Best Home Projector Screens 2021

Projectors are becoming standard home entertainment tools. But they will only deliver incredible images when you use them with the best home projector screens. It is only that way that you will enjoy images that are incredibly vivid, detailed, and lively.

Setting up a projector in spaces without flat surfaces is not an easy feat. It becomes impossible to get the pictures properly aligned. Campers or travelers will often experience this challenge.

Either the walls may be too far or not flat. Or, there isn't any proper surface as in the case of outdoor watching. Even more, a projection surface that isn't of the right color won't deliver impressive images. A good home projector screen ensures that you achieve the finest image quality.

While there are sufficient options in the market, not all the available models will deliver topnotch performance. That's the reason why you will need to be a bit keen when shopping for an appropriate home projector screen.

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Best Home Projector Screens 2021
Best Home Projector Screens 2021

List Of Top Home Projector Screens

1.MDBEBBRON 120-inch


3.Elite Screens Manual B MaxWhite

4.TaoTronics Projector Screen

5.LEANO Foldable Anti-Crease

6.P-JING Projector Screen

7.PERLESMITH 100 Inch Projector Screen

8.Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen

9.BaoChen Projector Screen

10.Powerextra Projector Screen

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Home Projector Screens

MDBEBBRON120-inch 120 or150 inches. PolyesterFabric. 16:9.
LANBTER4:3 HD 60 inches. PolyesterFabric. 4:3.
Elite ScreensManual BMaxWhite 100 inches. Woven andTextured Matte. 1.1/ 4:3/16:9/19:10.
TaoTronicsProjector Screen 100 inches. PVC Matte. 4:3.
LEANO FoldableAnti-Crease 90 inches. PolyesterFiber. 4:3.
P-JINGProjector Screen 150 inches. PolyesterFabric. 16:9.
PERLESMITH100 InchProjector Screen 100 inches. PVCMatte. 4:3.
Vamvo OutdoorIndoor ProjectorScreen 100 inches. - 4:3.
BaoChenProjector Screen 120 inches. PVC Matte. 4:3.
PowerextraProjector Screen 120 inches. PVC Matte. 16:9.

Best Home Projector Screens Reviews

1.MDBEBBRON 120-Inch Projection Screen - Best Home Theater Screen

Projectors are popular on the account of being splendidly portable. You just can't compare them to TV screens. So, when you purchased a projector on the account of portability, it is only fair to pair it with an equally portable projector screen. A perfect example is the popular MDBEBBRON Projection Screen.

The product is pretty compact and comes in a single piece. It is also one of the most lightweight models at a paltry 11.2 ounces. When you need to carry it, the screen packs incredibly small and you can conveniently stuff it into your backpack or suitcase. That makes it an ideal projection tool anywhere.

What about the creases as a result of the folding? Well, you don't have to worry about any creases as the screen is made from high-quality polyester material that is anti-wrinkles. But in case of any wrinkles after long-hours of folding, you can get rid of them by pressing the screen using a warm iron.

The projection screen installs perfectly into a proportional rectangle and the setup process isn't difficult either. Besides, the package comes with everything that you need to set it up.

Apart from the screen, you will also get up to 20 seamless hooks, 24 double-sided adhesives, a carry bag, and 2 packs of ropes. Even more, you can also use nails, brackets, and tapes to get the work done in under two minutes.

Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen 16:9 Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Outdoor Indoor Support Double Sided Projection
Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen 16:9 Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Outdoor Indoor Support Double Sided Projection

Highlighted Features

  1. It comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.
  2. It is versatile and ideal for use in various venues.
  3. You can opt for the 120-inch or 150-inch screen.
  4. The installation process is easy.
  5. It features an aspect ratio of 16:9.

2.LANBTER 4:3 HD Projector Screen

Off to our second pick in this review is a projection screen that is more compact than any display screen in this review. The LANBTER 4:3 HD Projector Screen fits perfectly in an envelope and you will carry to wherever you want without feeling its presence or its weight.

