Best Windows Tablet

In the battle between Operating Systems, Windows and Mac take the crown over the rest. While Mac is more sophisticated and comparatively new, most of us have been in love with Windows from the earliest times.

Hence, there are endless Windows fans even to this day, and thankfully, they have been coming up with improved versions over the years to keep us happier. While all versions have their greatness, Windows 10 is the most highly rated and popular one at present.

So today is all about how to score the best Windows tablet; their perks, and also a few tips along with reviews of some of the top models with this OS.

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Best Windows Tablet
Best Windows Tablet

List Of Top Windows 10 Tablet

1.Samsung Galaxy Book 2 ATT Sm-w737a Silver

2.RCA 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet

3.Microsoft Surface Pro X

4.CHUWI Hi10 X

5.Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC (128GB)

6.Lenovo ThinkPad X1(20KJ0017US)

7.Jumper EZpad 6 Pro

8.Fire HD 10

9.Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC (64GB)

10.CHUWI UBook 2-in-1

Comparison Chart For Top Windows 10 Tablets

SamsungGalaxy Book 2 128GB(up to 512GBexpansion); 4GB 3840 x 2160P 12 inches
RCA 2-in-1Notebook Tablet 64GB(up to 128GBexpansion); 2GB 1920 x 1200P 2 inches
MicrosoftSurface Pro X 64GB(up to 128GB 1920 x 1200P 2 inches
CHUWI Hi10 X 128GB(up to 256GBexpansion); 6GB 1920 x 1080P 1 inches IPS
Fusion5 UltraSlim WindowsTablet PC (128GB) 128GB(up to 256GBexpansion); 4GB 1280 x 800P 1 inches IPS
LenovoThinkPad X1 256GB; 8GB 3000 x 2000P IPS 13 inches
JumperEZpad 6 Pro 64GB(up to 128GBexpansion); 6GB 1920 x 1080P FHD 6 inches
Fire HD 10 32GB(up to 512GBexpansion); 2GB 1920 x 1200P 1 inches
Fusion5 UltraSlim WindowsTablet PC (64GB) 64GB(up to 256GBexpansion); 2GB 1280 x 800P 1 inches IPS
CHUWIUBook 2-in-1 256GB(up to 1TBexpansion); 8GB 1920 x 1080P FHD 6 inches

Best Windows Tablet Reviews

1.Samsung Galaxy Book 2 ATT Sm-W737a Silver | Best Full Windows Tablet

This phenomenal creation from Samsung features a 12-inch Super AMOLED display with a jaw-dropping resolution of 3840 x 2160P. Hence, it is capable of generating the most out-of-this-world visuals for an immersive experienceyou won't be able to get enough of!

Powered by the incredible Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core SDM850 processor of up to 2.9GHz, it possesses the Windows 10 Home OS in S mode. It also comes with a stellar battery capacity to last up to 20 hours.

Hence, it will ensure you with a relentless and powerful performance day long with your productivity and efficiency knowing no bounds. Its speakers are tuned by AKG and along with the Dolby Atmos audio, you will be able to enjoy the most cinematic experience.

The device is also Energy STAR certified and is thus guaranteed to save its power consumption. It also comes with an included backlit keyboard which is detachable as well as an S Pen. Hence, you will be able to use it in versatile modes and positions according to your comfort and convenience and draw/write digitally.

Along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity, it also comes with an ultra-speedy gigabit LTE connectivity. You will thus be able to bid farewell to the hassle of looking for a Wi-Fi connection or password.

It comes with a great 4GB RAM for a smooth operation and its 128GB storage can be further expanded up to a colossal 512GB as well!

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 ATT Sm-w737a Silver Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 1.7GHz 4GB 12inch 128GB SSD (Renewed)
Samsung Galaxy Book 2 ATT Sm-w737a Silver Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 1.7GHz 4GB 12inch 128GB SSD (Renewed)

Highlighted Features

  • Insane battery capacity of up to 20 hours
  • Phenomenal 3840 x 2160P resolution for the most gorgeous visuals
  • Energy STAR certified for power-saving abilities
  • Expandable internal storage up to a massive 512GB

2.RCA 2-In-1 Notebook Tablet (Pulgadas, Silver Color) (Renewed) | Best Windows 10 Tablet With Keyboard

This RCA device comes with a large 12.2-inch IPS display of 1920 x 1200P resolution for providing you with amazingly comfortable, clear, and vivid visuals. The IPS display will also keep the glare intensity in check, ensuring a strain-free viewing for your eyes.

