Best Conference Room Projectors 2022

In every office or business, the conference room is an integral part of it all. It is where all ideas emerge, innovations are discussed, alliances are made, problems are solved, and magic is made a reality.

And in all the conference meetings, a great projector is the lock to the key; which aids in bringing ideas into vision.

So for those on the forage of the best conference room projectors to choose from, you've arrived at the perfect spot! And you're just about to find out why.

Best Conference Room Projectors 2022
Best Conference Room Projectors 2022

List Of Top Conference Room Projectors

1.QKK Mini Projector


3.Hompow Projector

4.Projector By IKOLM

5.QKK [Upgrade] LED

6.AZEUS RD-822


8.Fangor Projector

9.VicTsing Projector


Comparison Chart For Top 10 Conference Room Projectors

QKK Projector 1-4 meters 1920 x 1080P 170 inches
VANKYOLEISURE 3 9-16.4 feet 1920 x 1080P 170 inches
HompowProjector 60-200 inches 1080P 176 inches
[Projector ByIKOLM 60-200 inches 1080P 176 inches
QKK [Upgrade]LED 5-5 meters 1920 x 1080P 176 inches
AZEUS RD-822 3-15 feet 1280 x 720P;1920 x 1080P(Maximum) 200 inches
YABER 5-5.5 meters 1920 x 1080P 200 inches
FangorProjector 7-20 feet 1920 x 1080P 230 inches
VicTsingProjector 15-5 meters 800 x 480P 170 inches
APEMAN 3-12 feet 1920 x 1080P 176 inches

Best Conference Room Projectors Reviews

1.QKK Projector

With its capacity to support projections of up to 170 inches, this model comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080P for the most immaculate and beautiful visuals. It can be easily installed in your conference room; big or small; within distances of 1-4 meters from the projector screen.

This particular model possesses a great contrast ratio of 2000:1 and an incredible brightness capacity of up to 4500 lumens. Hence, you will be provided with the most breathtakingly clear, sharp, and bright visuals every time; no matter how brightly lit the room is.

It is an immensely durable model with a lamp-life of 50,000 hours. Thanks to its LED light source, your eyes won't be strained at all even upon hours of viewing slides/projects/videos. It is super-light with a weight of just 3.99 pounds and can be conveniently mounted to the room ceiling or stood on the tripod as you desire.

This model includes a 100-inch projector screen. It possesses a dual-fan cooling technology that will effectively keep the device cool and tone down noise production at once. Integrated dual stereo speakers will also provide incredible sound outputs to your video/audio files.

The device comes with various connectivity ports as well including USB, AV, HDMI, SD, VGA, etc. Hence, you'll be able to connect all your desired compatible devices with it. Smartphones are compliant to via separate adapters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect visuals even in bright light/outdoors due to high brightness
  • LED light source can prevent eyestrain
  • Can be mounted on the room ceiling or stood on a tripod
  • Dual-fan cooling system with noise reduction


This mini gadget can be an ideal gadget for your conference rooms with its capacity to support up to 170 inches wide projection screens. Hence, it can project widescreen visuals to ensure proper visuals even for the last person seated at the very end of the room.

The device comes with the capacity to project images with a stunning resolution of FHD 1920 x 1080P for the most gorgeous visuals. It also possesses a high contrast ratio of 2000:1 and 3600 lumens of brightness. Hence, every detail of your presentations and chart will pop up with incredible vividness and clarity.

It is easy to install, regulate, and control and comes with a convenient throw distance of within 4.9 -16.4 feet. You can install it easily regardless of the room-size to receive optimum visuals. Its user-friendly keystone along with the focus control will facilitate effortless image-clarity and frame adjustment as well.

This model will be able to provide you hours of undisturbed projections throughout your meetings/ events thanks to its superb cooling mechanism. It will not only prevent the device from overheating efficiently, but will also decrease the noise intensity.

The device comes equipped with a wide array of ports such as AV Micro SD, VGA, USB, etc. Hence, you'll be able to project your presentations, data, videos, etc. via a versatile range of devices including laptops, tablets, PCs, Chromecast, DVD players, gaming consoles, etc. Smartphones are compatible too via separate HDMI adapters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Noise-free and efficient performance due to advanced cooling facility
  • Super-durable with a massive lamp-life of up to 40,000 hours
  • Can directly project from smartphones too via separate HDMI adapter
  • User-friendly keystone plus focus control for effortless image adjustment

3.Hompow Projector

Although mini is appearance, there is nothing mini about it when it comes to its stellar performance in every aspect. The device possesses an impressive 1080P resolution and can support to 176 inches wide screens. Lightweight and compact weighing just around 2.17 pounds, it is conveniently portable and easy to install.

The device can be effortlessly set up within a distance of 60-200 inches for a captivating presentation on a large screen. Its stunning contrast ratio of 2000:1 along 3600 lumens of brightness will further elevate the image, text, and video quality of your presentations.

This model is also amazingly durable and capable of lasting for years thanks to its sensational lamp-life of up to 50,000 hours. You will thus be able to conduct meeting without a worry and hassle-free as frequent replacements won't be necessary at all. It possesses a range of connectivity interfaces such as AV, USB, VGA & HDMI.

This mini projector will provide you to project directly from all your smart compatible devices. And getting additional HDMI adapters will also facilitate direct connectivity from your smartphone. For when your presentations comprise video/audio content, its built-in audio system will have your back.