And being ultra-compact, the product features a screen size of 60 inches. That's pretty okay for family sessions, watching something with a small group of friends or general gaming applications. But if you are looking for a product that features a display size of beyond that, you may need to consider other sizes.

LANBTER makes this device from white natural polyester fabric. The reason why this stands out is that the material is incredibly strong and durable. It will serve you for several years without any issues. Besides, the projector screen is perfectly wrinkle-free.

Another aspect of this product that is worth mentioning is the amazing 4:3 aspect ratio. Such a projection ratio ensures an impressive balance hence gives this tool its versatility. You will find it ideal for presentations in classrooms, small office spaces, and general home and hostel entertainment.

Finally, the LANBTER 4:3 HD Projector Screen features both front and rear projection capabilities. There is no doubt that such a characteristic enhances conveniencewhen it comes to saving room space.

Highlighted Features

  1. You can set up in minutes by hanging.
  2. It exhibits both from and rear room-saving capabilities.
  3. It is ultra-compact and lightweight hence easy to carry around.
  4. The aspect ratio of 4:3 makes it versatile.
  5. It is made from durable polyester fabric.

3.Elite Screens Manual B MaxWhite 100-INCH - Best Home Theater Projector Screen

Are you looking for a great entry-level projector screen? Or, do you want to own a good projection screen without breaking the bank? If your answer to any or both of the questions is yes, then the Elite Screens Manual B 100-INCH display screen is a product that you cannot ignore.

The product comes from the popular MaxWhite Manual B series, a line of screens from Elite Screens company. It features a textured matte surface which is startlingly white to retain the original image contrast and color fidelity. Also, it features a durable steel housing that the screen rolls back to when not in use.

The steel housing is pretty durable and protective. It guarantees unbeatable protection against wear and tear. More importantly, the projector material is resistant to mildew and scratches. These features make the Manual B one of the most durable devices that you will find on the market today.

The device has all the features to provide a superior 4K Ultra HD viewing experience and an unimaginable 180 degrees viewing angle with impeccable diffusion uniformity. Thus, the screen will treat you to incredible picture crispiness and clarity.

But besides the impressive technical aspects, Manual B also features exciting convenience. Like all the products in the Manual B MaxWhite series, it takes pride in the convenience to achieve multiple aspect ratios. This is aided by the impressive auto-lock mechanism that helps to adjust height settings.

Elite Screens Manual B 100-INCH Manual Pull Down Projector Screen Diagonal 16:9 Diag 4K 8K 3D Ultra HDR HD Ready Home Theater Movie Theatre White Projection Screen with Slow Retract Mechanism M100H
Elite Screens Manual B 100-INCH Manual Pull Down Projector Screen Diagonal 16:9 Diag 4K 8K 3D Ultra HDR HD Ready Home Theater Movie Theatre White Projection Screen with Slow Retract Mechanism M100H

Highlighted Features

  1. The device features a reliable retraction mechanism.
  2. The auto-lock system helps to achieve multiple aspect ratios.
  3. It features a textured matte surface for high-quality images.
  4. It delivers a 4K ultra-HD viewing experience.
  5. The material is resistant to mildew.

4.TaoTronics Projector Screen - Best Quality Projector Screen

If you are in the market for a projector screen that you can use both indoors and outdoors, look no further. The TaoTronics Projector Screen is a versatile tool that you can use in any environment. However, despite this versatility, the device won't create a dent in your pocket.

The projection tool is incredibly portable. That's undebatable. But more importantly, the product won't take your time to set up for use. You will marvel at the fact that you can successfully set up this screen in under 2 minutes. Anyone can do it as you don't need to use screws or any fasteners.

We all like incentives, don't we? While this projector surface is an unbeatable performer on all fronts, the fact that it comes with a bonus tripod stand makes it even more appealing. The tripod stand is sturdy and folds perfectly during transportation.

A projection surface with stains will not produce topnotch images. And while all new screens come perfectly clean, they are often susceptible to stains which reduce the image quality in the long run. An advantage that you will find by investing in this product is its resistance to yellow stains making it cleaner for longer. That's a feature that's pretty difficult to downplay.