The device is run by strong N4000 Intel Celeron processors and possesses a Windows 10 Home OS. It has a battery to last up to 6 hours which can be more than sufficient for your tasks throughout the day. One of the perks of this device is that new customers of Microsoft Office 365 can enjoy a month's free trial.

Hence, you will get a month's access to all the Windows applications that you love and need for free! It is super easy to use and is equipped with rear and front cameras of 2MP each to capture all that's crucial. You can easily connect to other devices via Bluetooth when you require to connect wirelessly.

The device is also equipped with a removable keyboard which will allow it to be used in versatile modes according to your convenience. A standard 2GB RAM will facilitate basic multitasking smoothlyfor enhanced efficiency as well. It possesses an internal 64GB storage capacity which is expandable up to an awesome 128GB.

RCA Cambio 10 inches 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet with 32GB Storage, Intel Atom Z8350 Processor, 2GB RAM, Windows 10, Includes Keyboard (Silver) (Renewed)
RCA Cambio 10 inches 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet with 32GB Storage, Intel Atom Z8350 Processor, 2GB RAM, Windows 10, Includes Keyboard (Silver) (Renewed)

Highlighted Features

  • IPS display for lower eye-strain via controlled glare intensity
  • One month's free trial of Microsoft Office 365 for new users
  • Removable keyboard for versatile modes of usage; e.g. laptop, studio, etc.
  • User-friendly interface

3.Microsoft Surface Pro X | Best Microsoft Tablet

Powered by Qualcomm Microsoft SQ1 processor, the Surface Pro X comes with a spectacularly large PixelSense display of 13 inches. It can thus provide you with the most comfortable viewof stunning visuals thanks to its incredible 2880 x 1920P resolution.

The device can also adjust the screen brightness automatically to ensure you an optimized visual quality according to your environment lighting. The device is super slim and light with just a 7.3mm thickness and a weight of 1.7 pounds. You can thus carry it around wherever you go without breaking a sweat.

With an incredible battery that can last up to a phenomenal 13 hours on a single charge, your productivity and entertainment can be limitless day long. You can easily accessorize it with a separate Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard. This will facilitate using this device in versatile modes such as laptop, tablet, and studio.

For those of you requiring to write or draw often, feel free to accessorize with the Surface Slim Pen as well. This model with Windows 10 Home OS also comes with ultra-speedy LTE Advanced Pro wireless connectivity. Hence, even without Wi-Fi or mobile data, you'll never lose an internet connection.

This superb model possesses an awesome 6GB RAM to allow you to multitask effortlesslyand efficiently like a breeze. It comes with an astounding internal space of 128GB to store everything seamlessly. A 10MP rear and 5MP front camera will also enable you to capture all your memories in HD quality.

Microsoft Surface Pro X – 13
Microsoft Surface Pro X – 13" Touch-Screen – SQ1 - 8GB Memory - 128GB Solid State Drive – Wifi, 4G Lte – Matte Black

Highlighted Features

  • LTE connectivity option for internet access even with Wi-Fi
  • Can automatically adjust brightness intensity according to the environment
  • Super slim and light with a sleek design for seamless portability
  • Incredible 13 hours of battery life

4.CHUWI Hi10 X | Best Windows Tablet PC

This 10.1-inch model comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080P and an IPS display to provide you the most stunning visuals while protecting your eyes. This device could easily be the perfect gadget for those on a limited budget, delivering you more than what it's worth.

For those of you in need of a more versatile gadget, you can accessorize it with a stylus or keyboard. These will allow you to effortlessly write/draw on the display like on paper; and will also allow you to convert it into a fully-functional laptop.

The device is powered by the mighty Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Quad Core 2.4GHz processor and is run by the preinstalled Windows 10 Operating System. It can last for 8 hours of video playback and around 6 hours in case of mixed usage. Thus it is sufficient to let you power through your day for your standard requirements.

