Best Tablet For Medical School 2021

The perks of owning a tablet know no limits and are regardless of whatever the age, profession, or academic levels.

Now we know that medical students, faculties, or personnel are presumed to have no life due to their hectic schedule. But a perfect tablet can be ideal to make their lives easier or for taking a breather to relax.

So whether you are a medical school student or a faculty member, this article is dedicated to you. We are about to take a trip to all there is to know about scoring the best tablet for medical school.

Reviews of some of the top models will be discussed to ensure why you should get yourself one and what specs a good device should possess. Stay tuned till the end to get a clear insight; or feel free to take a look at our comparison chart if you're in a rush.

Top Tablet for Medical School 2021 by Editors

Either way, prepare to get a taste of what convenience and luxury feel like as we portray all the amazing perks you could enjoy from making a smart investment.

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Tablets For Medical School

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Tablets For Medical School
Comparison Chart For Top 10 Tablets For Medical School
YQSAVIOR YQ113/16 GB (2021) 10 1920 x 1200 10
VANKYO MatrixPad S303/32 GB (2019) 10.1 1920 x 1200 12
Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab4/64 GB (2020) 10.1 1920×1200 14
Dragon Touch Max102/16 GB 10.1 1920 x1200 6
VANKYO MatrixPad S212/32 GB (2020) 10.1 1280 x 800 10
Amazon Fire HD 82/64 GB (2020) 8 1280 x 800 10
Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite4/128 GB (2020) 10.4 2000 x 1200 14
Samsung Galaxy A73/64 GB (2020) 10.4 2000 x 1200 12
Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus Gen 24/64 GB (2020) 10.3 1920 x 1200 12
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet2/64 GB (2019) 10.1 1920×1200 12

Best Tablets For Medical School Reviews

1. Apple IPad Mini- Space Gray (Latest Model) | Best Ipad For Medical School - Link

2019 Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray
2019 Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray

Run by the superb iOS 12 operating system, the iPad Mini comes with a compact Retina Display of 7.9 inches. This device will facilitate your studyingor teaching in any lighting with its True Tone technology. This will allow the device to adjust its brightness levels automatically according to your environment for an optimized view.

The device comes with an amazing 2048 x 1536P resolution which will ensure you the most vivid, clear, and sharp visuals. It also possesses a superb battery life of up to 10 hours.

Built-in Zoom feature will even allow you to zoom texts/images up to 1500 times in a separate window. This will thus enable you an easier reading of small texts or viewing detailed medical diagrams.

Hence whether for studying, teaching, or for taking a break to binge on your favorite content, the iPad Mini will be there for you to provide the ultimate experience.

It is a compact and lightweight design weighing only 0.66 pounds with a thickness of just 0.61 millimeters. It can thus effortlessly fit into your pocket wherever you go.

You can also get a separate Apple Pencil for making it easier to make notes, draw or write on the device. Its 64GB storage can be sufficient, but access to iCloud Drive can allow you to back up your important files.

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-reflective coating and auto brightness-adjustment
  • Incredibly compact, slim and lightweight to carry conveniently
  • Built-in Zoom feature for enhanced reading experience
  • Dark Mode feature available for more comfort

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 MQ2-00001 | Best Tablet For Healthcare Providers - Link

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 MQ2-00001 12-Inch Full HD 128 GB Storage Multi-Touch Tablet (Silver)
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 MQ2-00001 12-Inch Full HD 128 GB Storage Multi-Touch Tablet (Silver)

This fabulous creation by Microsoft comes with a wide display of 12 inches and a stunning 2160 x 1440P resolution. It possesses a Windows 8.1 Pro OS and is powered by amazing 4th Gen processors of Intel Core.

With everything this model can offer, it may potentially replace your bulky laptop while boosting your medical studying/teaching experience

The device also comes with Kickstand which can be positioned in multiple angles according to your comfort. It comes equipped with rear and front cameras of both 5MP. A Surface Pen is also included to provide you the most realistic writing experience.

