How To Refill Toner Cartridge

A laser printer is the most reliable and faster option for printing, isn't it? It uses toner cartridges instead of liquid inks.

Toner cartridges dissolve toner dust on a page using laser technology to print a document or image. A toner cartridge can last up to two years, much higher than the regular inks.

That being said, refilling the toner cartridge is not as simple as it may seem. It is necessary to refill them in the right way to get top-notch printouts.

If you are wondering how to refill toner cartridge without any error, then you are in the right place. Read on till the end of this article, and you will have answers to all your queries.

What Is A Toner Cartridge?

What Is A Toner Cartridge?
What Is A Toner Cartridge?

To understand the refilling process of toner cartridges, you should first know what it actually is.

A toner cartridge is basically a tube-like substance that holds two types of ingredients for an advanced laser printer.

The two physical print medium materials are toner dust and plastic. They are utilized to frame text and designs on a page through melting and electronically charged methods.

Specifically, the toner dust gives the color, and the plastic permits the color to adhere to the paper when it is warmed and melted.

Due to the melting process of toner cartridges, the ink of the laser printers attaches strongly to the paper.

Steps To Refill Printer Ink Cartridges Effortlessly

To refill the ink cartridges with precision, knowing the right process is important. It will not only make the refilling process faster and effortless but will also make the printouts clear and vivid.

You will have to follow a few steps to do it in the correct way. The process will be much easier for you if you know how to refill inkjet cartridges. If you don't know about it, don't worry. The process is not that complicated to master.

Let's have a look at the most important steps for refilling the toner cartridge.

1. Purchase The Right Equipment

Before starting the refilling process of the toner cartridge, you have to buy all the right set of equipment to get the best outcome. Check out the tools that you will definitely need.

Toner Powder

The toner powders can differ in chemical construction, size, features, and weight, but their basic technology is similar. These powders usually come in a bottle.

If you buy a type of toner powder that has a larger grain size than the compatible ones, then the printer won't be able to process and attach it to the paper. So, check which toner powders are compatible with your printer and purchase them accordingly.

Burn Tool

The burn tool is a binding iron that can be used to make a round hole by melting the plastic of the hopper. This tool can come in handy for the quick puncture refilling method.


Few cartridges come with a small refilling hole. For those cartridges, you should get a 1 ml disposable syringe with a very small needle.

2. Prepare Your Workspace

Refilling toner cartridges can get really messy. If you don't take proper caution before starting the process, it will ruin your workspace.

  • Before starting to refill, make sure you set a waste cloth or a paper underneath the cartridge. It will make the cleaning process simple for you.
  • If you are allergic to plastic materials and inks, it is safe to put on rubber gloves.
  • It is better to wash and dry the hands repeatedly while not using rubber gloves to refill the ink cartridge. The toner won't itch or burn your hands, but it might stain.
  • In case you will have to use a burn tool to make a hole cartridge, work over a hefty, heat-resistant surface.

3. Analyze Your Toner Cartridge

Understanding the type of toner cartridge that you have is necessary since the process is slightly different for each type. In addition to that, you will have to get the right tool for your specific type of cartridge.

There are basically two types of toner cartridges, one comes with a hopper, and the other one features a small hole.

To help you understand which type of toner cartridge you have, here is a detailed description of them. Have a look!

Toner Cartridge With A Hole

In this type of cartridge, you'll see a dark spot on the sticker covering the cartridge. Under the dark spot, there is an opening. The ink can be infused into the cartridge through the opening.

To find the opening, you can puncture the black spot or strip off the sticker.

For refilling this type of toner cartridge, you won't have to go through a lengthy procedure. It is quite simple; you will just have to fill your 1 ml syringe with the toner and inject it through the hole.

Toner Cartridge With Hopper

This is the most popular type of laser toner cartridge available in the market. It features a huge empty space called the hopper, and it is loaded up with an exceptionally fine powder-like substance called the toner.

This hopper moves the toner to different parts of the cartridge that is eventually processed and finally ends up attaching the toner to a paper.

The refilling process for this type of toner cartridge is somewhat complicated, but don't worry. We have discussed the process to make it easier for you.

4. Make A Hole In The Hopper

With the help of the burn tool, which you can purchase from local hardware stores or online shops, you can make a hole within a matter of seconds. This step will help you pour the toner right into the unit without having to go through the trouble of dismantling and reassembling the cartridge.

You might be wondering why not simply drill an opening instead of using a burn tool. Well, it isn't done using a drilling machine due to the fact that the plastic pieces would enter the hopper, damaging your cartridge.

You can use a soldering iron for the process, but you must make sure that the melted plastic doesn't get inside the hopper.

5. Empty The Hopper

Despite the fact that your printer indicates that the toner cartridge is empty, it will have some left in it. You can empty the hopper by delicately shaking it.

This step is important because the color shading of the toners is always not the same, and it could ruin the quality of your printouts. If you mix two types of toners, it could also malfunction your printer.

6. Pour In The Toner

This is the most crucial step for refilling toner cartridges. Check out how you will be able to pour the toner into the hopper of the cartridge.

  • First, place the cartridge on a flat surface with the opening upwards to fill it from the top.
  • Shake the container of the toner and start pouring it through the hole.
  • Use a flashlight to check the level of the toner in the hopper while pouring it.
  • When the toner level is up to the opening at that point, lay it down.
  • Finally, put tape over it to close the opening and use your fingers to seal it properly.

When Is The Right Time To Refill Toner Cartridges?

Now that you know how to refill the cartridges of your laser printer, you should know the right time to refill them.

The best time to refill toner cartridges is the time when the printer gives printouts with dull and damp ink quality. Few printers even come with digital indicators, which will provide you the ink level from beginning to the end and will give reminders when the cartridge needs a refill.

Expert Tips to Refill Toner Cartridges

If you've been using the same toner cartridge for a while, it's probably time to start thinking about refilling it. Although it may seem like a daunting task, refilling your toner cartridge is actually quite simple and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are some expert tips to help you get started:

  1. Start by purchasing a quality toner refill kit. This will include everything you need to safely and effectively refill your cartridge.
  2. Carefully remove the old toner from the cartridge using a vacuum cleaner or other suction device. Be sure to dispose of the old toner properly according to local regulations.
  3. Follow the instructions included with your refill kit to fill the cartridge with new toner. Be careful not to overfill the cartridge, as this can damage the printer.
  4. Once the cartridge is full, replace the cover and reinstall it in the printer. Run a test print to make sure everything is working properly.

With these easy steps, you can easily refill your own toner cartridges and save money on expensive replacements.


By refilling the toner cartridge of your printer in the right process, you will be able to use the same cartridge for a long period of time without replacing it. It will also make the quality of your printouts much better.

Hopefully, after reading our article, you have understood how to refill toner cartridge. It is not as difficult as it might seem now; you can achieve the right method in a very short time.

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