Best LCD Writing Tablet 2021

The best LCD writing tablet is a multifunctional device that's ideal for students, professionals, and business persons. They come in handy as sketching boards, office memos, and notebooks. Besides, you will also find them useful for jotting home checklists or your child's learning exercises.

Generally, eWriters are simple electronic input devices that use advanced reflex LCD technology to provide a fascinating writing experience. Can you imagine the feeling that comes with seeing your handwriting on a digital screen? That's just part of what these little gadgets bring on board, and there are many more.

You never know, but all indications are rife that writing tablets could soon replace ink pens and traditional notebooks. Unlike the traditional notebooks, eWriters are eco-friendlier than notebooks. They are also more compact, stylish, and portable.

However, the increase in the popularity of digital writing tablets has led to a rise in the number of average models. But you'll also find an array of top performers to choose from.

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Best LCD Writing Tablet 2021
Best LCD Writing Tablet 2021

List Of Top LCD Writing Tablet

1.RICHGV LCD Writing Tablet

2.KIDWILL LCD Writing Tablet

3.RAYPHON LCD Writing Tablet

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4.ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet

5.ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet 2 Pack

6.FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

7.RICHGV LCD Writing Tablet

8.ZenHome LCD Writing Tablet

9.SUNANY LCD Writing Tablet

10.SUNANY LCD Writing Tablet

Comparison Chart For Top 9 LCD Writing Tablets

RICHGV LCDWriting Tablet 15 Inches. 10 ounces. 100,000 times.
KIDWILL LCDWriting Tablet 12 Inches. 9 ounces. 100,000 times.
RAYPHON LCDWriting Tablet 10 Inches. 7 pounds. 100,000 times.
ORSEN LCDWriting Tablet 10 Inches. 53 pounds. 100,000 times.
FLUESTON LCDWriting Tablet 10 Inches. 6 ounces. 100,000 times.
RICHGV LCDWriting Tablet 10 Inches. 3 ounces. 100,000 times.
ZenHome LCDWriting Tablet 12 Inches. 35 ounces. 100,000 times.
SUNANY LCDWriting Tablet 11 Inches. 7 ounces. 100,000 times.
SUNANY LCDWriting Tablet 5 Inches. 95 ounces. 100,000 times.

Best LCD Writing Tablets Reviews

1.RICHGV LCD Writing Tablet | Best Lcd Writing Board

If you are looking for a device that the entire family will find useful, the RICHGV LCD Writing Tablet is a perfect bet. It is an ideal tool for taking notesor drawing without the usual dust and inks associated with dummy boards and papers. Any person above the age of 3 years will find it amazing.

Toddlers and children will find this device perfect for drawing and writing. They will also find it perfect for practicing spelling, letters, arithmetic, or counting exercises.

At the same time, teens and adults will also find it incredible for tutoring, counseling, or notetaking during online or video lessons or meetings. It is also applicable for general home tasks such as making to-do lists or grocery lists.

The 15-inch writing tablet is effortlessly easy to use. It features two buttons. The first one is a lock button, which prevents accidental clearing of the set up while the other button acts as an eraser that clears the screen in a breeze.

The RICHGV LCD Writing Tablet will serve you for a long lime, thanks to the rugged design and the high usability times. It's made from LCD and high-quality ABS materials that will conveniently withstand the continuous strain. These materials are also sturdy and resistant to scratches, wear, and tear.

LCD Writing Tablet, Richgv 15 Inches Writing Doodle Board Electronic Digital Writing Pad for Age 3+
LCD Writing Tablet, Richgv 15 Inches Writing Doodle Board Electronic Digital Writing Pad for Age 3+

Highlighted Features

  1. It is lightweight and conveniently portable.
  2. The ABS and LCD materials are scratch-resistant and durable.
  3. The impressive design allows for both landscape and portrait use.
  4. It is versatile and ideal for the entire family.
  5. The display is colorful and guarantees vivid and clear images.

2.KIDWILL LCD Writing Tablet | Best Lcd Writing Pad

If you are considering surprising your kid with a tablet this season, no better device meets the call than the KIDWILL LCD Writing Tablet. It is a lightweight and packable tablet that your kid can carry along to any place the family goes.

The tablet has a convenient drawing size of 12 inches and a lightweight build of a paltry 9 inches. That makes it one of the most portable options on the market. Besides, the lightweight nature makes it comfortable in the hands of kids who are as young as three years old.

The colorful tablet is a versatile drawing pad that will unlock your kids' creativity. They can conveniently use it to scribble, doodle, draw, count, and write. And when you kid is through scribbling on the screen, s/he can erase everything instantly, leaving no dots or fragments. The entire process can begin again.