The Surface Pro 3 can be super-portable for you to carry into classes or anywhere you go. It only weighs 1.76 pounds and with a slim design of 9-millimeter thickness, it can easily fit into your bag just like a regular textbook. Its 9 hours' battery longevity will also support you for day-long classes and long hours of studies.

This particular model comes with a high 4GB RAM for a smooth seamless operation. And the Windows 8.1 Pro OS will enable you to run three apps simultaneously for an exceptional multitasking experience.

Its massive internal space of 128GB will also have room for all your medical and entertainment content. And if it still doesn't seem enough, you can subscribe to the year-long Office 365. You'll not only get access to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc. but also to OneDrive for a colossal online storage of 1TB.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Kickstand which can be positioned in multiple angles
  • Can run three apps simultaneously like a breeze
  • Front and rear cameras both of 5MP
  • MS Office & OneDrive cloud storage of 1TB upon subscription to Office 365

3. Sony Xperia S SGPT121US/S - Link

Sony Xperia 16 GB 9.4-Inch Tablet S SGPT121US/S
Sony Xperia 16 GB 9.4-Inch Tablet S SGPT121US/S

Powered by 1.4 GHz Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra processor, the Xperia S possesses an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS which can be further upgraded to 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

It comes with a fairly decent-sized display of 9.4 inches for convenient portability and a high 1280 x 800P resolution. You can thus carry it with you easily at all times and be sure to receive amazing visual quality every time whether for studying or for entertainment.

The device also comes with an 8MP rear and 1MP front camera. With a battery life of up to 10 hours, you can power through day-long without it running out of juice. It possesses a standard 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage which you can expand up to 32GB.

This model will also be conveniently portable its sleek dimensions of 10.71 x 10.24 x 1.57 inches and weight of 1.25 pounds. Overall, it can be a decent gadget for standard school purposes

Highlighted Features

  • Upgradeable Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
  • 8MP rear and 1MP front camera
  • Slim design and lightweight for convenient portability

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 - Link

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)

This incredible piece of tech is run by Intel's 8th Gen Core i5 processor which is the latest of its kind to ensure the most unbeatable performance. It possesses the Windows 10 Home OS. It can not only be convenient and familiar to use, but will provide you with every facility you could need.

The device comes with a PixelSense Display of 12.3 inches to ensure your eyes are not stressed even when studying for long hours. It possesses an astounding battery to last up to 13.5 hours. Hence, this gadget is capable of serving you day long.

The built-in Cortana assistant can also facilitate your medical studies with a hands-free usage. It can also make it immensely effortless to conduct classes for medical tutors as well.

This model also comes with the versatility to be used as a tablet, studio or laptop according to your convenience and comfort.

A phenomenal 2736 x 1824P resolution will provide gorgeous visuals to aid in studying intricate medical diagrams. It is also effortless to carry along instead of your endless heavy medical study materials; weighing only 3.5 pounds.

You can also accessorize it with the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, Surface Dial, or Surface Arc Mouse to enhance your user experience. If you need to write or make notes, accessorizing it with the Surface Pen will provide you the exact pen-paper writing experience.

It comes with a massive 8GB RAM to ensure you a desktop-standard performance and speed which will allow you to multitask like a pro without lagging. A 128GB internal storage can effortlessly store all your medical notes, journals, lectures, books, etc. without breaking a sweat.

Highlighted Features

  • Large PixelSense screen for eye protection and comfortable reading
  • Built-in Cortana smart assistant to facilitate hands-free usage
  • Versatile modes of usage- laptop, tablet or studio
  • Can be accessorized with a stylus, keyboard, mouse, and more

5. Samsung SM-T720NZKAXAR Galaxy Tab S5e - Link

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e- 64GB, Wifi Tablet - SM-T720NZKAXAR, Black
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e- 64GB, Wifi Tablet - SM-T720NZKAXAR, Black

This super-light pieceof tech is almost weightless with a mass of only 3.62 ounces. Hence, for medical students or faculties with a hectic schedule and already buried in books, it could easily be a dream gadget. This model thus won't be a burden or an obstacle in any way in your medical journey.

