How To Connect Keyboard To Tablet

Since tablets tend to be more affordable and flexible than laptops, many users are keener on investing one for basic activities, and professional purposes too!

While you are probably used to the comfort of swiping away on your device screen while you relax, when it comes to task efficiency, such as typing, you might end up feeling the need for a laptop. This is because nothing gets you typing faster than a keyboard, which tablets usually don’t come with.

For moments of need like discussed above, comes the lifesaving convenience of separate keyboards. Such keyboards can easily connect to your tablet, enabling you to enjoy the laptop experience at the cost of a tablet.

So today we’re all about how to connect keyboards to your tablet device to enhance your tablet experience to a whole new level.

Types Of Keyboards For Tablets

Types Of Keyboards For Tablets
Types Of Keyboards For Tablets

When embarking on your quest to purchase the perfect keyboard for your tablet, there are basically three categories of keyboards to choose from.

Wired Keyboards

Wired Keyboards
Wired Keyboards

This is one of the most basic types of keyboards you can opt for and is probably the most affordable type. You’re probably wondering how to connect such aUSB keyboard to tablet.Connecting them to your device is pretty straightforward via the already existing compliant USB interfaces of your tablet.

Another perk of this device is that there are no hassles of charging it up before you can use it with your tablet. These models are also more durable compared to the wireless models but they might fall short in the flexibility department especially for users on the move.

Docking Keyboards

For some reason, if you find a USB keyboard for tablet not working, you can always opt for other options, and docking keyboards is one such type.

The advantage of this type of keyboard is that a more secure connection is made with your laptop, making the keyboard’s performance more seamless than some wireless ones.

Such docking keyboards don’t need to be charged up either and are good to go as soon as you mount your tablet. But do keep in mind that these keyboards aren’t universal, thus requiring a new model if you upgrade to a new tablet. But they do come equipped with their own sets of ports for more connectivity options.

This sort of keyboard provides support to the tablet at an angle, making it easier to work on. They can sometimes can be folded over your tablet, doubling as a protector when the tablet is not in use.

Wireless Keyboards

This is probably the most popular type of keyboard as wireless connectivity eliminates the hassle of cables. It also means you get to enjoy maximum flexibility of use unlike the other two types, making it the most ideal type for users who need to frequently be in motion.

As long as your tablet is compliant with external keyboards and comes equipped with Bluetooth, these devices are good to go. But do keep in mind that they need to be charged before you can get to using them.

This type of keyboard may be costlier than the rest but come with the convenience of being compatible with more than a single tablet.

Connecting A Keyboard To A Tablet

Whether you’re struggling regarding how to connect keyboard to Samsung tablet or other tablet brands, there are a few things to consider.

Universal Or Specific?

First, ensure that the device of your choice is compatible with external keyboards. Then focus on whether the keyboard of your choice is universal, or tablet-specific. In case of the latter, choose a keyboard that will comply with your tablet.

Making Wired Connection

When it comes to USB keyboards, simply inserting the USB cable of the keyboard into the USB interface of the device gets the keyboard connected. If your device is compatible with a USB OTG adapter, that can be used for connectivity as well.

Docking Up!

Docking keyboards, as the name suggests, are effortless to connect as well simply by docking your tablet into the slot. Since they don’t require to be charged, you can get typing as soon as the tablet has been docked.

Going Wireless

If you’re wondering how to connect Logitech keyboard to Samsung tablet, then the answer is quite simple. The process is as similar as connecting to any Bluetooth keyboard.

  • Ensure that the keyboard has ample charge to run
  • Turn on the Bluetooth connectivity option on your tablet from the settings. Check if your tablet is visible to nearby devices or not
  • Turn on your Bluetooth Logitech keyboard and press connect. Once the Bluetooth indicator on it starts blinking, you’ll know that is attempting to connect to nearby devices
  • Go back to your tablet, press scan for nearby devices
  • Once your keyboard is detected, press connect and let them pair up.

Once the process is complete, test the functionality and get typing like a boss! Since Bluetooth keyboards need to be charged before they can work, if there is a failure to connect, try recharging it before attempting to connect it again.

In order to make sure that you have it ready whenever you need, always keep it fully charged when not in use.


Whichever keyboard you decide to add to your tablet, no question remains that an external keyboard has it all to transform your user experience. Whether for your typing or gaming needs, the perfect keyboard certainly provides a premium laptop experience at a lower cost.

Every type of keyboard we discussed comes with its own sets of pros and cons. So, choose one according to your needs, degree of convenience and flexibility, and affordability.

Once purchased and connected right, the ideal keyboard will surely make your life easier indeed by providing the best of both worlds- acting both as a tablet and laptop as desired.

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