This can happen for up to 100,000 times, making it economical more economical than purchasing drawing papers and pens. And a single battery will take you for nearly ten months. That's convenient.

Kids are often messy with papers, and they will litter everywhere they are, including campsites, cars, hotel rooms, and homes. However, the KIDWILL LCD Writing Tablet is 100% eco-friendly. It is a perfect way of avoiding a mess as you won't need to clean up loose sheets of paper, crayons, or markers.

LCD Writing Tablet for Kids, 12
LCD Writing Tablet for Kids, 12" Colorful Doodle Board Drawing Pad Reusable Erasable E-Writer with Full Erase Mode, Lock Screen Function, Smart Stylus, Gift for 3+ Year Old Girls Boys(Pink)

Highlighted Features

  1. It brings out the creativity in kids as they can perform everything.
  2. The eco-friendly tab is clean, dustless, and hygienic.
  3. The erasing option cleans cleanly with no dots or fragments.
  4. It is ideal for anyone enthusiastic about sketching or scribbling.
  5. It is perfectly comfortable for kids to hold.

3.RAYPHON LCD Writing Tablet | Best LCD EWriter

The RAYPHON LCD Writing Tablet is a versatile devicethat you can use for a variety of home, office, and business applications. Moreover, unlike some drawing boards that are dedicated to kids' use, the writing tab is also suitable for both kids and adults.

Instead of your children painting on the wall, they will find the tab viable for graffiti types. They can also doodle, paint, count, write, and practice counting with the tab. These activities help to help in your child's brain development.

It is also effortless to use with no serious navigation processes. Children will equally find the device easy to use. Interestingly, the smart lock function ensures that the kid doesn't accidentally press the erase button. But when you need to erase, a single click of the button will clear the entire screen.

Adults, too, will find the device incredible at home, in the office, and businesses. You can use it as a memo board at work or for family members. The device also makes a perfect tool for notetaking.

While the LCD screen is incredibly colorful and visible, it provides one of the safest views for adults and kids. It is colorful yet doesn't exhibit any radiations or blue light.

RAYPHON Writing Tablet 10 Inches LCD Writing Board Colorful Screen, Doodle Board Electronic Doodle Pads Drawing Board for Kids and Adults (Blue)
RAYPHON Writing Tablet 10 Inches LCD Writing Board Colorful Screen, Doodle Board Electronic Doodle Pads Drawing Board for Kids and Adults (Blue)

Highlighted Features

  1. It makes a perfect gift for toddlers and children.
  2. It is pretty compact, lightweight, and packable for travel.
  3. The included button battery lasts for up to 8 months.
  4. The tablet has an incredibly long lifespan.
  5. It features a durable design to sustain falls and bumps.

4.ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet | Best Boogie Board Tablet

If you are looking for a device with a natural pen and paper feel, then the ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet is a gadget that you should put on the top of your list. The tab gives your child an incredible chance to go natural without creating a mess of your environment.

Both the pen and the tab do not require any charging. Even more, the pen features an impressive design that will give your kids the perfect pencil feeling. It is nearly pencil size and will perfectly fit in the hands of most children.

The ORSEN gadget is perfect learning equipment for kids aged between 2 and 6 years. However, you will still find it pretty useful for children of up to 12 years of age. And for the record, it is suitable for both boys and girls who fall within the age group as mentioned earlier.

Notably, most kids are naturally careless. That's part of their growing up-or ours, for that matter. But we won't generalize too much. Yours could fall within the slim category of the very careful lot.

One of the most significant challenges that come with buying kids tablets lies in the fact that most kids will lose the tablet pens as soon as they receive the tabs. That's not the case with the ORSEN tablet. The pen conveniently hangs on the lanyard to keep it safe and secure for longer.

Orsen Girls Toys Age 4-5, Learning Educational Toys Gifts for Toddler Kids 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old, Colorful 10 LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Drawing Pad Doodle Board
Orsen Girls Toys Age 4-5, Learning Educational Toys Gifts for Toddler Kids 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old, Colorful 10 LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Drawing Pad Doodle Board

Highlighted Features

  1. It is mess-free and perfectly friendly to the environment.
  2. The tab is easy to use and ideal for kids from 3 years old.
  3. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
  4. It is ideal for both boys and girls.
  5. The lanyard helps to keep the pen safe and secure.

5.ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet 2 Pack | Best Lcd Doodle Pad

Another ORSEN device makes it into this review. While that may sound surprising, the reasons are all worth it. Firstly, this version comes in a pack of two for the price of one. What's the price of one anyway? At less than $20, you get two writing tablets to use for whatever purpose you have in mind.