The S5e features a wide-enough 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a stellar resolution of 2560 x 1600P for the most impeccable and detailed visuals. Also, with its jaw-dropping battery life of up to 15 hours, you can undergo day long of schooling or teaching without it dying down on you mid-way.

The device also comes with easy but secure safety features including fingerprint and face recognition. Thus you'll be the only one who can access your profile. It will allow you to easily connect to your other compatible devices.

You would also be able to control your smart and compliant home appliances by setting up the Samsung SmartThings. It comes with a marvelous 4GB RAM along with a magnificent internal storage of 128GB. An additional SD card can be used to further expand its storage capacity up to a massive 512GB.

Highlighted Features
  • Enormous battery capacity that can last up to 15 hours
  • Built-in security features including fingerprint and face recognition
  • Can control compliant, smart home appliances
  • The internal storage can be expanded up to a colossal 512GB via SD card

Tablets For Medical School Buying Guide

Size And Resolution Of Display

The device size totally depends on your choice but since medical studies detailed involve anatomy and biological diagrams, it might be better to opt for larger displays. But ensure that the display size doesn't affect your convenience- it should make your life easier; not more burdensome.

Opt for the highest resolution within your budget as you wouldn't want to miss the intricate details of the medical diagrams. Normally, the optimum resolution is directly proportional to the display size. But for medical schooling, opt for the highest as financially possible.

There is no loss investment when it comes to the screen resolution as they will also serve you impeccably for entertainment purposes when you take a break.

You can also opt for special display features such as eye-protection modes, auto brightness-adjustment features, anti-reflective coatings, etc. You can also opt for models whose displays can support styluses if you require to frequently write or make notes.


Medical science is probably the only field that requires extensive hours of research and study. Hence, the best medical school tablet should be able to last longer than you need. Day-long battery capacities would be the ideal choice with at least 8-9 hours of longevity.

Internal Space And Memory

A tablet will allow you to have all your medical books, lectures, notes, journals, etc. right in your hands digitally. So ensure that it comes with sufficient storage to store everything easily. Even if the built-in storage is small, focus on the expandable memory capacity.

The Random Access Memory or the RAM is also a crucial factor to consider as along with the processor, it will determine as well how well your device performs. More particularly, how smoothly your device can multitask without lagging. A minimum of 2GB is recommended, but opt for higher RAMs if you can afford to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Tablet Is Best For Medical Students?

The Apple iPad Pro is one of the top picks for medical students. It has the unique Retina display to clear vivid and clear images and diagrams.

With the high 10-hour battery life, you don't have to rush to charge the device either, it is made to last all day long. The Face ID makes it more secure as well.

Is An IPad Worth It For Medical School?

Medical school means lots of hours of studying and classes, which require a sturdy and powerful device. An iPad is one of the top choices for medical students because it is lightweight and easy to carry around all day long.

Not to mention it has a good battery life too, which saves you a lot of charging time. It comes with good processors which makes it fast and smooth to work with. And of course, the Retina display makes it fun to use as well and is great for detailed diagrams.

How Much Storage Do I Need For IPad For Medical School?

If you are using the iPad as your primary device, then you will need a lot of space, so 256GB is a safe bet. As a primary device, you will end up using it for more than simply schoolwork. However, if it is for school work only, then 128GB will work just fine.

Do I Need A Tablet For Medical School?

A tablet can be very beneficial for medical school. You will have to go through multiple reports, exams, and classes, and having a tablet makes all of this easy since you can carry it with ease at all times.

And since tablets come with pretty much every feature a laptop does nowadays, it makes for a good replacement being slimmer and more compact. This is especially important since medical students do have to move around a lot, where a laptop becomes redundant.


Some of the best tablets for medical school were discussed to aid you in getting a clearer idea of what you might need or want. Also, along with the comprehensive buying guide, your forage to find the perfect model will hopefully get easier.

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