The device comes with Bluetooth, GPRS, and Wi-Fi options for wireless connectivity. The dual-band Wi-Fi will provide a dependable and secure connection you can count on. The device will be marvelously convenient to carry as you travel as it's only 8.8mm thick weighing 522 grams only!

This model also features dual Type-C USB ports for boosted efficiency as while one transfers data, the other can effortlessly be used for charging. It comes with a wonderful RAM of 6GB for the smoothest operation and lag-free multitasking. The 128GB storage can be easily expanded up to a massive 256GB if you desire.

CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PC,Windows10 Intel N4100,Quad Core 6GB RAM 128GB ROM,1920X1200 IPS Screen,Type-C,BT5.0,WiFi,2 in 1 Tablet(6GB,128GB)
CHUWI Hi10 X,10.1inch Tablet PC,Windows10 Intel N4100,Quad Core 6GB RAM 128GB ROM,1920X1200 IPS Screen,Type-C,BT5.0,WiFi,2 in 1 Tablet(6GB,128GB)

Highlighted Features

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi for dependable connectivity
  • Comes with Two Type-C USB ports
  • Wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS
  • Designed with Double Acoustic Chamber for amplified and improved audio

5.Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC (128GB) | Best Rated Windows Tablet

This model from Fusion 5 features a 10.1-inch IPS screen with a stunning resolution of 1280 x 800P. This device will be ready when you are to travel along with its long-lasting battery life of around 6 hours. It is also lightweight and sleek with a weight of only 1.54 pounds to be carried around effortlessly.

Powered by Quad-Core processor of Intel Atom Cherrytrail and owns the newest Windows 10 S Home OS. It can hence power through all your everyday needs thanks to its user-friendly interface with all the finest facilities of Windows apps. It comes with a 5MP and 2MP rear and front cameras as well.

Thanks to its Operating System and powerful processor, this gadget can be ideal for any purpose including, online classes, business, working from home, entertainment, casual gaming, etc. The device also comes with an HDMI interface for transferring visuals into big screens such as your TV effortlessly.

It comes with quite an impressive RAM of 4GB which can boost your efficiency by facilitating seamless multitaskingwithout lagging. The device also has an alluring 128GB of storage which can be further expanded up to an incredible 256GB. Hence, all your favorite and vital files will never run out of room!

10" Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC- (4GB RAM, 128GB Storage, USB 3.0, Intel, 5MP and 2MP Cameras, Windows 10 S Tablet PC) (128GB)

Highlighted Features

  • Incredibly lightweight with a mass of 1.54 pounds only to boost portability
  • HDMI interface for connection to larger screens
  • 5MP & 2MP rear & front cameras

Windows 10 Tablet Buying Guide

Windows 10 Version

Windows 10 is divided into 3 categories: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Home in S Mode, and Windows 10 Pro.

The first thing you need to consider when making your buy is which version to go for. And this is dependent on your requirements.

Simply put, the Windows 10 Pro is for professional purposes such as businesses or offices which require special features such as advanced security, encryption, remote-desktop functions, legacy Internet Explorer support, Hyper-V virtualization, etc.

The Windows Home is for the more general users; where the one in S mode is more focused on speed, stability, and security. Hence you can only download applications from the Windows Store and browse the internet via Microsoft Edge.

The Windows 10 home, on the other hand, is more flexible which allows installations and browsing via other sources. Hence, opt for the version most appropriate for you needs

Performance & Storage

The performance of your device is heavily dependent on the strength of its processor and RAM. Hence ensure that the device comes with a powerful processor with the maximum number of cores and highest possible clock-speeds within your budget.

The best tablets with Windows 10 must also come with a high-capacity RAM as it will also determine how smoothly your device performs without lag. The higher the RAM, the more extensively you can multitask as well without the device lagging. Hence, for heavy-usage, opt for larger RAM models.

The storage space depends mainly on the type and the bulk of files you'll be handling. You can also focus on the expandable storage if the built-in storage isn't as satisfactory as you would have liked.


We understand that choosing the perfect model out of the best Windows 10 tablets is no walk in the park.

There are virtually no "bad" models; it is identifying the greatest from good ones which is most crucial.

And hopefully, we could make that easier to some extent as you deserve nothing but the ultimate experience.

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