As a result, your conference room would be a lot tidier without the hassle of more wires/cables and external speakers. This year's latest update will also facilitate noise-free meetings. It will also simultaneously provide an efficient and effective cooling for a smooth performance for hours on end.

Mini Projector, HOMPOW 5500L Movie Projector, Smartphone Portable Video Projector 1080P Supported and 176
Mini Projector, HOMPOW 5500L Movie Projector, Smartphone Portable Video Projector 1080P Supported and 176

Highlighted Features:

  • Most recent 2020 upgrade which can deliver a noise-free performance
  • Built-in audio system eliminates the hassle of cables and external speakers
  • Lamp-life of up to 50,000 hours
  • Projections from smartphones directly through additional HDMI adapter

4.Projector By IKOLM

This incredible model comes with a stunning 1080 x 720P resolution; capable of generating incredible visuals for all your conference meetings. With its spectacular contrast ratio of 4000:1 and brightness of 4600 lumens, you'd get to witness the most gorgeously sharp and crisp projections every time.

The sharpness and clarity of the images would be comforting to your eyes without causing strain as you go through hours of presentations/meetings. The device features the newest 4.3 technology coupled with leading-edge LED light sources. With its relatively compact and lightweight design, it is also quite easily portable.

This model can be an ideal gadget for large conference meetings involving a larger group of people as it can support of 210 inches wide projections. Its high lumens capacity will also ensure optimum visuals even when the room is brightly lit. Its built-in sound system of HI-FI speakers will also ensure astounding audio outputs.

This model comes with an inventive heat sink facility which can efficiently prevent overheating. It possesses a versatile variety of interfaces such as USB, HDMI, AV, VGA, RCA, Micro SD, etc. Hence, connectivity to your compatible gadgets would be a piece of cake with no hassles at all.

Highlighted Features

  • Features the newest 4.3 technology coupled with LED light sources
  • High lumens capacity and contrast ratio for impeccable vividness & clarity
  • Built-in sound system of HI-FI speakers for spectacular audio outputs
  • Can support projections up to 210 inches wideA

5.QKK [Upgrade] LED

Whether for low-light or brightly lit environments, this model is capable of it all thanks to its magnificent brightness of 4200 lumens. Hence, no matter how bright your conference room is, visuals will not be affected in any way. The device also comes with a superb resolution of 1920 x 1080P for the most sensational outputs.

This model can support screens as large as up to 176 inches and can be conveniently set up within a distance of 1.5-5 meters. It owns a high 2000:1 contrast ratio which will enable it to generate incredibly sharp, clear, and crisp visuals. This gadget is also compliant with a vast range of media formats.

It comes with multiple interfaces VGA, HDMI, AV, SD Card, and USB. In fact, it is among some of the very few models that possess dual USB interfaces. As a result, switching between dual gadgets would be a piece of cake with zero hassles involved.

It can support a range of devices and even your mobile phones via purchasable HDMI Dongles. The device is also incredibly durable thanks to its 50,000 hours' lamp-life. Its German WTS2.0 Cooling System will prevent the gadget from overheating while bringing noise levels to a minimum as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with a vast range of multimedia formats
  • Comes with dual USB interfaces for more flexible and convenient usage
  • Effortlessly mountable on the ceiling between 1-5 meters from the screen
  • German WTS2.0 Cooling System for overheat-prevention & noise reduction

Conference Room Projectors Buying Guide

Resolution & Contrast Ratio

The resolution will be responsible for the overall quality of the images projected, so it's vital to opt for the highest resolution possible. Out of the native resolution and the maximum resolution, base your decision on the native one. And if you need to project on larger screens, you are likely to require bigger a resolution.

The contrast ratio is what will determine how sharp and clear the visuals projected are. Hence, like resolution, opt for models with the highest contrast ratios for the most impeccable and detailed images.

Projection Size

For the conference room, you are highly likely to require projecting larger visuals as meetings will be conducted here for a larger group of people in bigger rooms. Hence, depending on the size of your conference room, opt for a model that can support projection sizes accordingly.

Most models can accommodate over 150 inches which will be more than enough in most cases. But for rooms much bigger in dimensions involving larger groups of people, opt for models that can support 200-300 inches of projections.

Throw Distance

This is the distance between the projection and the projector itself. For rooms needing larger projections, the device probably needs to be placed farther apart and vice versa. Hence opt for a model with appropriate throw distance range accordingly.

Brightness Capacity

Unlike a home theatre setting, conference rooms are most probable to be brightly lit; even during meetings. So to ensure the perfect vividness for the most optimized visuals, the best projectors for conference room should come with relatively high lumens values.

So opt for models with at least 3000-3500 lumens for the most optimum image brightness.


Ensure that your desired model comes with all the required connectivity interfaces to support the gadgets you want to project from. Most models possess a wide array of ports including USB, VGA, HDMI, AV, SD card, etc.

If you intend to use smartphones, make sure to purchase their respective adapters as the majority of the models don't provide them. You could also opt for devices that offer wireless connectivity via Bluetooth as well for enhanced convenience.

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Here are some of the top picks in the market to aid your purchase mission; along with pointers on what to keep an eye out for while making your buy.

Whether from the products reviewed here or by using the newfound knowledge from our guide, the best conference room projector is nothing but a few minutes away. So go ahead and take that much-needed leap of faith!

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