The implication of this is that you can easily gift two kids without having to make different purchases. Alternatively, you can write on one of the tabs and have your child copy what you do on the other. Can it get more affordable and convenient than that? We don't think so.

A key requirement in any writing tablet or doodle pad is to guarantee various line thicknesses during use. The ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet does that effortlessly. Your kids can easily achieve various line thicknesses by simply varying the amount of pressure that they exert. You can use any rigid material in place of a pen.

The LCD screen that comes with this device is perfectly safe for use by children and adults without posing any harm to your eyes. It neither has any radiations nor any glare; hence kids will still feel comfortable even after staring at it for several hours.

Finally, the perfect balance between screen size and weight is commendable. The device features an 8.5-inch screen against a meager 183g weight. This combination is compact and portable. Many users confirm that kids as your as under two years will comfortably handle it.

Highlighted Features

  1. A pack of two for the price of one makes it an affordable option.
  2. You can use a stylus, your nails, or any hard material.
  3. The LCD screen is brighter and guarantees more visibility.
  4. It features a massive usability limit of up to 100,000 times.
  5. It is colorful and great in the eyes of kids.

Buying Guide For LCD Writing Tablets

While owning a writing tab is an idea whose time has come, getting the right one is always one of the most challenging undertakings. You can acquire the right writing tab by adhering to this buyer's guide;

Age Group And Functions

Firstly, the age group and the capabilities of the tablet comes into play. You will need to find out if the tablet you are looking for is ideal for the intended usage. This will also depend on the age group of the intended user belongs. Ideally, writing tablets can be designed specifically for toddlers, kids, teens, or adults.

Toddlers' and kids' writing tablets are pretty basic. They are lightweight but considerably rugged to handle the abuse that they may undergo when handled by children.

In many cases, these tablets conveniently act as blackboards where kids can scribble or draw anything that they want. Adults will also find them useful as message boards. They feature a switch that helps to erase what's on the screen to enable a fresh start.

On the other hand, teens and adults will require more advanced tablets to store most of the work for future reference. These options may also often feature network options to help share written content with other people or other devices.


Well, a writing tablet should be a versatile tool that you can use anywhere. You can tag it along to camps, road trips, work, or when on long flights. That's why you have to consider the convenience of carrying it along whenever you need it.

Notably, size and weight are the key components that determine the portability of a writing tab. An ideal wring tab should be as light as possible. That helps to reduce the overall weight of your traveling gear.

However, while compact models are undoubtedly easier to carry along, larger screens also provide you with larger writing surfaces. The best LCD writing tablet should strike a perfect balance between overall dimensions, weight, and screen size.


Many tablet shoppers put more focus on screen sizes and neglect the importance of the quality of the display. That should not be the case. Most cheap writing tablets with extra-large screens do not guarantee vivid images.

So, as you look at the screen size, you also need to consider the quality of the display that you will get. The LCD screen should guarantee clear visibility and brightness levels in all lighting conditions. LCD screens should also guarantee high-resolution ratings.

Finally, you should ensure that the device that you intend to purchase stands out when it comes to eye protection. Of course, staring into LCD screens for long hours hurt the eye. But you can considerably reduce these effects by opting for models with no blue light.


Writing tablets have options to erase what you write to clear the screen for a new writing round. This cycle can go on and on for tens of thousands of times before the battery runs out. Unlike ordinary tablets that use lithium-ion batteries, writing tablets use coin cells.

Interestingly, coin cells do not require any recharging to function. They can work for a very long time before a need to replace them arises. But this duration will vary from model to model. Again, there reaches a time when the device is rendered useless, even on a new coin cell.

The reusability of a tab, therefore, determines its lifespan. That's why you need to choose a device with the highest reusability ratings.

Final Words

Despite the rise of laptops and tablets, many people still prefer to write manually rather than use the mouse and keyboard to type in the content. But writing is equally getting digital, which implies that it's shifting away from the conventional scatters of papers.

Buying legal pads or ordinary notebooks is expensive, and storing them isn't convenient. Ink pens can get messy, too. So, you have a perfect way to revolutionize writing and notetaking with the best LCD writing tablet.

They help you to sketch, write, or perform basic drawing tasks and come with features that allow you to save your work on Cloud, phones, tablets, computers, or other storage devices.

You will find eWriters affordable, portable, easy to use, and perfectly convenient. Besides, they don't run on any substantial amount of power. We hope that you have settled on a model from the above review. You can also consider the options in the above comparison table.

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