apps and software that are made for your tablet, be it an Android tablet or an iPad.

Reduce Screen Traffic

If you have noticed, some people tend to keep a pile of widgets on their screen, basically as many that would fit. This is not a good practice. More widgets take up more RAM plus processing power, and these in turn slow your tablet’s performance.

Get rid of all the ones you do not really use. Ones like the time or calendar widget are okay to keep. But the weather widget for example uses a lot of power to give you constant updates, which is a source of slowing down the tablet. So consider getting rid of it!

Save On Battery Power

One of the things about apps is that different ones take up different amounts of space. And some of these wreak havoc on battery life and takes up way too much processing power for the tablet to function properly.

An easy way to pick these apps out is to go to settings and Battery Usage. Here you will find out about power usage and how much power each of the apps is consuming. The ones that take up too much power and space are the ones to dispose of.

Regular Formatting

Every few months, consider formatting your tablet to keep it running as if it were new. If you are using external storage, clear that out into a PC. And if not, simply transfer files you have accumulated into your PC and give your tablet a good clean. It will boost the performance by a considerable amount.


Well folks, that’s all for today! While there are various ways to solve these small issues, some involving going to a professional, others you can actually solve right at home. We have mentioned multiple points here, and you may or may not need all of them.

But it is good to give your tablet that nice software clean every once in a while to keep it up and running smoothly.

Every time you have the question of – how to speed up tablet – pop in your head, a quick refresh of these points should get you going.

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