Highlighted Features

  1. The entire system folds perfectly for easy transportation.
  2. You can independently set it up in under two minutes.
  3. It remains clean for longer to deliver vibrant images.
  4. The display surface is perfectly wrinkle-free.
  5. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.

5.LEANO Foldable Anti-Crease Projection Screen

If you want to keep it small, lightweight, and portable, LEANO Foldable Anti-Crease Projection Screen is an incredible option. It is a portable device that you can transport to wherever you want. Besides, it is a device that you will find pretty easy to set up.

Despite the small size, the screen delivers unbeatable picture quality. It produces very accurate colors with impressive overall picture quality. The contrast is also impeccable with very white whites and darker sections that are rich. Besides, it features a viewing angle of up to 160 degrees.

We can't play down the fact that this projector surface is an ideal tool for both indoor and outdoor use. This is because the surface reliably reflects every incident light in an even manner.

This tool isn't one of the largest so it wouldn't be very ideal for larger audiences. However, it stands out as one of the most durable modelsthat you can find on the market, thanks to the durable polyester fiber material.

Highlighted Features

  1. It takes pride in a wide viewing angle of up to 160 degrees.
  2. A convenient aspect ratio of 4:3 produces balanced pictures.
  3. It is impressively easy to set up and bring down.
  4. The device is ultra-compact, lightweight, and portable.
  5. It delivers high-quality pictures with amazing color fidelity.

Buying Guide For Home Projector Screens

Price and brand are two essential factors that come into focus when you are purchasing any product. But they often go unmentioned. That's because the price will depend on your budget while the brand may sometimes be a personal preference. In this article, we will only include products from reputable brands.

So, look at for the following special features;


How big should your ideal home projector screen be? Remember, the biggest one might not be the best screen for home projectors. You have to ensure that you choose a screen that fits the wall against which you intend to use it.

The size limitation, however, may not be a big issue when it comes to screens for outdoor use. Your pick for the right projection screen for outdoor purposes may be based on the image range of your projector as well as the setup options of the screen. So, you may need to consider options with a tripod stand.


We understand that you may only be looking for a screen to use within your home. This could be strictly within the designated room for home theater. In such a case, portability may not be a big concern for you.

But projectors are now a universal tool in a variety of places and for functions that go beyond gaming and entertainment. You'll find them appropriate in homes, campsites, churches, offices, weddings, schools, and conferences.

So, if you are likely to use the device in some of the environments mentioned, portability becomes a very essential aspect to look into. You will need a device that is both packable and lightweight.

Type Of Material

The type of material of a projector screen determines its longevity, weight, and ease of cleaning it. Opt for materials that are durable yet lightweight and convenient during portability.

And since the screen won't stay clean forever, you may also need to look out for products that are easy to clean as the device won't stay clean forever. PVC matte, polyester fabric, canvas, or other lightweight materials are some of the most popular materials.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a projection screen is equally a vital consideration. As the name suggests, the aspect ratio of these products come in the form of a ratio. The first digit represents the length of the image while the second ratio represents the width.

If you are only going to use the device for playing games and projecting videos, consider screens with an aspect ratio of 16:9. However, presentations are better projected on screens with an aspect ratio of 4:3 for more proportionality.

Easy To Set Up

Finally, no one wants to purchase a screen that they can't set up easily and use. That's why we advise that you choose a product that is pretty straightforward to set up. But how will you know that yet you haven't tried it out? That's sometimes difficult to ascertain but the simplicity of the user guide should prove worthy.

Final Words

For gaming and video enthusiasts, nothing beats a relaxing night of widescreen gaming or watching with friends. But that's only enjoyable when the pictures are incredible and characters are larger than life.

You need a good projector to achieve that. But more importantly, you will also need to pair the device with the best home projector screen.

The above models are some of the most viable options that you will come across. Hopefully you'll find the ultimate one from this list.

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